Sunday, July 24, 2011


my girls

rejoicing: my kids coming home. you know whats fun? playing tourist in your own town!  (hoping to get some photos of my boys soon too, i love the group photo, but it's oh so hard to round up five grown kids).

practicing:  taking head shots. my oldest daughter was my gracious model. this is tricky business, i hope i can do it.

knitting: a little project coming along slowly.

celebrating: a photo of mine made it in here, the twenty eleven edition. (yipee!)

i hope your do-ing lots of meaningful to you things too.

xo lori


  1. Beautiful photos for such a dull rainy day! You have a lovely family and is that a real tattoo? Very cool indeed :) xo

  2. All are beautiful; your girls included. Congrats on the photo-so exciting! I love the knitting project as leaves and the color green are two of my favorites:)

  3. Beautiful girls, Lori!! And they seem so happy to be there together (with you!). I LOVE reunions! Be sure to wrangle them up for a group photo (I bribe mine with food). :) They are like trying to herd cats, these big kids. Enjoy!!! Off to admire your pic now. xox Pam

  4. Lori, I have seen your photographs jump in excellence every week since I've been following you.
    This week to see portraits is another amazing progression.
    Love them! All the photos have a certain Lori look to them. And there's that particular light too.
    A joyful light.

  5. Beautiful photo's & I am so happy you have your two girls home with you. Wishing you all the best.

  6. So glad you are enjoying your family, I"m enjoying family time this week-end also. It so important. I love your photos they are always so wonderful to look at. Have more good family times.

  7. will i remember everything i want to say?

    1. the jellyfish shot with hannah in the back is big time award winning. just so you know...

    2. portraits? ahahahha! don't waste your time worrying about being good enough. you are
    absof--ckinglutely fantastic (sometimes the right word can't be compromised. i tried to clean it up xo)

    3. the knitted leaves? be still my heart. they are precious

    4. oh, are you doing to do dog portraits too? see #2

    5. i love what julie said about your progression and your joyful light.

    6. hello girls!

    7. congrats on well deserved recognition

    7. friends like to see friends happy. ♥


  8. Two beautiful girl!!!!!
    Much be heaven when they return home :)
    My Lars is to Denmark and Sweden . I will be happy once he is safe back. I the meanwhile I just hop he has a lot of fun......
    Enjoy the kids♥

  9. i adore the way you tell a story, lori. your photographs deserve all the accolades you receive. huge congrats on having your photo published beautiful girl ♡

  10. hi lori...your photographs are fantastic...what cute kids you have...adorable

    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  11. Lovely summer love photos! And those little leaves...can't wait to see what they 'grow' on...

  12. your daughters make such a=lovely subjects for your photography...
    although I am in love with octopus♥
    Loving the knitted leaves...
    loving that you are happy♥

  13. The red head is gone! Blond again! Your daughters are beautiful subjects for portraits - they are so full of LIFE, with that extra sparkle!
    How did you DO those leaves? I am still fighting with my socks!
    All that everybody said here is so well deserved!

  14. your girls are so pretty. such california beach beauties. must be nice to have them together at the same time. i hope you get the five round up at least once! xox loved the aquarium shots.

  15. Oh my gosh...
    These make me feel great...
    {shhh...if I could be guaranteed daughters I'd have babies... :\}
    You are all so lucky {and beautiful!}

  16. Lori, You have such beautiful daughters, of course they are, they have a beautiful mom.
    Congrats on getting your photo picked for the magazine!

  17. amazing shots but also amazing looking women - just gorgeous!


xoxo lori