Saturday, May 4, 2013

in the happy place

thank you for the messages of concern regarding the fires here, we are not close and rain is predicted for tomorrow, crossing fingers.

the fog moved off and the sun came out, making a timely appearance for one little girl's birthday party at the beach!  we celebrated sadie's day with sand and surf, she was, as my daughter said, 'in her happy place'
oh and how i was too = kids and babies!

in the rainbow sweater, the birthday girl

 i love this, kim and mike are kayaking in to shore while sadie is catching a wave at right!

instagramy photos, getting lots of baby love

nurturing fibres kal knitting was brought but mostly sat without me

happy birthday my precious grandgirl, i hope your day was one you'll always remember

last week...

much loved friend anushka, came to town. gorgeous baby indy came too (this has been an excellent baby week!) we had lattes and acai bowls at lucky llama cafe, then walked to the tomol park at the beach, where indy made discoveries of the brave baby kind. i loved that we had a chance to catch up, indy didn't even seem to mind our (long) knitting discussions before we said goodbye. :)

(found in this town where i live, the 'world's safest beach' and the world's largest torrey pine!)


  1. lovely pics!!!!
    happy you had a lovely time!!!! xxxx Ale

  2. Beautiful family photos. Lovely way to spend a birthday.

  3. what a healthy and happy family you have.

    life is so kind.


  4. I'm just so green with envy! Indy is the cutest. The birthday girl looks most pleased with her sweater too xxx

  5. I just love catching up here Lori ... it's like bumping into a friend unexpectedly, being greeted with a smile, stopping for a coffee and a chat ... and it always makes my day a bit better :D

  6. Happy birthday to your dear, sweet girl Lori. What a wonderful way to celebrate the day, it's my happy place too. I had hope to escape to the shore for a few hours, but it seems the rain has found us, it's pouring!
    I'm so glad you had time to visit with your friend, and Indy is just adorable.

  7. Oh it looks like such a happy day. So many little ones, sunshine and smiles.
    Beautiful family you have :)

  8. Happy Birthday to the birthday girl! Priceless photos documenting priceless times. Thank you for sharing! (oh, and baby love!!!)

    (((Happy you are removed from the dangers of fire and lifting those in harms way in prayer.)))

  9. Happy Birthday to your beautiful grand daughter, Lori! (Her rainbow sweater looks just lovely!) Your pictures are a pleasure to see...such happy family times and what a warm and sunny place you live in too :)
    Wishing you a wonderful week ahead.
    Helen x

  10. Hi Lori,

    Happy birthday to your granddaughter Lori! What a pretty girl she is! Such fun to have a beach party for your birthday :-) It looks like a glorious day. Lucky you to be a grandmother. My eldest just moved out of the house last January. Still have to wait some time I think!

    Such a coincidence you collect little golden books as well :-) They were/are my favourite children's books. Such sweet stories and pretty drawing. Thank you for wanting to send me an English one. Do you mind awfully if I say no? The thing is....I don't know were to store them any more. Some other books have to go then and I think that a collection in Dutch is more than enough. Otherwise I want to start collecting them in English as well!!!! My husband won't like that! Thank you so much anyway. If you want a Dutch one, let me know!

    Have a lovely new week!

    Madelief x

  11. Those California birthday babies - so beautiful. amazing to have your birthday on the beach, surfing and just enjoying like crazy. Ah to be in the happy place, that's awesome.

  12. I thought that was Anushka's sweet babe. What lovely photos. You are a great photographer.

  13. Lori, So glad all is well as I was concerned when I heard about where those fires were. I hope the rain comes!
    Looks like all you beautiful ones had a wonderful time! xoxo

  14. I love you Lori and so does Indy! You are the best energy for me to be around - pure love. Happy birthday to sweet Sadie. I love a girl whose happy place is the beach. What a cool little surfer girl! Again, I love you and loved seeing you. Hopefully it won't be too many months before we see you again.

  15. no better place in the world to be....than at the beach!! how lucky to have a birthday celebration there!!! looks like much fun had by all!

  16. happy birthday to your sweet grand daughter!! I'm happy you were part of the celebration and you know Nunu??? You are so lucky :) I think I need to get over to the west coast so I can meet day!!

  17. Lori, I'm enjoying your beautiful post as I have my second cup of breakfast coffee. The happiness apparent in each photo is getting my day off to a very fine start. Happy belated birthday you that young beauty. (Ladies in your family are all so lovely!)

    I'm sure that the beach birthday celebration will always be remembered. Grand also that you've had the joy of getting together with a good friend.

    And...I am very glad that the fire dangers are not close. Rain can be good, too. xo

  18. All I can say is that you look far too young for grandkids of that age.
    And..helllllloooo...does everyone in your family have to look like a JCrew model?
    I think of you often as the knitted bottle is on the window my by my sink.
    Still touched at how sweet that was.

  19. Loving all those pictures of beautiful little girls! I'm taking my 3 girls to the beach this Friday... :)

  20. Happy Birthday to your sweet granddaughter. Love catching up with you and seeing the photos. I can't wait to add photos of taking of my grands to the beach, XOXO

  21. Sun, sand, surf, friends, family... no wonder you're in a happy place! Lovely.

  22. Hi Lori, so glad to be able to catch-up on things here and finally comment. i've been reading your posts while on our road trip but it's too hard commenting on the iPhone. Gorgeous pictures - they invoke a 'happy place' in me too :-) You live in such a beautiful part of the world and so lovely that you live close enough to your grand daughter to enjoy birthday celebrations with her. We had a horrid Bushfire season last summer - I hope they stay well away from your area during your Summer! Have a wonderful day! Mel x

  23. How wonderful that you get to enjoy your precious little 'uns — birthday wishes to your granddaughter!

  24. An excellent baby week (all grandkids are babies, right? even surfing girls).How fun! You must have been smiling the whole time.

  25. What a beautiful beach to be at!!!

    Okay, I wasn't aware of all those Lillian Beckwith books -- will have to keep my eye out for all of them when we are in SCotland. We go for six weeks this fall (my husband is the recipient of a Sabbatical grant for ministers). I won't be posting while we are there but am planning to post about the trip on a weekly basis after we return.

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xoxo lori