Sunday, March 7, 2010

a good week

owen finally finished his puppy shots and we could start introducing him to the wonders of the world. chuck and i both knew the first place we'd take him would be the ocean. i think i was more excited than him, he was cautious. looking at it through little puppy eyes i saw big birds, big waves (well, when your only inches tall :) everythings potentially frightening. he ran and hid between my legs more than once. but i think he had fun. oh owen.

i recently bought some wool made from local alpacas, you can read about it here if you like. i knit it into these two hats. the pattern can be found at the purl bee here. this wool was incredibly lovely to work with, it's beyond soft.

there was a tiny bit left so i made this teddy bear for the mother bear project. if you'd like to know more about this non-profit group go here , these are simple to make, using only the knit stitch.

he's so soft and warm!

here is the beginning of my international garden!

two lovely blogging friends, janet from south africa and natalie from australia, sent me seeds. they germinated and this week i see little sprouts coming up through the potting soil!

see these australian daisies? so exciting. i have an image of an international garden, seeds representing friends from around the world! maybe we can figure out some kind of seed exchange? we could all have global gardens!

i don't have a photo of the most important thing that happened this week, the last of my children got her drivers licence. there were a few reasons why she didn't get it until age 19. one of them is she likes riding her bike. even though a car is handy for some things, all of us (the kids, chuck and i) walk, ride bikes and take public transportation as well as drive.
she also received an acceptance letter from the college she applied to. here we go again. :)
it was a good week ♥

i hope you have a wonderful week ahead (we've got a small trip planned!), and i'm really sorry for being a bad blogging friend, i'll be by to visit you all soon!

♥ lori


  1. Germinating already!!!
    That's fantastic
    Enjoy your little flowers from Africa
    (and Oz)

    Owen is sooooo cute


  2. Mine should arrive this week! Here we had NEW SNOW, so no thought of planting and seeding yet (though I bought some plant potatoes but must wait till late April). Congrats to Hannah`s driving licence! Yes, you need it, even if it`s good to walk and cycle. And a new college, great! And sweet funny little toy Owen. Doesn`t he look like a toy dog? That bear is also so cute! Maybe I`ll try to knit one of those, for Caroline. We had our baptism yesterday!! I`ll write a new blog post tomorrow, and an extra letter to you! Love, Geli

  3. Lovely post of a great week. Enjoy your trip! xx

  4. What a lovely idea to have a garden from friends across the globe.

  5. I would like to reach out and squeeze Owen. He's so adorable.

    Love the hats and the bear. I've purchased a few from the Mother Bear Project and they are terrific. It's wonderful that you are involved with that cause.

    Glad you had a good week..... here's to another one!!


  6. Between sneezes and coughing I just had to come visit! Little Owen is just the cutest - Winslow would love to race along the ocean with him...

    And the hats and little teddy bear are so cute! And look so soft!!

    Your youngest is all growing up ... how special! I didn't get my drivers license until I was 19 either - in Germany I didn't really need it. I had my bike and public transportation. But once I moved to Texas, it was a must!

    Love your international garden!! Love, Silke

  7. Owen is so adorable. Our dogs have never been to the ocean - hmmm... maybe time to plan an off season trip when dogs are allowed here on the beach.

    Love the two hats, but the teddy bear is so, so cute. Looks difficult to make, but you say its easy, so maybe I will give it a try.

  8. Just ordered the bear pattern - thanks for the inspiration. Will let you know how my bear turns out :)


  9. You're the best blogging friend anyone would ever dream of, silly.

    I will send you Italian seeds. FLowers but also herbs, OK?

    Oh Lori, oh Owen...

    The alpaca beanies look wonderful, I'm usre they are ├╝bersoft.
    Will look into the mother bear effort, the project sounds great.

    Have a wonderful relaxing time away on your trip and give my congratulations to your daughter for her driving success.


  10. Janet,
    I am so excited! since i don't really have too much space for planting, they'll have to remain in pots, but thats okay, they seem happy! now i just have to keep them from Owen!
    I bought potatoes too! Mine have to be grown in containers though, but they are small and will do well. Sorry about your seeminly endless snow. Spring is on the way!
    Would you like me to mail you the pattern? It really is so basic and simple. You CAN do it!
    thank you! i hope we get to go, it's dependant on a phone call, more on that later!
    Coco, thank you! I'm making special markers to designate the countries & friends.
    Manon, he would squeeze you back, he is SO friendly and loves people!
    GET WELL!! there are a lot of people around here with colds and flus too. I'm wishing you the speediest of recoverys!
    Owen would love Winslow I'm sure!
    we have some beaches where dogs are not allowed either, and some where they are only allowed at certain times. They do seem to love it there, the freedom! Owen is very uncertain yet :)
    The bear is so simple you'll laugh. Maybe your girls will be inspired to make one too. Have fun and yes, please let me know how you do.
    thanks ♥
    I know you get SO busy too and understand. I forget everyone does, we are all busy! Did i tell you I made the bean soup? SO delicious! I LOVE soup best.

  11. What a lovely idea, the international garder! How cute Owen is, and keeping you busy and excited.

  12. Hi,love the pics of your puppy! We rescued a small poodle several years ago named Brinkley. Except for the cataracts, deafness and terrible breath he was delightful! We had him for 3 years and loved him dearly. It was inspiring to see your international seedlings - I am still looking at about 12 inches of snow in my yard, and am buying potted tulips from our local grocery store to help me feel like spring. Take care!

  13. looks like Owen is starting to develop a love of the beach! i wish we had a beach that i could take shila and taz too although i don't think i could handle the sandy wet paws in my car! :)

  14. I love every single bit of this post!
    SMOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOCH to you all, and congrats to Hannah.

    I am loving the little bear and the little dog and the beanies. :)
    Most of all, I am glad that my Daisy friends have a loving home to live at. *) *) *)

  15. These hats and the teddy are truly beautiful!
    Also, your photos are so lovely!
    Your blog has a warm glow that is very appealing!

  16. Hi Lori

    I can see that the large outdoors must have seemed intimidating at times to teensy Owen. How big will he grow to?

    I am surprised that customs allowed the seeds through. My sister in Israel sent me a card with pressed flowers on the front...Customs seized it but kindly photo copied it and sent me that, with a request for a hefty fee for fumigation should I so desperately want the original...

    Happy gardening days

  17. Oh, how lovely these flowers garden!I hope you post the picture of them when it grows completely!
    Owen is so cute, Welcome to the beautiful world Owen!!!

    Congratulations to your daughter , I wish her all the best !!!

    Have a safe trip, Lori and family, see you around...

  18. Lovely post Lori. The Mother Bear project is great, I made a bear a couple of years ago, and seeing your wee cutie has inspired me to want to knit another one.
    Well done Hannah, on your driving licence...wheels to drive away, but also to come home again!

  19. Rosaria, I need to figure out a way to keep Owen out of my international garden. He is a rascal that one.
    Hi Farm Girl,
    thank you for coming by and leaving such a kind comment! I hope your snow melts soon!
    that is one thing i do love about a small dog, less to clean. I bet your dogs would love the beach here, so much room to run and play!
    aw thanks Natsy!
    ♥ right back to you. Yes our daisys look very happy indeed, you should see them now! i'll have to take more pics. thanks again sweetie.
    thank you, that is so kind of you to say. I do wish you could feel how soft the hats and bear are, so lovely!
    He is about full grown, maybe a teensy bit bigger. He is a maltepoo, and he was the small one of the bunch.
    Seeds are for sale in so many airports around the world, i think there must be some that are allowed. That was nice they made you a copy before confiscating your card. I take photos of things i can't bring through customs too. It's a great way to preserve a memory.
    thank you dear! I will take photos, i hope i can keep my garden safe from owen, he likes to garden too (he eats everything). I'll tell Hannah!
    The mother bear project is a wonderful organization, they will love your beautiful contribution. How is your blanket coming?

  20. Loriiiii!!

    Thats awesome about your daughter.

    Aww Owen is so cute by the beach, I think my dog was much the same the first time he went to the beach.

    That teddy bear is awesomely cuuute, too.

  21. Owen is so darling! And Lori Ann, I love your hats. I used to spin and vegetable dye wool and I love things like this.

    Sending love,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  22. Hi Lori... not sure how I missed this post.
    Love the concept of an international garden. I love gardens and all the pleasure they bring.
    The current weather isn't being very kind to our gardens here in the west at the moment. Too hot and dry.

    Is Owen going to be a big dog? He sure is little and very cute right now.

    Have a safe trip and fun too.

    I've just read the news of Renee. I'm happy for her that she can now be without pain.

    xoxoxo Ribbon

  23. Hi Lori, yes please send me the bear pattern! And also the revised roll recipe? I hope my seeds will soon arrive, too. I`m busy singing spring songs. Maybe that helps.

  24. Just stopping by to say hello and that I'm thinking of you especially today!! Much love, Silke

  25. O I love that teddy! And the flowers are making me long for spring even more!
    We still have snow and it's below freezing...
    Your little owen seems a funny little guy, he'll see so many wonderful places with you. Lucky Owen. :)

  26. Great post, Lori. I just love Owen. And your international garden is such a terrific idea. Have fun on your trip!

  27. Sammi, thanks! how's your knitting coming??
    Sharon, thats wonderful you used to spin, it seems like a great skill to know.
    Ribbon, owen is not going to get much bigger than he is now. i'm glad for that though, he's just right for us :)
    Geli, mail is on the way, i'm singing spring songs for you too!
    ♥ hugs!
    hbfg, i hope your spring comes soon! owen is a sweetheart to us!
    thank you, we are looking forward to it!

  28. WOOOOHOOOOOO! Two HUGE congratulations to your daughter! That's fantastic news!

    Oh my goodness, I didn't think Owen could get any cuter. But to see him so tiny on that big beach...... swoooooooon!

    And thanks for the link to that teddy bear brigade. I'd love to do that sometime.

    Your global garden is very exciting. I look forward to watching them grow. Lots of fabulousness over in your neck of the woods!

  29. Wow, is that lil pu 16 weeks old already? I know they grow up kittens are already almost 7 weeks old.

    Yay for the growth of your kids and the seeds, too!

  30. What a very soulful idea, to have seeds from blogging friends' parts of the world. I'm going to ask for some from mine...


xoxo lori