Tuesday, April 28, 2009

love is actually all around...

Have you ever had one of those weekends that felt like it was ten days long instead of two? That you've lived maybe a little more than your share?

... this weekend we went to a dear friends wedding...

I really believe that any day is a good day for a wedding, no matter the weather, but do you think a day can get any prettier than this? We followed this path, filled with wedding goers, all the way out to the eucalyptus trees in the far distance...

...and stood on this bluff overlooking the Pacific Ocean, watching two friends take their vows...thinking about our own that we took three years ago...and feeling that familiar lump in my throat...

...and at home another story involving romance and surprise unfolded this weekend. My youngest was the center of a sweet plan, unbeknownst to her . She went out for coffee with a friend that had dropped by, "I'll be back soon" she said. Shortly after, another of her friends was at our door. I said she'd already gone out. They said, Can we come in? We have a plan. The boy that my daughter likes wanted to ask her to the Senior Prom. And he wanted to surprise her. So while the one friend got her out of the house, the other two lined roses up from our driveway, up the porch, through the house and into her room. He'd made a poster with the one word PROM and when they were done spreading the rose petals around, he sat on her floor under the sign, with the rest of the blossoms and waited. The other friend got the signal they were done, and my girl came home.

She walked in with a look of annoyance saying

"who left these flowers all over the place?"

And then, when she stepped in her room she saw him sitting there,directly below the sign, smiling, clutching a fistfull of roses and asked her to go with him.
The above picture is her saying yes.
~ ♥ ~

My Mom and StepDad came up for a visit. And my Sister too. I never get tired of watching my StepDad with my Mom. He never gets tired of looking after her. They are getting more like kids the older they get, giggling, playful, sharing jokes, saying "My Love" to each other. And they never take a drink of anything without clinking glasses. He whispered to me that their anniversary is coming up, 35 years and he wants to surprise her.

A party of some kind.

I promised him my help.

We didn't discuss a plan yet...

but I think it should include some roses.

Love to you,
and you,
and you,
and you~

♥ lori


  1. ah you are SO RIGHT lori! love is actually all around...THANKS AGAIN for a completely inspirational post...sweet sweet sweet....xxx j

  2. ... a post that warmed my heart and soul. Thank you so much for giving this to all of us.

  3. Lori, you ARE the love that is all around! Thanks for a wonderful post - it made my day. The beautifully romantic wedding (all weddings are beautiful and romantic..but this one..oh!), your lovely daughter's wonderful surprise. Happy, happy days!

  4. How Sweet!!!
    Lovely wedding pictures.
    And what a adorable young man to give your daughter such a sweet memory! Very cool, Very romantic!
    I love hearing your Mom & Step-Dad are so in love! I have been married for 23 years and STILL get giddy!!!

  5. I love weddings. I think they are blessings for everyone involved ... except maybe the musicians who have to play at the receptions.

    Love is definitely all around! I feel it every time I read your blog. Thank you so much, and love to you!

  6. This is so beautiful - made me smile :)

  7. Lori, I miss your posts! But this one made it all well again! What a great weekend you had! Wonderful wedding location, great photograps! And the story about your daughter! So sweet! I smiled all the way through the end of your post. It must be so heartwarming to watch your mom and stepDad, reading your words make my heart feel warm! Thanks for sharing... Love IS all around indeed! Michi

  8. amazing amount of sweet feelings in this post~ it is a GOOD thing to read about!

  9. going through a very painful break-up - want to thank you soooooooooooooooooo much for your sweet and moving blog. Havent smiled in a while and leaving your blog full of hope!!

  10. This was such a cute post. I loved the "yes" pic! Young people are so darn cute...and they bring back so many memories. Your parents are married 35 years? Good for them and you.

  11. Love is as perennial as the grass. Lovely post Lori.

  12. It sure it everywhere! I got teary reading your sweet stories!

  13. Great post, Lori! I stopped by from Val's blog and I have to say that your daughter's would-be suitor is a keeper.

  14. Sweet and tender, all love stories have flowers and tenderness. Great post, Lori. Thank you for sharing with us.

  15. So sweet.Such a 'LOVE'ly post!I guess Love is truly in the air and will remain so for sometime now :D


  16. Dear Janelli~ thank you darling.YOU are sweet.

    Helen~thank you for your beautiful kind words.

    Tessa~ah thank you love. It doesn't get more romantic than that I think, a marriage on the cliffs, pelicans flying, breezes blowing, squeezing each others hands...

    Janis~ You are so lucky. And the cool thing is you know it and are so sweet and thankful.Love you.

    Reya~haha,yeah you are right,maybe the caterer too...but it's still all good heh? love to you too beautiful.

    Bhavana~that's wonderful.Thank you.

    Michi~Thanks so much, your words mean alot to me. You know I'm trying to keep up with your posts. :)

    Elk~Thank you, I'm glad it made you happy!

    Dear London~oh dear, I'm so sorry darling. I am sending you hugs and love and this: everythings going to be alright.

    Shepherd~ Thanks!

    Lover~ah Thanks, and you were right the first time. He is my Dad in my heart. And yes! young people, I wish they could always stay this age! so fun and funny and full of life.

    Katherine~that's nice, and your right.Thank you.

    Diana~you sweetie, thank you.

    Texan~welcome! i stopped by earlier, but didnt have time to comment at your lovely blog, I'll be back. Thank you for stopping in!

    Rosaria~thank you, thank you, I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

    Chaitra~thank you, that's a good thing heh?

    Thank you everyone, Love to you all ♥

  17. Aaah, sigh. How wonderful. Love your happy uplifting posts! Thanks xxxx

  18. Lori Ann this was a lovely post.

    Every girl should have a boy ask her to a prom like that. Every girl.

    Love Renee oxox

  19. Ok, Mrs G., I got married three years ago, and our youngest daughters have similar names, and our hubs are the same type of hot and wonderful and isn't it fun that we 'met'? Love you.xx♥

    P.S love that young mans style, I hope they have fun together, whatever the weather. :D

  20. Very touching. I feel a warm glow having read this. Thank you!

  21. A warmer post I haven't seen in a long time. Am still smiling as I key in this comment. The experience makes the world go round, doesn't it?

  22. Thanks little mama Miranda!

    You are so right Renee! My oldest daughter and I said the very same thing. I wonder how we could make that happen!

    Janet, thanks ♥

    Haha! yeah Natalie! it's true, exactly what i was thinking! aren't we lucky? YES! and Happy Birthday again to your sweet baby girl...sigh...

    Dear Cheerful, thank you for telling me, it gives me great pleasure to know that!

    Hello Anil, thank you for saying that, yes I agree, it is indeed a universal language. I'll be over for a visit soon.

    thanks everyone, love to all ♥ lori

  23. you have to be love to know love.... I have no doubt that you are all love Lori :-)

    best wishes Ribbon x

  24. Romance is just so lovely and to read three lots of it, well that's just great.
    The one about your daughter is magical, what a young man!
    Well as I think about they are all great, and sybolise the whole meeting, wedding, life together.

  25. beautiful and how wonderful to know romance is NOT dead even in the young.... Africa soon hey? xxx

  26. Very beautiful way to be asked to Prom :D

  27. Bonnie Lori, am I too late?? Just wanted to hug you! Such a happy post! Will write you a mail soon!

  28. Aww Bless.
    There certainly is an abundance of love in your life Lori!

    May it always be so.

  29. You wake the snoozing optimist in me.
    Thank you Lori for existing and for posting and for your emails full of solidarity and hope. And thnks for the love you share and diffuse, it IS all around and only needs triggering. You are an elf, sprading love powder everywhere, worldwide.
    Ciao, wonderful woman. Ti voglio bene

  30. Lori, I always love coming here because I get a smile on my face! It´s amazing what happened to your girl and what a beautiful moment of wedding, the view of the ocean...
    And congratulations for your Mom and dad!!!

    Have a beautiful weekend!

  31. Ribbon, your words mean so much to me, thank you for being a friend.

    Dear Mandy, yes, like Love Actually heh?

    Val, see next post!!!

    Sammi, I agree, it didn't happen to me that way, or anyone else I know!

    Gaily~Geli, not ever too late, I am hugging you back and look forward to your mail.

    Meagan, and I wish the same for you too dear. Much love.

    Lola, I care for you too. Do you have any idea how happy your words make me? And can we ever have too much love? so we'll keep spreading...you do it too dear.

    Dear Mina, oh thank you so much, I'll pass that on to my parents.

    thank you for the really lovely comments. ♥ lori


xoxo lori