Friday, August 22, 2008

here i go

Summer's over. almost. There are 3 days left for Hannah, 5 for Erik, Jacob and Kim. Kyle's already graduated, Vanessa too, but they are at the start of something new too (careers) so here we all go.

Oh, uh, i forgot to mention two little things... travis and sadie. they live here too now. Since june. And so school starts for them too. They are beginning 2nd and 1st grade.

Yesterday my husband made an impromptu plan, he wants to "do" Mt. Whitney saturday, it's for training , a way to keep in shape .Mt. Whitney is the largest mountain in the contiguous United States, people come from all over the world to climb it. You can't just go up the mountain whenever you please, you need to apply for a permit, which are harder and harder to come by. You first apply, and then wait until you are given a time slot. Unless you don't mind going up the mountaineer's route. This way is rated very difficult, well there is a technical rating but I forget what it is, so just know that it's really hard.. Here is a excerpt from the book Mount Whitney: Mountain Lore from the Whitney Store; The Mountaineer's Route offers a good hike for "well seasoned limbs," according to John Muir; and conquering the East Face, using ropes and special equipment, provides the rush that thrill-seeking climber enjoy. No thanks. He has been trying to talk me into this for a long time. Luckily I kept coming up with really good (lame) excuses to get out of it. I am going to go up the Mt. Whitney trail while my DH goes up the crazies trail. You can only go the approximatly 2 and a half miles to Lone Pine Lake without a permit. It's a beautiful hike. I can't wait!


  1. hooray! Congrats! you are an official blogger. about time too. now then. mountains!?? i like the look of them from below...nevertheless GOOD LUCK! x janelle

  2. hey! not sure what i'm doing here, i like reading, not sure about the writing part, but here i go anyway! thanks for the comment! my first!
    btw,you would love a mountain from the top too.
    x lori

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  4. You are beautiful, beautiful hands

    Your wonderful and I am one of the most fans of these blogs because they contain many secrets

    Greetings to you


xoxo lori