Friday, March 25, 2011




today is the day thirty one years ago
that i became a mom.
it happened also that the rain stopped and the sun came
out this morning.
for the first time in days.
so i pulled on my good for mud boots
and headed (grinning) down to the marsh.

i saw the resident fox!
i watched him pounce and play in the sunshine
and i saw red winged blackbirds sing their song
i saw egrets and white crowned sparrows
and hummingbirds, that politely sat surprisingly still
and i saw bunny's.
which made me laugh,
because tomorrow a dear friend is coming
all the way from the east coast.
and she is sometimes known as emily, the wise bunny
and othertimes known as the very kind and charming kj.

i stayed out in the marsh
until it was time to go home and change
to meet my daughter
for our birthday brunch encounter.
luckily, there was just enough time to pick her a
bouquet of flowers.

happy birthday kimberly summer,
my beautiful girl.
i love you, mama


  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos!

    Beautiful surrounding, families and friends. You are well-blessed.

  2. wow! what a beautiful post. i love that the day turned out to be sunny on your daughter's birthday after your torrential rains over there. i love when the weather aligns with my family's special days. your pictures amaze me! you found so much beauty today in your world.

  3. Translucent bunny ears~

    A ruby-throated hummingbird fanning his tail~

    Blue shadows on an egret's back~

    A spring fox amid phlox~

    red-winged blackbirds struttin' their stuff, chests puffed~

    And the white-crowned sparrow, an arrow straight to my heart. How I love their song!

    A sweet bouquet to your first born...

    Does it get any better than this?
    I don't think it does.

    Have fun with our dear KJ. I know how much this meeting means to you both. I'll be right there in her back pocket ;)

    Make wonderful memories, you two!
    I'll hear your song from here.


  4. Oh Lori~
    So beautiful♥
    I am very grateful that you share you breath-taking photos.
    Also grateful you share a piece of you when you write.
    I think you are such an extraordinary woman.
    And Happy BIRTH we Momma's did the birthing♥

  5. So beautiful.

    Thank you for your sweet words to me...they mean more than you can know.

  6. happy birthday Kimberly - i hope you both have a special day of celebration. those flowers are so beautiful xx

  7. Hi Lori, I am back!! What a wealth of discoveries in your nearby marsh - love that hummingbird!! Hope you had a great birthday brunch..

    I enjoyed reading about your trip to NYC, and all that you have been up to while I've been gone. Sounds like the Greensleeves are becoming a great success, too!

    PS thanks for mentioning me as a favourite African blog - I am honoured!!


    can you imagine anyone fortunate enough to share such views with you?


    With all the turbulence and much unsettled in the natural world, you offer this, and how it soothes...

    See you later aligator
    in a short while crocodile

  9. I'm loving your new camera as much as you are

    happy mommy's day

  10. Beautiful photos as always! How can I choode a favourite? hard....but to see Mr. Fox in the wild has always been a dream of mine....

    Have fun with that KJB!

    Hugs to you both,

    ♥ Robin ♥

  11. Did you seriously see all this beauty in one day???!!!!
    Lucky you!
    Your daughter was born on the perfect day it seems.
    beautiful post Lori!
    KJ will be there by now or any moment. Have fun girls!
    Hope to see pictures of your meet soon


  12. Lori,

    Astounding photos. The rabbits, the fox! the wader with the yellow legs. (yellow shank??)

  13. Lori--this is a beautiful post--stunning photos and moving words. Hope you both had a beautiful day ♥

  14. Awwww, what a beautiful and loving post. Happy birthday to your daughter! I'm sure she loved what was wrapped in that lovely paper.

    Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. :)

  15. what a beautiful way to start a wonderul day! Happy birthday to your girl and happy birthing/mothering memories to you xx I love the pics of the humingbird? sitting on top of the bare branch, it looks like a flower sitting elegantly on top! SOunds like you live in an amzing place Lori :)

  16. Thank you for the post mom! And thank you for the birthday wishes ladies. I wish I could take pictures half as good as my mom, but alas, I cannot. However, I did acquire her love of nature, reading, and writing...which I am thankful to her every day for teaching me as a child! Thanks for pushing me into the world <3

  17. Oh I love the fox and the bunny!
    And what a beautiful Love Poem for your daughter. Happy birthday to both of you! I signed in as Daffodil`s follower and commented!
    We have sunshine here, but -4°C last night, brrr! How was your encounter with kj, the lucky one?
    Envious Geli

  18. Lori, It's interesting that our children's birthdays become our own milestones. Congrats Mama! Also, LOVE your photos and promises of spring. XX00 Lyn

  19. What a lovely marsh you have to visit and you captured it beautifully. Hope you had a nice birthday visit with your daughter.

  20. Congratulations Lori ....... wow, 31 years ago !
    The little yellow bird bag is beautiful and Kimberley is going to love it.
    What a beautiful way to start a birthday, thank you for sharing these fabulous photos.

  21. So many beautiful photos..each one more beautiful than the last..thank you for sharing them.You make me want to take more and more pictures.
    Sending Birthday wishes to your sweet Kimberly.Big Hugs,Cat

  22. Incredible photography. Really beautiful. Congratulations on your celebratory anniversary! Gosh, 31 years... it must seem like an eternity? great the Sun Came out, I hope that this day was a wonderful! All the best wishes, Nezzy xx

  23. Where do I begin? This is beyond lovely...the words, the photos, the feelings that underlie everything. I love this and thank you with a full heart. THE FOX! Your sweet little one (who is no longer little).

    All joys and love,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

    and KJ is almost here!!

  24. Oh Lori what a special morning you had - looks like the gorgeous feathered and furred ones had the same idea make the most of the break in the rain and await their photo opportunity, thanks for taking us along. Smiles*!*

  25. Super duper gorgeous photos. Breathtaking.

  26. Magnificent encounters.... taking my breath away.

    Congratulations on being a Mum to 5beautiful children... and happy birthday to number one baby girl.


  27. My dear Lori, I am finally getting caught up on my favorite blogs after a busy, busy few weeks. These photos are simply stunning and remind me of the marshes around here... I trust you had a most wonderful birthday party!! A late congrats from me!!! Love, Silke


xoxo lori