Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Of nature

"Reading about nature

is fine,

but if a person

walks in the woods

and listens carefully,

he can learn more

than what is in books,

for they speak

with the voice of God."

George Washington Carver

I hear you God

♥ lori

These photos are for you Mom, Happy Birthday tomorrow,
I love you very much.


  1. jeewiz lori your blog just gets ever more beautiful! those photos are bedazzling; and i love that quote so much. thank you xx

  2. That was last night Val, can nature get any more inspiring?? such an epic sunset and tidepools.xx

  3. Wow Wow Wow!!!

    Soooo beautiful!
    & a very happy bthdy to your Mum :)

    best wishes Lori xoxo

    ps... my little man is home with a sore throat so together we are sorting swan photos :)
    i share/borrow my camera and it has been away, but back now so I can download :)

  4. The pictures, the mood, the import - all dazzling.

    A very happy birthday to your Mum.

  5. I hear you God, too! Beautiful, Lori, with and without a comma! I want to write you an 18 pages letter now (got yours!!!), but must go out with Paco first. We only came home late last night.
    Hug your Mum from me! Love from Geli

  6. I hear God too! Those piccies were spectacular. :D Thanks for sharing such an example of Mother Nature's spendour. Love to you.xx♥

  7. What a great b'day present! And what beautiful sunsets! Great post.

    ♥ Chaitra

  8. What a spectacular gift - to you- to us and to your mom. Nature really does have everything we need, doesn't she? Thanks for the peaceful interlude Lori. I'm only a little jealous.

  9. I've just 'platzed and died"!!!
    those photos are stunning
    thank you

  10. Happy birthday to a dear Mom and can you thank her for raising such a wonderful daughter.

    Love Renee xoxo

  11. What lovely postcards for Mom's birthday. Divine!

  12. Beautiful. And so incredibly true. There is so much we learn just by listening to the world and being present with nature.

    I love it :)

  13. So beautiful, Lori. That little "necklace" in the bottom picture could be a birthday gift for your mother. :-)

  14. What gorgeous sunset and the reflective water just makes it even better. I'm with you on the nature theme, all the way!! x

  15. And I expect that your mum just thinks you're one of the two best daughters she's got!
    A beautiful post, but it made me sad for my own mum. But's ok she lives in my heart.

  16. Josephine was over the other day and we hung up a witch and a skeleton and some bats and she was thrilled which made me thrilled.

    Love the grandchildren.

    Have a good weekend grandma.


  17. I really shouldn't be on line right now, but your photos are so beautiful and I just had to tell you.

    I love the George Washington Carver quote. My husband's grandfather worked with Dr. Carver at Tuskegee. And my boy's grandfather sat on Dr. Carvers lap as a little boy while he worked. Where did you find the quote? I haven't seen it before.

    Happy Birthday Lori's Mom!

  18. Thank you everyone for all the lovely words, I am so happy you all enjoyed this spectacular sunset evening with me! And thank you for the birthday wishes for my Mum, she had a wonderful day wine tasting! (thanks to my sister). I had to work :(

    Geri, the quote can be found here :
    Thanks for sharing that fantastic bit of your familys history.

  19. where is my comment? sometimes i don't keep pace with blogger's rhythm and i what i think is there isn't.

    so this is where you live. oh. lori. it is just beautiful. here we are on opposite ends of the country, each with our own ocean, each so aware and grateful for beauty like this. (not to imply of course that our hearts don't turn and tumble sometimes).

    happy birthday to your mom. i hope she had a wonderful day.

    love love

  20. Not only do you hear God, you actually and actively LISTEN. And that's why you're so damn good.

    You are.

    Thanks for the beautiful images. Wow.

  21. As usual, the photos are stunning....and lovely words to match ....

  22. ...and the blessings we miss if we walk with our head down, focusing on our feet, instead of looking for the stars.

    Happy Birthday to your Mom. What a priceless treasure you have given her Lori.

  23. Hi Lorie ann

    this is a wonderful quote that I will add to my collection. Your photos exemplified the mood really well and passed it on to us...thanks
    Happy days

  24. Don't even ask me why but I feel frustrated and ready to hit the roof.

    Love Renee xoxo


xoxo lori