Sunday, August 8, 2010

sun day

the three photos above all have something in common, SUN! seeing a shadow after all this grey fog we've had is like seeing things for the first time. i think light must be more important to me the older i get. and oh! what it does for my energy...

wash was hung on the line

walks were taken on the beach

treasures found , so hard to spot when everythings grey, so pretty in the light

played with my beach pottery finds

made a pillow for my daughter. she has a thing for tractors and i found this piece of flannel material at the thrift shop. and an old cashmere sweater for a dollar! i cut them both up,

the cashmere for the back

and the tractors on top! she likes it a lot. (see the sun shadows? ☺)

made banana muffins. these called for espresso, i added a bit of cocoa instead


and started a new shawl, which will be more like a scarf, a nice full one, since i went down in needle size to make the lace a little less lacy and open

i found this beautiful wool made from baby alpaca and silk, the colors are named champagne and twilight (i love these things!) you can find it here, it's sumptuously soft and lovely. you can find the pattern in this book here

view from my room
why would i be making a warm scarf in the middle of summer? it is because the cold wet blanket of F O G is back. oh dear. can i take back what i said and wish for more sun after all??

i want to dedicate this post to my northern california friend Robin who has even less sun than we have. it's got to come out soon Robin! here is some light for you, hang in there! And to kj and lolo, Happy happy Birthday ♥

♥ lori


  1. are so sweet and generous to "give" me some of your sun!!! (And you are right....I have had NONE since "forever"....)
    But, just to look at your sun and the lovely shadows it creates - helps....

    I love your sea day, you WILL find a lilac-coloured one....and you kno wwho to send it to!

    Love the tractor like you to find something so unusual and create it for your daughter!

    And....I am borrowing your banana muffin receipe (with espresso) to make for my Opera orchestra and principal singers in a few weeks as our Autumn season begins....

    Sending you BIG, WARM Hugs......


    Your N. Cal. friend,

    ♥ Robin ♥

    p.s. Love the shawl colours.... just back from my day at the de Young - where we have a new exhibit called "To Dye For".....amazing tye-dyed, batiked and other dying forms from the 14th century to present.....shawls, kimonos, jackets, wall hangings....from Mongolia to California... you would love it! ♥

  2. Oh Lori as an Aussie I just can't begin to imagine no sun :(

    It really is amazing how light is so very important for our well being. It does give you energy of the best kind.

    Thank you for alerting me to the birthdays... I had no idea.

    A big Happy Birthday to them both as I know that they will be calling in here.

    Your going to need a holiday soon and I hope that NYC gives you an uplifting time.

    Your knitting is so fine and beautiful and I love the cushion.
    You are a beautiful Mum.

    love to you and Robin I too wish you some sunshine.


  3. what a photographer you are, lori. the shot of the sea glass on the glissening sand, the glissening ocean, your clothes line, a little peek into your shelves near the window--i love all of it.

    what a sunfilled weekend you've had. knitting, baking, soaking it all in.... tsup! lori!

    i have had the total opposite of your fog this year: sun almost every day. so much sun that i get excited (also) when the sky turns grey.

    thank you for my birthday wishes. lo and i are lucky to have a reason to celebrate together, and we understand one another, astrologically speaking :)

    i have had some wonderful gifts this birthday. i count your wonderful friendship at the top of my list. east coast, west coast--it will happen!


  4. addendum: i can't believe you are leaving a comment on my blog at the exact moment i am leaving a comment on yours.

    as marianne says, "coincidence? i don't think so!"

    so here we are catching up. how nice.

  5. Oh how I can relate to wanting to see the sun and feeling my energy lost in the your photo' your beach pottery finds...we have been making stepping stones and looking for pretty things such the pillow you neat to get the material for a finds like that...I hang my wash on the clothes line outside as much as nice isn't it? Happy birthday to your dear friends. Blessings to you and yours. XX

  6. I'm glad you are seeing the sun a bit, Lori!! We are happy here when we get an overcast day and a break from the relentless heat! Your scarf is going to be gorgeous!! Love that pattern... Sending you a great big hug!! Love, Silke

  7. I love all your photos, the clothes on the line and the sea glass are terrific.
    LOVE the pillow and the shawl will be wonderful.
    Glad you had a bit of sun, here is hoping that you and my dear friend Robin get some real sun soon. xoxo

  8. Sounds like you had a beautiful time enjoying simple pleasures.
    Like you,this is exactly the kind of day I love so much.....Especially in the warm sunshine.
    Your things are all so pretty. :)

    Lotsa love Natsy.♥

  9. I can feel the CA sunshine from here. These are lovely pictures - we had an overcast day today and it was wonderful!! it takes all kinds doesn't it!

  10. These are such beautiful images, Lori!! Your posts are compelling. I wish more sunshine for you. Thank you for reminding me to be grateful for the sun and simple pleasures.

  11. fantastic - clever you! the sun is definitely attached to senses of wellbeing! hope you get some more soon, meantime stay cozy in your foggy blanket.that tractor cusion is gorgeous xxV

  12. Lori - thank you for these wondeful shots ... I especially loved the sea glass on the sand as well as the washing hanging on the line ...and .. and .. I love them all! I can't imagine you not having beautiful sunshine out there on the coast as that is what I envision every time I think of California. We on the other hand are having a glorious hot, sunny summer - so unlike last year's. But then again we Canadians (most of us) spend 9 months of the year bundled up so I suppose we are entitled to our little reprieve. YOur shawl looks like it is going to be beautiful. I envy your artistic talents Lori!

  13. Dear Lori, I do understand the happiness of feeling the warmth of the sun, the first thing I do when it comes is run to my laundry pile!!! and hang them all with my heart full of joy!!! silly me!

    I love the banana muffin receipe and I guess I´ll make them today, thank you!

    The tractor pillow is so very lovely, your daughter is a lucky girl to have a mom like you!!

    Have a wonderful week, dear Lori,

  14. I always enjoy your photos. Especially enjoyed the pics of the wash on the line and the one rock on the beach.

  15. Hi Lori!

    I found you via Silke's blog. What beautiful photography! Love it! I look forward to following your journey! :)

  16. lori creativity positively oozes out of your pores!! so many lovely things you are making -- makes you wonder if the sun coming out affects us in more ways than we realize??

    adore that cashmere/tractor pillow -- a thing of beauty!!! lucky daughter -- (is it for the NY bound baby??)


  17. always sunshine at your blog, darlin'! so much prettiness and light. thanks! xxx j

  18. I sent you a parcel today to make you smile and see sunshine in the fog. Do you know there are these lamps which pretend to be sunshine? Shall I buy you one? Wait, I must look for a picture of our old red tractor.

  19. Hi Lori - Thanks for your comments! I'm glad you still like the painting. I love visiting your blog. I am working on a project I can't post right now, but will try to squeeze in some time for Illustration Friday or a challenge. Thanks for the little nudge! :)
    Oh--and yes we do have piping plovers on the east coast. Some beaches have areas where they are protected. In fact, in one town residents were actually complaining! But wildlife experts are concerned about when they go south to winter. They may be affected by the oil in the gulf.

  20. What a busy little woman you have been ... love the photos AND that pillow. Here's wishing you more sun than you know what to do with ....

  21. So much joy and warmth in these photos- and in your life! I loved every snapshot of "sun". :)

  22. My twins boys are wild about tractors too!
    I miss baking, haven't done it for quite sometime now since coming back. I am eyeing for an oven and as soon as the fund is full, I'll get my oven.
    In Malaysia, the sun is abundant. Back in the UK , I too missed the sun when it gone for too long. When the sun comes out, it's time to celebrate, hahaha, especially the laundry part.

  23. Sweet Lori...You have been so busy..busy with beautiful things...the perfect way to spend your time.Sun..Muffins..soft pillows...sea treasures and lace..I am so thankful for you,you always make us feel so special by sharing all these beautiful joys.Big hUGS,Cat
    -I love Kahil Gibran too!!(you mentioned him on my comment)Great minds/friends think alike hehehehe!

  24. sharing loads of the sunshine I'm having xxx

    love the pillow, muffins, treasures

  25. So, finally I made it back to you. Maybe I am weird, but I LOVE the fog. Moving from Cambria to SLO was so hard for me in many ways, but losing the gentle tendrils of fog wafting through the pines, well, that was the hardest.

    Ok, I'll just curl up in that patch of sunlight with all your treasures. WONDERFUL-and that exquisite little gem of sea glass on the sand. I studied everything.

    Sending love from the shores of Maine,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  26. I love this sunshiny post... I totally crave sunshine and so I really understand. Thankfully I am enjoying the most incredible sunshine at the moment and I'm LOVING it.
    Thanks for dropping by regularly to read my posts and leave cheery comments. Will try to do the same, though not getting to many right now.
    Shame I don't think we will be in NYC at the same time. That would have been fun.
    Hugs to you. xx

  27. I love all those sun filled photos Lori, you certainly made good use of your day. The shawl/scarf is going to be wonderful, I have the very same book !


xoxo lori