Friday, August 21, 2009

these days...

hello? hello! it's awfully good to be back here :) I've missed everyone of you very much. And thank you for missing me too. I looked at almost every favorite blog last night when I couldn't sleep and found it so comforting to see that life/blogging goes on, even when you feel you've dropped off the face of the earth. Um, well, perhaps that's a bit too dramatic, here, how's this : life is like a jackrabbit and I am a snail( a snail still trying to recover from a mystery ailment)...yes, still... but life goes on... laptop was returned to me in perfect working order. Thank you computer repair guys ♥ There was only one problem that I could see. The hard drive was cleared and I hadn't exactly saved everything properly, my beloved laptop was a stranger!....

... my middle son, who is the computer genius, is gone, moved out, two hours away. So after a few tearful phone calls (and lots of over the phone eye rolls) I am back on track. Sort of. I have most of my photos so I think I am lucky. Do you want to know what made me sad? All my awards are gone! I had them in a "feel good folder" on my desktop where I could look at them when I wanted. Now, i've learned about a portable device that you plug into your computer and it saves everything, no magic involved. oh well, next time... :(

...So...would you like to know what i've been doing these last few weeks besides languishing on the couch? and missing my computer? I did write a few letters, wrote recipes to index cards, took short walks on the beach, but mostly I read...

First, The Secret Life of Bees by Sue Monk Kidd, which took place in South Carolina during the 60's. I now know why this book makes so many top ten lists. So so lovely.

Then I went to Africa with Twenty Chickens for a Saddle by Robyn Scott. This is a book about growing up in Botswana. I didn't want it to end. And no, not just because I wanted to stay in Africa. :) A fabulously entertaining read.

Next was The Shadow of the Wind by Carlos Ruiz Zafon'. You'll be introduced to Barcelona with spectacularly told storytelling. As I arm chair traveled (when choosing these books it wasn't intentional) I found these old pics to go with the books( i like the photos better than my reviews!) except I've not been to Barcelona, but Portugal is close enough heh?

And now to Mexico with a reread of Stones for Ibarra and Consider This, Senora both by Harriet Doerr. Her gorgeously sparse prose is an absolute favorite. Plus if you love Mexico, you'll love these books. Did you know she wrote Stones at almost 70 years of age? Incredible.

...and last Pieces of White Shell ~ A Journey to Navajoland and Finding Beauty in a Broken World by Terry Tempest Williams. Pieces of White Shell is called an introduction to Navajo culture by a storyteller. TTW has a reverence for the natural world that is easy to appreciate. I'm only half way through Beauty so I won't say too much. (but I like it)... that's it. Oh and visits to the Acupuncture clinic, taking the special herbs they've made for me. Any day, I think, and this pathogen will tire of me, I know this way of healing can take time. I'm getting okay with it now, I think i've learned to accept the flow of these days.

I'll "Sea" you all soon,

♥ with love, lori


  1. welcome back - we've missed you!!!

    Been thinking what I'm should read next. . . . .I'm going to get some of these books you've been reading and find time to escape from my daily grind at the saltmines.


  2. Glad you're back, Lori, but so sorry to hear you are still not feeling well. But every day should be better. :-)

  3. Good to see you back here Lori, you have been missed.

    I love that book about the secret book store in Barcelona, there is a follow up just out over here. it's on my Amazon wish list.

    Lovely photosas ever and the beach one that starts the sequence.... well!

  4. Hi Bonnie Lori! I've missed you.. glad to hear you've been doing lots of reading. I've just finished "Secret Life of Bees" and I have "The Shadow of the Wind" lined up as a soon to be read, choice, too! I've been thinking of you, and hoping that all the treatments are doing their thing.. xx

  5. Welcome back!

    I have spent the past couple of months reading books about Spain, makes me homesick as hell but I can't live without a little Spanish in my life.

  6. Awesome to have you back online Lori :)

    xoxo Ribbon

  7. Welcome back, Lori Ann! I've missed your wonderful posts and pictures. I haven't been posting at all because I have "blogger's block". Is that real?

  8. welcome back!!! enjoyed your book reviews and lists - always looking for the next good read ;-) xx

  9. Welcome back - you were greatly missed.

    Loved reading about books you have read - I have only read secret life of bees out of your list, so the rest of them will go on my 'to read' list.

  10. Lori is back! Hurray! So happy to see you. Thank you for the update and lovely book reviews! My oldest has finally disdovered the love of Reading and read 13 books this summer (for a 20 year old that is marvelous!) I will pass on your reviews :)

  11. Love how you paired the photos with the books, I've only read Stones for Ibarra, when I was in Mexico, loved it too.

  12. So very nice to see your blog once again .... I also have a computer genius son who lives across the country from me. I can't tell you how many times he must have rolled his eyes while tutoring me in the art of removing a virus, installing new software, etc., etc!!

    Take care, keep doing what you are doing. Wishing you perfect health soon.

  13. Welcome back and I'm glad you had the chance to catch up on some reading.

  14. hooray!! baby got back!! :) welcome back sister friend. it's nice to see you blogging again. i love that you got to read to your heart's content(and more). i'm a tad bit worried about your ailment. i'm hoping, wishing and praying for your healing. what are you going to blog about next? :0

  15. Welcome back, Lori. You are missed and loved...I hope that you recover soon. Your projects seem beautiful though...I love the watercolor flower you painted. You can come over and copy any of my awards from the sidebar...I think you deserve them all.

    I've gone through the computer crises you've described. The bee book is great, isn't it? I remember you said you wanted to read it. Too bad it came with the 'couch confinement time'.

    I have to read about the secret book store. Wonderful accidental travel reading theme. Love to you <3

  16. Welcome back to blogland! Hooray for the computer repair guys.

    I always leave your blog relaxed, eyes filled with beauty and soothed by your angelic tone. I have heard your voice and it matches your writing perfectly! So glad to read your news. I missed you.

    I love the photos of your sofas and J's empty room. And the seashells on the sand...

    Continue visiting the Acupuncture clinic and keep at it with the stinky herbs. We're all cheering you on and booing the pathogen.

    Oh, and as far as awards, I'll give you all of mine, they're yours too, every one of them. No ceremony, no special event, no red carpet. Take them and put them in a new Feel Good folder, this time safely stowed in a removable drive. Or your iPod (which essentially is a hard drive too). See, you don't need your computer whiz kid nearby, you have us!

    Big huge hugs (and sorry for this endless comment)
    ~Lola xx

  17. Hey there, been wondering how you are. What great reading and hopefully healing too. Take care. xx

  18. Welcome back. I guess we have to learn all the ins and outs of our computers. Great reading!

  19. So glad you are back! Yay!

    I really liked the books you've read. I have The Secret Life of Bees in movie form, just waiting to be watched. I loved the book, and it's been long enough I should also enjoy the movie.

    I really hope you get this pathogen thing vanquished!

  20. Sorry to hear you're still feeling unwell. I am happy to see you posting again though!
    Lots of love from Canada.

  21. A propos your home and the way it looks, look at whet I stumbled upon on the Apartment Therapy website...

    talk about coincidences...

  22. Its wonderful to have you back my friend,

    There is a soft radiance in your every word,

    I want to read ALL of these books ;)...

    Much love, M

  23. Welcome back! I have been in and out of this "cyber
    realm" as well.
    I do love how you can travel the world from your beautiful living room!
    I think I will go out and buy one of those memory chip thingys now!

  24. Ha, I've also just finished Shadow of the Wind!
    I do so hope those Chinese herbs and the acupuncture kicks in soon to really do their job and fire that pathogen right out of your system. Till then, carry on taking really good care of yourself, said she in her alpaca mittens! :-) xxx

  25. oh the empty room is a fact of life right? feel better the book list

  26. Just popping back to say there's something for you over at my place xx

  27. Lori who is so full of love.

    I am sorry to hear that you are still feeling sick, that is totally crappy (no pun).

    Lori you have given me a gift and helped me by acknowledging what I am going through.

    Thank you.

    Love to you dear friend and I am so glad to see that you are back.

    Love Renee xoxo

  28. Why am I always the last one, coming panting behind?! But here, take all my awards, Lori! I actually think that we did all get them at the same time, so they are genuinely yours anyway!
    Thank you for the reading list and for the photos, I can only repeat what everyone else said, but also thank you for your comment on my blog, and for being YOU!

  29. welcome back...thought his is my first visit from authorblog...congrats on the POD mention. and thanks for the list of books...i love to read. wonderful pics. hope you have an amazing day!

  30. Sorry you've not been well. and sorry about yr computer - lessons learned, yeah, I know. Have you tested for all the lurking African lurgies, like bilharzia? Wishing you speedy recovery.

  31. Dear Lori,

    Welcome back. Clever son for retrieving your files, repairers should have done back-ups though.

    Your week sounds lovely, apart from not feeling well, poor dear. I especially appreciate the books; you travel even when you're not travelling. Thank you for your lovely comment as well and ... sent you an email - lock it up :)

  32. Welcome back! I'm glad to "hear" your voice again, I have missed you.

    You've given me a lot to add to my book list.

    Good blessings for healing to you. I am glad that the Wu Lu arrived safely and thank you for the sweet card. Be well!

  33. Hey Lori,
    thanks for the encouragement, I'll admit I haven't been taking the best of care of myself these days.


  34. It is good to have you back sharing your journey Lori. Even if it is not going as well as expected. I too, am not a computer genius and rely on some of the younger people in my office to help me figure out certain issues. I did however, discover the portable memory sticks for storing excess documents etc. My fear now is losing the little buggers.

    Glad to have you back. It does appear as though you managed to rest and relax at least a little bit. Take care.


xoxo lori