Saturday, October 10, 2009

fairy tales and full moons

a white swan appeared one day in our salt marsh

my husband told me he saw her

i wanted to see her too

since the marsh is minutes from our home

we can come here when we need to, for nature, for bliss


i really love it here

this marsh supports hundreds of birds

some live here year round, like these mallards

but some migrate, like this one, the white swan


she watched us and we were entranced by her

she stayed but a moment, the memory a lifetime

as she drifted away we saw movement in the pickleweed

a fox!
as the magic hour faded a full moon came out to accompany us home.

wishing you a storybook weekend too



  1. Sigh. How beautiful, Lori. Yesterday two swans flew over our place, with heavily flapping wings and making a whooshing sound. Swans are unique, no way of confusing them with other birds. Wonderful white creatures.
    And this morning four ducks appeared at our kitchen door, Mrs. duck and three guys. They ate all our left over blackbread, so sweet. The missus is the one who asks, she is the less timid, and the best catcher, too. I love to have wild animals come to our place and feel welcomed.
    Oh, and the swans (as a substitute for the storchs who are already on their way to Africa) brought a little baby daughter to our neighbors!
    Is this a letter or what? Just a quick thank you for your bd wishes, and I`ll write a real mail soon! Love, Geli

  2. Hi Lori

    thank you for a serene and beautiful marsh wander...with the extra reward of the swan...

    Happy days

  3. Wonderul pictures and a magical story to start the weekend. Then I read Geli's comment and I was transported to her garden hearing the swans overhead. And helping feed Mrs Duck and co.
    Isn't it a thought that these birds, like the sun and the moon connect us to each other when we are thousands of miles apart.

  4. Lori that was storybook beautiful!

    We have black swans here and though they are beautiful there's something very special about the white ones.

    I'm having a wonderful storybook weekend :)
    be well
    love Ribbon x

  5. Thank you Lori, what a gorgeous feeling to start the day with!

  6. simply beautiful - have a great weekend yourself :)

  7. Wow!!

    Thank you so much for sharing these BEAUTIFUL photographs. Talk about bliss!

    The swan!

    All I can say, besides WOW, is: thank you!!

  8. Thank you for the bedtime story, I was so excited to see the white swan.

    love Renee xoxo

  9. Lovely, so lovely. I hope that fox can't swim, however. And I hope she finds a mate - they mate for life, I've heard. Such a lovely place for a new home.

  10. A beautiful story told by a beautiful person. And the pics just illustrate it perfectly. I loved the swan. Aren't they so regal?

  11. These are absolutely perfect photos. Is there anything more beautiful than a clear day in Autumn?

  12. Oh Geli I would love to see a pair flying overhead. I was so inspired by this bird I want to try to paint it. We were told there were two but the mate must have left and the next day when we returned, this one was gone as well. I love the stories about your ducks.
    you are so welcome, we're blessed to have so much beauty where we live, you too.
    That is such a beautiful thought Mandy, we really are all under one sky. Have a lovely, healing sunday.
    Black swans!?! oh wow. Can you take some photos? i would love to see them. I knew you'd have a storybook life, I just knew it.
    your so sweet, your welcome! and thank you for your f.s. tip, they're always so informative.
    Thank you Bhavana,
    you too!
    That's really kind, i'm glad I got a few photos, the next day when we returned, she was gone.
    Renee the swan told me to tell you hello ♥
    I wish you were right Nancy, she's already gone! We found out there were two, one had already left we thought because the next day she was gone too. I hope caught up to her mate. But it was a true thrill to see her there in our marsh even once.
    Thank you Chaitra for your kindest of kind words. I do think swans are regal, and elegant and so graceful. I'm happy we got to see this one.

  13. Hi Jeri! welcome back, yes, you are right, that is just about the most perfect thing there is. I love this time of year. I hope all is well with you.

  14. Lucky you. Living so near to this beautiful places. Love the serene pictures.
    I usually keep the bread crusts which the children refused to eat. My twins call it 'the duck bread'. When we got time we go and feed the swans at the harbourside.

  15. Ohhh! :)
    That is exactly the kinda post I love to read when it's Sunday morning, we all hang out on the sofa, the fireplace is in use and I can hear the raindrops falling down from the roof onto the patio...
    Thank you for taking me on this wonderful walk to "your" salt mars!
    Your pictures are really lovely (especially the 4th) and the Swan is simply beautiful.

    Here's some "Swan (Native American) Medicine" for you and your husband...

    The Swan is one of the most powerful
    and ancient of totems.

    As you begin to realize your own true beauty,
    you unfold the ability to bridge new realms and new powers.
    Swan can show you how to access the inner beauty
    within yourself and in others.

    A Swan totem heralds a time of altered states of awareness
    and the development of intuitive abilities.
    Swan people have the ability to see the future,
    and to accept the healing and transformation
    that is beginning in their lives.
    Accept your ability and go with the flow.
    Stop denying you know who is calling when the phone rings.
    Pay attention to your hunches and inner knowledge,
    and Swan medicine will work through you.

    The Swan's call teaches the mysteries of song and poetry,
    for these touch the child and the beauty within.

    xxxhugs! :))

  16. It is quite magical, Lori, and your words and pictures add to that magical to make it even more special. There are salt marshes up in Norfolk where we are going...I wonder if they'll be anything like as beautiful as yours? I will go and explore them and send you pictures. Another salt marsh, another world.

  17. Lori I have an Award/Challenge for you over at my blog that I hope you are able to accept and enjoy :)
    The challenge is simple and fun.

    thinking of you
    with love
    Ribbon :)

    PS... intend to take photos of Beautiful Black Swans this week :)

  18. me again Lori...
    this link will take you to a pic of a black swan that i posted some time ago.

    Inspired by you we're off to the lake today to visit with the Swans

    x Ribbon :)

  19. 3yearshousewife,
    My children used to be the same way, that's a good idea to save the crumbs for bird food!
    Oh thank you! i'd forgotten about those cards you have. I love this, animal totems are fasinating, I didn't know that the swan was one of the most powerful. I feel even more blessed after reading everything you wrote about her.
    Thank you again! xoxoxo
    Geli, wouldn't it be nice to have some of these cards?!
    Tulsa, thank you!
    Tessa, I think you'll have a good time exploring your new marshes. There's always something new to be seen. we are so lucky to have what's left of ours. Long ago most of California's coast was marsh land. when will you start moving?
    i saw! and i wrote you an email. You are probably there right now. Thank you for that. Black swans, oh my.
    The challenge? i'll do it since you asked. Have a wonderful day by the lake!

  20. Beautiful photos Lori.
    I'm feeling much better now, thanks for the good thoughts.

    Swans make themselves apparent to me during transitional phases. I quite often use animals as symbols.

    Many blessings Lori, on you and yours. From me and mine.

  21. What a beautiful story. Congrats on your award.

    Please stop by my blog sometime...

    much love

  22. That was a beautiful storybook, Lori....

  23. always magical. always... lots love lori xxx j

  24. Lovely! You know how to capture beauty and the many ways it expresses itself. Just lovely.

  25. You know those children´s books that is really enchanting because of the words and the pictures? Oh, let me say, this post was so touching in this way, it made me smile and feel the peace in my mind and soul like a child´s spirit. Thank you for such a beautiful gift for this weekend, Lori!

  26. Those were beautiful pictures!!!!! Have you ever thought about taking those pictures and having the animals tells stories with them? You are a terrific photographer and live in such a wonderland!
    I'm jealous, and I thought VA was gorgeous, I think you have us beat!

  27. Love how you tell a story Lori.
    Very dreamy...

  28. Meagan,
    I'm really glad, you know I worry about you (that Mom thing ;) keep looking up.♥
    thank you for coming by and for the kind words, i'll be over soon!
    Thank you beautiful ♥ Braja
    Janelle, coming from one of the most brilliant bloggers out there I am touched. really.♥
    Rosaria, thank you, I'm so glad you apreciated it, it's always my pleasure.
    Mina you are so sweet, I wish the same for you dear.
    eight helping hands,
    thank you so much for the kind words! do you mean a children's book? I think maybe someday ☺

  29. Hi Lori Lynn,
    Thank you dear. I love yours too. Now that i'm starting to feel better I'll have to be brave and try some of your recipes.

  30. I read this the other day and couldn't post for some reason.

    The pics are lovely and there is something special about water - whether it's sea, a lake, a dam, a waterhole and even the rain.


  31. It's true Janet, it draws us all, wildlife, birds and people. It's the lifeforce. Wish I could get a photo of the foxes.

  32. That is lovely and my favourite is the top picture of salt marsh - I adore it from "you know where" too. What a beautiful place to visit and breathe in gentle reality. Breathtaking.


xoxo lori