Tuesday, December 17, 2013

dear owl

oh this week!! my darling husband celebrated his fiftieth birthday! and my grandson his thirteenth! they share the same day! we celebrated with cupcakes and a christmas party, and dinner at the wharf, and then a bean and cheese burrito dinner party for the birthday boys the following night. happiest birthdays to you travis and chuck, fifty! he's catching up to me!
i've been knitting knitting knitting, but like most of us can't share just yet, the holidays and all! and i've been reading too, a book called, 'a house in the sky' by amanda lindhout. i forgot a photo for yarn along (tsk tsk). i could not put it down. finished in three days, for me a record. this book is a true story, completely and utterly unforgettable. (not for everyone, it's an inspiring though difficult read).
and meet little owl! a christmas gift i received today! my totem, this dear little owl (story here). designed and hand felted by my dear friend karen. even if he tried i don't think he could be any sweeter! karen, your talent, the skills you possess amaze and inspire. and oh how i love him. karen and her husband pat made the yarn bowl for last weeks give away also. the lucky number generator chose:

* * *  melissa  * * *

i wish i had a magic wand, i'd send one to each of you. thank you for your lovely comments! i know your kind words made my friends so happy! i hope you are having a wonderful week and enjoying all the holiday preparations (even trips to the post office).   :) 

p.s. oh! and one more birthday, hannah rose, my youngest girl, will be celebrating her twenty third birthday in kentucky this week! happy birthday honey!

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  1. Hi Lori! Happy Birthday to everyone! Your NEW owl friend is really the most cute! It's bigger that I First thought - fantastic! Beautiful yarn and I'm looking for to see what you have knitted for Christmas. x Teje

  2. beautiful owl and pictures! i also had birthday on 16th of december :-)

  3. Happy birthday to your men, big and little and Hannah,too. The wharf looks like such a fun place to celebrate. The owl is so cute and thanks for linking to your story of the white owl. A House in the Sky sounds fascinating. One to remember when I've finished reading my current book stash.
    Enjoy the rest of your week.
    Merry merry

  4. this owl is absolutely gorgeous!!!!!!!
    buon compleanno to all tour people!!!!!!
    xxxxxxxx Ale

  5. Happy Birthday to Chuck and Travis, and to Hannah Rose this week too! Such lovely celebrations for you all, Lori! The little owl is so soft and sweet and beautifully made, a wonderful gift.
    Have a happy festive week!
    Helen x

  6. Happy Birthday to your boys (Chuck is a very young looking 50!!) and to Hannah Rose.
    Gosh that owl is cute!

  7. Happy Birthday to Chuck and your daughter. I love the little owl. It is too sweet.

  8. Loved seeing your darling owl and it resembles the Snowy owls we've been thrilled to see in our area.
    Happy Birthday to your family with December birthdays! (My Dad's is coming up next week)
    Enjoy the festivities!

  9. in another week we'll be doing the crazy birthday holiday thing, too--for two grands.....isn't it fun?! Hope your 'boys' had the best birthdays ever. Love little owl!! and congrats, winner!

  10. happy birthday to all of your family members! So nice that you were able to spend time together to celebrate :)

  11. That owl. So great. Happy Birthday to all!

  12. Such a darling owl! And many happy returns to the birthday boys and girl in your family! We too have some birthdays around Christmas, so it is a very festive season.

  13. That owl could not be sweeter! Much like you.
    Love this post, Lori. Happy Birthday to all your loves!

  14. Hehe, so Chuck is exactly my age;) I am celebrating my fifthiet birthday today!

  15. sounds like a lovely weekend. and the owl is super sweet. :)

  16. silly girl (me) ~ I read the post twice before I realized...I'm the Melissa!!
    what a wonderful surprise and much needed 'good thing' after a rough end to this year! thanks so much, Lori!!!

    happy birthday to everyone :)

  17. What a sweet sweet owl you made! Perfect! Happy birthdays for your men!

  18. Happy birthday to Chuck, Trav and Hannah Rose!! Lots of love there ;) ♥♥♥

    I remember your owl story and it touches me still. Your new friend is adorable, and what a sweet gift.

    I love all the things you've been working on. As always, you inspire me!

    Merry always, Lori~


  19. Such a happy post, with so much love. Happy birthday to all. And that owl is gorgeous!

  20. happy birthday wishes x3 ♥
    love your sweet little owl ~ I remember your beautiful story! such a kind thought for your friend to make you your special totem animal. congratulations to Melissa!

  21. Sending a hearty round of 'happy birthdays' to your loved ones! I can see that this is an extraordinarily busy season for you. A season FULL of blessings.

    I love visiting your space here. It's so warm and lovely; I always leave feeling happy and light. Thank you.

  22. Happy 50th birthday Chuck! That owl is just so so so so beautiful! Felted projects truly are amazing to me. Happy birthday to Travis and Hannah Rose, too. We will be returning from Muscat, Oman on my husband's birthday, January 4th (he'll be 55 :) Hope all is well and that you are having a wonderful week. Tammy

  23. Hi Lori,

    Congratulations on your husbands, grandsons and daughters birthday! So many happy events in the December month. Lucky you! My eldest daughter turned 24 yesterday. It feels like yesterday that she was born. Still remember the day clearly....:-)

    Your owl looks really sweet. What a lovely gift! A beautiful photo of you too!

    Enjoy you the pre Christmas celebrations.

    Madelief x

  24. Happy birthday to your loves! I don't know where in Kentucky Hannah Rose is, but if you're ever visiting and happen to be in Louisville, you are welcome to stop by. ;)

    I love all your creations and can't wait to see more of those socks from the last post.

  25. What a sweet big owl! Needle felting is so amazing isn't it!
    I really love that wintry forest photo too.
    Happy holidays Lori! Can't wait to see your holiday knitting. It was 40 degrees (celcius) yesterday and not quite knitting weather, but you know, it doesn't hold me back! wee bit obsessed...

  26. Happy Birthday to your hubby and grandson! The owl is gorgeous and I do like the photo behind him too.
    Wishing you a wonderful festive season and new year.

  27. I am so happy for all of you Lori... birthday's, owls, gift making time. Life is good and I am glad you world is bright!

  28. I've been knitting so much I should join you in the Wednesday knit along. Nothing like cold weather and snow to bring out the needles. Happy birthday to all...and oh my,,, that owl!!

  29. Hey There Sweet Beautiful Lady, I hope you have a magical Christmas.
    Love the bday cake photo.....

  30. What a precious shot of you and the owl!

    Wishing you and your family a most blessed holiday and joyous New Year ~ xoxo

  31. Love the owl, Lori! So cute! It's wonderful to see you still here blogging and going strong! Happy birthday to your loved ones! <3 from Puerto Rico!

  32. Happy Birthday to the men! That owl is amazing! What a talented friend you have.

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xoxo lori