Saturday, October 16, 2010


(the portable (waterproof) pocket) *

i love pockets. adding them seems the best course, if you find your shirt, pants, skirt or jacket without. however, sometimes it just isn't possible. in a pinch once, i made a portable pocket (illustrated above). the photo has a good story behind it, i'll share below.

but first, i made this pocket, the green one, in the above (above) photos (which is right this moment flying across the u.s.) to my daughter. she needed one, she had her first new york emergency last weekend. here's what happened... she was going to do her laundry in the wee hours of the morning, when underestimating the length of her arm to the weight of the door , she watched as she became locked out of her apartment and building. in a nutshell, it was a longpanickyday (all because of no pocket). she was without keys, cell phone, wallet, shoes!

maybe we've all done it at one time or another, locked ourselves out of houses, cars, work (oh, wait, i like that). but i don't like the idea of my girl feeling as helpless as she did. so i'm hoping she'll always carry her new pocket with her with keys, cell phone, money in it when she heads down to the laundry. we added some quarters for an added incentive.

if any of you saw a pretty redhead riding the ny subway barefoot this weekend, that would be my girl.

agg! :)


*and now the story about the portable waterproof pocket...
i like this story (i hope you will too), it has a happy ending.

Once upon a time, a few years ago (10 exactly), we took a trip to the Mentawai's, a group of islands off the coast of Indonesia. we were on a boat out in the Indian Ocean for almost 3 weeks. Since the point of the trip was surfing we went from island to deserted island surfing and not doing too much else (heaven). after a few days, the deserted islands began looking very tempting. one day we swam to one from our boat. just chuck and i and the swimsuits we had on. when we stepped on the sandy white shore it was covered with beautiful shells! agg! the collector in me wanted to bring some back, but what to do? i was only wearing a bikini. back at the boat i found my needles and wool and cast on about 20 stitches, give or take a few, knit a bit and then made a row of yarn overs for the eyelets (to draw the cord through). knitting only a few inches, 4 i think, made some decreases and then casting off, the portable pocket was born! for extra strength i made an i cord several inch's long, thread it through and cinched it tight with a shell.

as soon as we were moored near the next island i couldn't wait to try my pocket. i put it around my neck, dove off the boat and swam to the lagoon. and then filled it up. it worked! when we got back, the others on the boat watched as the pocket was opened on the table. pretty little shells spilling out.

soon, one after the other (guys) came knocking on our cabin door. "could you make me one too?"

luckily i came with enough yarn and was able to make a few more. and everyone was able to swim and collect shells. and we were happy.

the end.

♥ lori

p.s. hannah, please use your new pocket.
love, mama


  1. Haha, I KNEW you were like Pelle the Pelican in the Petzi Books, having yarn and needles along at the most incredible places. Great story! Oh, and poor Hannah. How did she cope? Where did she sleep? I want to know the end of the story. She could not wait for Momma`s pocket to arrive, surely??
    My, what tales you always have for us! Lova ya, Lori!

  2. How creative you are! This is such a neat idea and I am sure your daughter will appreciate the one you have sent her. I can imagine the fears you had upon hearing the news that she was locked out.

    Thanks for sharing such a cool story and pretty pictures! Happy weekend. XX

  3. ahhh lori dear, so glad the emergency with hannah has a happy ending -- all these first few months away from home are filled with learning experiences, right? so she won't lock herself out again now...(esp since mama is sending one of these lucky pockets!)

    so now for that foto....why did you cut the heads off my dear?? you and chuck are sports illustrated swimsuit models the both of you!

    hugs to you, hot pocket mama!! (hehe)

  4. I love happy endings! And these stories you bless us with are so precious. Thank you!

    Hanna will wear her new pocket, of course. How romantic, the idea of a redheaded syren riding the subway barefoot... You must have been a nervous wreck, poor mama...

    I love cowrie shells. They are so rare on our Mediterranean shores... I love how you employ gifts of the sea in your work. Have you set up an Etsy store to sell your wonderful creations?

    And as far as you and Chuck in Indonesia, how cool that you didn't have a pocket but had yarn and needles to make one!

    Love you, always

  5. I'm pleased to read that Hannah survived being locked out without any mishaps.
    I locked myself out of almost everthing that was possible in my youth as when I was a child there weren't locked doors and then when I moved out of home I would regularly leave without a key and be locked out.

    Love Love the pockets....
    LOVE it that you were on holidays in the sun with knitting
    LOVE it that you are so clever and beautiful

    Now I feel inspired to knit pockets too.
    I tell you what I will be doing today and that is making your yummy blueberry scones :) xx

  6. PS... I forgot to comment on Indonesia.... sooo beautiful.

    I too have been several times a very very long time ago.
    It is very cheap for us Aussies to holiday there (especially from Perth) and it would be difficult to meet anyone here in Perth that has not visited Indonesia at least once in their lifetime.
    BUT I don't no anyone until now who has been there with their knitting :) xxx

  7. oh lori! oh lori!

    first of all, who is that little animal in front of you and chuck on the island?!!!

    second, the missing heads: hahahaha! i so understand....

    third, your resourcefulness. sometimes i think your hands and needles could save the world. but then i think of your voice and your words and the gift of friendship and i know your gifts are so much more.

    fourth: when will i travel like this? i thought i was pretty well seasoned until i met you. now i have to think about facing spiders in africa and carrying shells in indonesia and the wanderlust is getting bigger and bigger (well, the spiders still spook me bigtime).

    is there an award for the most scenic and varied posts ever? you deserve it, sf (my new code: you know, right?) ♥

  8. Ah Geli,
    I LOVE being like Pelle! It was a stroke of luck,me having them (even in the tropics!)funny. Poor Hannah, she will never do that again i'm sure, i'll email you the story of her frantic day.


    thank you! i'm thinking your right, but you know kids, she will probably roll her eyes and say OH momma! i'm glad you liked the story!


    i'm really hoping this will be the first and last time, being locked out of a highrise in manhattan was very scary for her!!
    haha, our cropped heads...i don't know, i wanted you to look at the pocket on my neck i guess! (we are very happy in it though so i really love it, good memories!)thank you!


    i am so happy to see you my ocean loving friend! yes Hannah will not make that same mistake again (i hope), she was a bit mortified to ride the subway that day!
    I love cowrie shells too, perhaps they are found in more tropical waters? shall i send you some?


    i knew that! We met so many Aussies (on other boats) and in Sumatra. It was the same in Samoa, you are much closer and of course into surfing too.
    It's so funny you said that about knitting in the tropics. Right. who does that? i knew it was silly, but i also knew i would have a LOT of time on my hands, and you know how i love to knit. There is more to this story (knit wise)perhaps i ought to make another post!)

  9. kj,
    hey, just missed you! the little animal is an abandoned kitten, left behind by fishermen we were told. poor thing was very scraggly and unhealthy. you want to take them home and save them all!
    i love the photo of us all smiley and happy, but i thought it might be too much (except for the pocket!) thanks again, sf!

  10. What a fantastic idea! Have yarn, will travel. You are like a knitting MacGyver. And is that a shell being used to cinch the sack? Brilliant! Homemade love being sent to your girl. Gotta love it!

  11. you amaze me! the pockets and the surfing trip - wow. (I'm like KJ - when can I travel like that)
    I was showing my nephews your cup holders last night and they had fun figuring out what else you could do with them when not drinking coffee. Ear warmers were the top choice and the images were hysterical. Thought of you!

  12. They could have used you on Gilligan's Island! Mary Ann and Ginger would have been jealous of you though ;)

    For what it's worth, I think you're amazing. You have had ten lifetimes worth of experience already!

    Thanks for the kitty blessings. I hope to bring her home soon.


  13. I am laughing at Bella and Lolo's comments. They are right! If I'm on a beautiful island covered with shells, and I have no pockets - I know exactly who to turn to: Super Knitter! :) I know how hard it is to have one of your chickens living in the Big City. Mine is in Baltimore, and I try not to think about citiness too much. Knit me a protective bubble for her - :)
    xox Pam
    PS Your pockets are really beautiful!

  14. Brilliant you.
    I once swam from a boat to shore and still remember how I felt like an explorer even though it was only Corona Del Mar! *))

  15. What a nice story!
    How wonderful you spend time in paradise.
    I always love your stories and pictures Lori!
    Your life is inspirational and fortunate dear

    Have a nice Sunday♥
    and yes Hannah is riding the subway with shoes on and a pocket around her neck. Don't worry she'll be OK

  16. Mama's pocket protection! She'll always be in good hands even when her hands are full.

    I made a pocket for my Ipod out of my Amy Butler fabric stash. But since I now carry my knitting needles with me, I shall start making pockets for everyone!

  17. Innovation bourne from necessity! What a creative idea Lori and I love how the Mama bear in you got busy knitting and sending a pocket across the country. You worry about your baby girl, don't you? I know I would if mine wasn't so close by -- close enough to come home with her laundry! ; )

    Take care Lori ... I am thinking it might be a fun goal to be bikini bound by next spring. : ) Then I would need a pocket!

  18. Woo I want a pocket. That is genius!
    You're such a lovely Mum!

  19. oh and Lori... I forgot... the china pendant making person also has a blog



  20. as expected, a visit to your blog is a pure joy! :-)

    (deserted islands, surfing, ahhhh,
    a dream to us, luvitt)

    two points:

    - we've locked ourselves out of our apartment several times. :-(.

    we keep a spare set of keys at work, and a spare set with a VERY trust-worthy other (our daughter)

    most importantly,
    we've formed the habit of checking for keys EVERY time we walk out the door, and BEFORE we open the door to walk out. (took a while but we're conditioned now)

    - your portable pockets are a lovely/creative solution.

    we're reminded (dating ourselves here) of the Mojo Pouches that were the fashion back in our Yippie days. :-)

    well, anyhoo, thank you, as always, for a wonderful post.


  21. Bella,
    Thanks! that is so funny, I used to LOVE MacGyver, haha. Now he was one clever person. Hannah is excited to recieve her pocket (she looked here!)


    that's so funny! sounds like something my sons would do too, I love it. I bet if you had gone on that trip you would have brought your knitting too right?? ☺


    thank you. Gilligan's Island was a favorite too, I wish it were back on the television!
    I'm really glad your Bliss is home now and okay. What a scare. I also hope you'll be better soon, today!


    Haha, I've done it I think, made an imaginary bubble for each of my kids. And friends. I try not to think too much about her there either, what can you do? so far away...
    thank you very much for the kind words!


    haha, that sounds fun! and you know, Corona Del Mar IS exotic to many people, especially those on the other side of the world! thank you!


    thank you dear, I know she'll be okay, she is okay. I try my best not to worry.
    We are both with good fortune, and the best part is we know it and practice gratitude everyday. I am truly thankful for everything in my life and I love that you are too.


    It's nice to see you! That is a good idea! As you know you can never have too many pockets, and it helps a mother to feel useful to make them for her chicks. Happy knitting!


    Oh my gosh, close enough to do laundry, you are so lucky. It's hard not to worry (even though I have faith in her), so keeping my hands busy is always a help for me. Winter is on the way so i'll be REALLY busy now, it snows there!


    xoxo, how is your life? work? boyfriend? what color is your hair now?? i'll be by for a visit soon!


    thanks sweetie, i'll check it out. The necklaces are so cute, I found her etsy shop. Will have to put them on my wish list!


    Bare eyed Sun,
    THANK YOU. I am so grateful for your wise words, you are the voice of experiance. This is exactly what she'll do from now on (hope hope hope). It's not an experiance she wants to repeat.
    Glad you enjoyed the mini getaway!

  22. Sweet Lori,I have to shamefully admit I have attempted to leave you a note almost 4 times now..Not really sure how to place my words without sounding like such a fool.I think its because I visit you and am always left wanting more.Your life seems like such an adventure..(am I sounding silly here)..traveling here..traveling there,beautiful family and all seems so wonderful.
    I am always so thankful for your words..You cannot imagine how much my bloggy friends have come to mean so much.This all started as a way to promote my art and at the end of the day,I have been so blessed to meet such wonderful souls.
    Without effort your ideas seem to flow..I love this pocket idea..I think its just wonderful!!Thank you for the kind words on my Mary Oliver piece,another friend suggested "Dream" and I almost near fell off my was amazing and inspiring.Her words move me,the way the breeze flows,dancing its way into my heart.Big Hugs,Cat

  23. Lori~
    You keep on amazing me with your creativity! What a cool thing to make!
    btw~ I love that you tucked in quarters for Hannah. I always tuck in some change when I gave the girls stuff while they live in the dorm.

  24. Loved your post. Without repeating the same thing everyone else has, just wanted to tell you how thankful I am to have found your blog and how much I enjoy it and you! Enjoy your week ~ Susan

  25. Poor Hannah! What an absolute nightmare for her... I am sure she will use that portable pocket!

    I love your pockets, and the gorgeous Indonesian memories..

  26. oh, my this is an amazing story!
    what a great bag! : )

  27. Hi Lori :) Just came across yur blog via Plain and Joyful living. Your photos are gorgeous and I love the little pocket idea.

  28. Lori, you are amazing.!!
    I love the desert island story and the knitted pockets are so,what an inventive lady you sre.

  29. Cat,
    thank you for not giving up and for putting your feelings into words. I do know just how you feel, these blog connections. I think what you said is perfectly charming and is defintely how so many of us that blog feel. thank you for your words, they are a gift.


    thank you, i knew you'd do that too! The kids always appreciate it so much!


    thank you dear, and i hope the same for you and the family!


    a good learning experiance for sure, I think your right, she'll remember from now on! thanks so much.


    thank you dear!


    thank you so much, i so appreciate your kind words! welcome to california!


    ah my friend, that is so nice, just a small simple (very simple) idea, but thank you! you needed to be a part of the new blogknitters book, Brave New World. Have you seen it?

  30. hello my friend...what a cute story..and those little pockets are just charming....

    on Sunday we had the big thunderstorm too. i was at my brothers house making haunted gingerbread houses with my neice ella rose. they were the easy No Bake ones from Williams-Sonoma...Ella's eyes were HUGE..she was so scared...and i had left Teddy home...he thinks there house is one big pee pee pad :-{

    and i was so worried about him, but when i got home he was fine. gosh, john and i just love and adore this little guy so much. he is my little love.
    oh and p.s. i forgot my camera for the gingerbread haunted perfect is that?

    hope this finds you and your family well.
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  31. I love those small pockets, looks like a perfect way to use up some scrap yarn :-)
    I always fear being locked out of my apartment! What happened to your daughter?

  32. Kary,
    oh, i sometimes forget to even use my camera when it's with me! ah well. the important part was the time you spent with your niece!
    I'm so glad to hear Teddy did fine with the storm, it can be so hard on the little guys. my sister has to sedate one of her dogs at the first sign of thunder.
    you take good care.


    your right, any yarn will work ( i am addicted to Noro's silk garden at the moment), good idea by you.
    Hannah didn't get back in her building until after work and school which was past midnight. someone finally came home and she got back in. i don't think she'll forget her keys again. thank you for asking :)

  33. Oh, I love those pockets and how the first one came to be...incredible!
    That is a very very good thing to have and I can see how it can save the day! Oh, what a story of Hannah being locked out...makes me recall some other humorous stories (not so funny at the time) of being locked out!
    Loved this post!

  34. Smiling - those how to survive on a desert island lists need updating to include knitting needles and wool ;)


xoxo lori