Friday, August 13, 2010

my family
all five (grown) children
and two grands
came together for
a combination birthday(s) celebration
and good bye for the youngest sibling
and child (who leaves tomorrow for NYC)

my mothers pride feels that they are all
not only gorgeous on the outside,
but inside too...

hee hee hee
thank you coldwell banker (real estate firm)
for the loan of your sign
and thank you good natured sign holders,
for indulging me (you want me to do what with that sign?)
i love you all, you really are so very gorgeous to me.

♥mom lori


  1. you are all gorgeous...
    inside and out!


  2. Inside and out, yes!!! Even Oh-Owen, haha.
    That was such a splendid idea, sometimes to "misuse" things creates very new insights! Your enlarged family, including all friends and that mischievous dog, is such a joy to think of!
    Good Luck Baby Girl!

  3. Gorgeous pictures

    YAY for Owen!

  4. wow wow wow....BEAUTIFUL everyone! lovely lovely lovely! WOW! xxx j

  5. haha Lori - that is sooo cute! didnt get all the photos yet, but the ones that did download - wonder xx

  6. Oh Lori! What a BEAUTIFUL family and yes, that goes for the outside and the inside. How lucky you are.

  7. A perfectly wonderful way to say how lovely your family is - inside and out.

  8. What a fun post, Lori! lovely, everyone!!!! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. this is the cutest post ---- and so true!!! all your babies and grandbabies are gorgeous......inside and outside as well!!!

    congrats lovely momma and keep us updated on the nyc move.....

    hugs and more hugs xoa

  10. What an incredibly fun idea! I love the idea of this kind of silliness...need more in my life!

  11. Oh Lori,I was so excited reading this wonderful post.First to see your family and to see the fun you all share together..and of course the clear message..Just wonderful!!

    I think we need to start the "Inside Love" revolution..come on.. mail it out..Lets continue to show our young ones the beauty that matters.I can see it now..the "Inside Love" Blog..filled with pictures from around the world...hehehehehe!!

    Now,for the daughter that leaves to NYC..Blessings...and for the Momma..Hugs...♥Cat

  12. Too adorable! What creative use you made of the sign! What a family indeed - Owen included....all lovely - inside and out!

    Your daughter will adore NY!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  13. all i can say is gorgeous family.

    and speaking of new york, guess who lives within striking distance?

    you are a most clever girl, loritimessix. ♥ always

  14. Gorgeous inside and out...

    Gonna visit NYC??? VERY close to Boston area peoples

  15. and even closer to western mass area peoples.

    i couldn't resist adding this part....


  16. Gorgeous!!!! All of you! I had to laugh when I saw the photo with Owen... So cute and funny!
    Hope you're havin a great summer!

  17. What a fantasic idea? Care if I borrow it? :) What a beautiful gorgeous family you are. Your mothers pride is perfectly beautiful. :)

    Blessings to your youngest who is leaving. Safe travels.

    Happy Sunday to you and yours. :)

  18. Ya gorgeous! Hi Lori Ann - stumbled upon your site while visiting Robyn's. So I started from the beginning - when you had to postpone Whitney! - remember?

    You can be alone, with time for yourself, as knowing that there are always family and friends around you'll realise how well-blessed you are.

    Come visit me some time at


  19. Lori - what a beautiful family you have - and what a fantastic idea. As I have said before, I have "creative envy"! : )

    You baby is off to far away land? for the whole year - or she heading back up the coast?

  20. Aw, I love that - they are all gorgeous!

  21. I agree. The are all gorgeous - and you are ingenious to put this together!

  22. all gorgeous inside and out
    -- and me too ---

  23. What a cool idea! Something which should be remembered by everyone.

  24. SO cute! What an adorable idea! (And I think Owen looked the happiest to be gorgeous on the inside - what a cute mug that pup has!)

  25. Lori, such creative use of signage! And you have a truly beautiful family and friends, especially the furry kind. xxAden

  26. What a beautiful family inside and out. Blissed out with blessings !

  27. hello dear heart!
    it's me, kj, just stopping by with a fast TSUP! and a peaceful good morning.


  28. I KNOW that they're gorgeous inside (and outside).

    You should be proud...look what you've created.

    Love to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  29. I don't know how i missed this post, but I did. :(

    The sign was a great idea, i loved it. Of course your family are gorgeous.....the apples don't fall far from the tree.

  30. Such fun pics Lori. Love them!


xoxo lori