Thursday, September 17, 2009

idle hands, anxious hearts

Life in the Bush

Do you think I have a little too much time on my hands? :)

Would you like to have some fun with your photos? Amaze (or annoy) your friends and family? Pyzhan of Prattle From the Flatlands told about Blingee on her blog. She is exceptionally good at this pasttime of adding sparkle and designs to photos. If you'd like to give it a go you'll find it's a sure way to:

1.) get creative.

2.) avoid chores.

3.) ditto work.

4.) waste time.

5.) giggle out loud.

6.) all of the above.

If your so inclined to this sort of thing you might want to visit, and really, no animals were harmed for this post! These lions had a good time, I think.

I'll be gone for 6 days, leaving this morning, on a road trip to Oregon. My last bird is leaving the nest, starting her new life as a college freshman. And I will be driving away (from college) as a new Mama of faraway children. 992 miles away. Oh dear.

Oh dear.

It'll be alright. I'm sure.

I hope you all have a lovely week! I'll have my laptop with me and may even get a chance to post from the road, but I'll surely read your helpful
comforting comments,
Thank you so much in advance.

♥ lots of love, Lori

Here she is yesterday, see her running down the path to the beach? I hope she adjusts ok, this will be her first time to live away from the ocean (and me). Oh, I know, it'll be waiting for her when she gets back.

and so will I. ♥


  1. Oh no, you`ll love to be on your adventurous own again and do ALL the sparkling things (like the above pictures, they are hilarious!) you have long put off and you will feel Gorgeous and young and happy!
    I`ll write you a long mail tomorrow!!!

  2. Yes to you Coco and YES to you Geli. I will feel all those things I'm sure.
    Geli, I already sent you a mail, I'll have this with me so I'll be sure to get yours!

  3. oh that could be such fun. . . . so much to do when work slows down.
    Still working on my first photobook too.

    enjoy your trip

  4. Did you say Oregon? Have time to stop by and lunch with me?

  5. The pictures are so fun! Have a lovely drive up to Oregon with your young one. Good luck to her in college. She'll be back.

  6. Ciao mermaid Lori,
    have a wonderful time in Oregon, rest and don't push yourself if you feel tired. Just stop and let your baby bird cuddle and pamper you. Chuck will be driving, yes?

    Did I tell you about my mom's reaction to the photobook of little E's pictures? By introducing ME to MyPublisher, you made HER one very happy Grandma!

    Have a safe trip, my friend.
    Lola xx

  7. #5 - giggling out loud is one of my most favorite things to do!

    Oregon ~ she will be fine, protected, inspired and educated.

    Which college is she attending? We Oregon bloggers should try to 'do lunch.'

  8. Love the Bling Lori... thanks for the giggle! Creative time is never a waste of time... it's a gift.

    Enjoy your road trip...
    There's no doubt that it's going to feel a little strange returning to your empty nest, but I don't imagine it to be empty for too long due to your beautiful nature I'm sure that your babes will return again and again throughout their lifetime.
    so in other words... enjoy your time out :)

    big love to you and I'm off to explore bling :)

    x Ribbon

  9. forget the blingee... i'm off to the victoria falls!

    Wow Wow... those photos take your breath away :0
    Soooo beautiful!!

    Keep on sharing please... xoxo Ribbon

  10. Oh Dear Lori, You'll be fine and she'll be great! I know you feel pride too along with sadness. But the birds are meant to fly :)

    Cant wait for your pics to be posted

    ♥ Chaitra

  11. She will love and appreciate you and home even more. You will miss her and the space she usually takes up! But the bedroom will stay clean until she returns. I know what you are going through ... only one little chicklet left in the nest - two have flown the coup.

  12. Ohhhh I do remember when the last one left. Well, we'll just have to fill some of your time with our own brand of fun like Blingy. Tell us all about your trip when you get a chance. Hugs.

  13. Funny pic. I gotta check that out.

    Best wishes to your daughter for an awesome college experience!

  14. lori, you've been through it before: only one time for me, but i came home and cried for close to a month. then i realized no more scheduled dinners, no more moodiness, no more juggling. just a clear and permanent love. wait until you see what fills in!

    this zippy little blippy is total fun. i can barely upload my blog photos but i will certainly try this--too much fun not to.

    is your trip over? are you home?
    i'll be in touch soon,


  15. Hi Lori ann

    and then another life starts for you... and another life for you and husband as a couple...after so long with children...for me it was a period of 32 years...and such a relief and achievement to have them all on their way into adulthood...

    take care
    Happy days

  16. Oh brave Lori! I hope that the transition is joyful...but I have a pain in my heart as I go through the college selection process with my own daughter (wipe away tear).

    I also posted about birds...well chicks really...if you want a laugh come over to Oasis and read.

    I'm glad you seem much for travel! Love to you and many blessings sent to your daughter. May she THRIVE!

  17. Oh college many memories...LOL
    Congratulations, if she is like her mother, adventurous, kind and smart, then she is bound to have a great time!
    Enjoy your trip and don't forget to show us some pics!


    I had NO idea that lions smoked!

  18. Your half way through your time away, so hope it all is well with your girl settling in. Then you have to adjust and it will of course take time, but then you'll wonder why you ever thought you'd miss them when they descend in their hordes, causing chaos and dirty washing, when you have got used to the peace!
    That's the theory anyway!!!!

    word ver.... neston!

  19. Wow, Lori, with this on your mind no wonder you are busy with the bling-ing of lions! Hope it all went well, thinking of you! x

  20. Hiya Lori,

    Hope your trip away cheers you. Enjoy the peace when you get home. Though I think I will be feeling just the same as you when the day comes for me. Sorry youre a bit down. Hope its not as hard for you as you imagined when you get home.
    P.S> Love the photo!

  21. Just remember how you've done such a fantastic job that she has come to this. Thinking of you xxx

  22. hi lori - do hope the trip is going well? this is a changing time for you both and new adventures lie ahead. enjoy with pride - birds learning to fly are a testament to parental success xx

  23. Lori, I so hope you've had a safe trip and that it hasn't been too traumatic or exhausting. Hope you've been taking good care of you.
    Now off to visit Blingee! ;-)

  24. Lori, I so want to slow down because I´ve moved and I want to enjoy a little bit more of my new home... but there are boxes and boxes everywhere!!!

    I wish you a very blessed trip and when you feel alone, just call her!I am sure she will be as happy as you!Best wishes for her and safe trip for you.

  25. Oh lordy lord - my very dearest Lori, I can empathise with you straight from the heart. It is absolute agony when they flit from the nest to grown-up land....all those bumps and bruises along the way and Mama isn't there to kiss 'em better! But, hey, it's all part of life's huge adventure so we have to let our babies just go for it, don't we? And you know, right there in your very fibre, that you will be there. That you will always be that soft and gentle safety net in case they have a little fall. Then one day, you'll watch her walk towards you smiling broadly and you'll think...'Wow! I did that - I helped make that beautiful girl the wonderful person she is today!'

    Now go do some more photo blinging to get your mind off things that niggle and jiggle inside. Your lions are stellar...they make me roar (pun intended!) with laughter. More please!

    Oh, and do read Tick Bite Fever when you's sure to make you roar too - and take you straight back to the sights and sounds of Africa!



xoxo lori