Monday, July 5, 2010


nine pounds

of mischief

...caught red handed

i really wonder...

♥ lori
p.s. the doctor wants to see me on wednesday to discuss what he found in the xray, hopefully it's just a formality and nothing after all. crossing fingers (just not the pinky one). it's another work week for me but for those of you on holiday and heading out this way, it's super foggy at the beach so you might want to wear warm clothes over your bathing suit. and there have been shark warnings, great whites are in the area, we have been advised to enter the water at your own risk (which is why i haven't been swimming, that's good advice i think). more on this later...
have a great week everyone!


  1. THANK YOU lori for posting pictures of your little panty thief owen!!! it would be too hard to discipline this little dude because i would be laughing so much -- he is simply adorable. even stealing panties.

    keeping my fingers crossed that your finger gets a good 'thumb's up' (haha) from your doc!

    and so glad to hear you don't test the waters as it were with the shark warnings --- the thought of great whites in the ocean gives me the willies!

  2. Yes, I hope all is well with your pinky. I assume so... And Owen - just priceless. We used to have a siamese cat, who would come from our bedroom, bringing us bras and underwear, miauing loudly! We had to tell our guest to keep their suitcases closed... Mischa - she was wonderful!! Love, Silke

  3. Sending you best wishes for a good report at the Doctors....

    Who could possibly be angry at such an ADORABLE "Panty Thief'...
    (I have a "Panty - Thief" Story....but he was not so cute - and worked at the Hilton in Santa Fe.... will share it one day..)

    I am glad you have decided NOT to swim the Ocean now.....those Great Whites are not to be reckoned with....and let's face it - they WERE there first....

    Stay warm, stay safe...(bloody foggy here too....)

    Love you, Lori!

    ♥ Your N. Cal. Friend, Robin ♥

  4. Oh my, Lori, this made me laugh, Owen is beyond cute. What a darling. Nice shade of panties too :-). Stay safe and out of the water, I LOVE those Great White's though, amazing creatures.
    Good luck at the doc's

  5. Docs will be fine. i feel it in my waters!

    I think we should start up an Owen fan club, what a character he is!

    Stay safe Lori and thank you for all the beautiful posts you do.

  6. Oh my, so cute! Fingers crossed for you and the Dr appt. Sharks, eeek! They scare me!

  7. The series of photos look like Owen rushed up to you, ripped your panties off you and then ran away.... But.. naah! Surely not!

    A delightful little dog. Wonderful pics.

    All the best for the x-ray thingy.

  8. Owen is adorable! Thief or not.
    My prayers for you as you discovery what is up with the xray. And so glad you are staying out of the water!

  9. I've never had a panty theft, only lots of sock thieves. haha

  10. Hope your doctor's visits provides you with some answers and that all goes smoothly.

    And that little Owen! He is definitely very mischievous but he's the best type because he looks so darn cute while running around with your underwear!

  11. Great capture!
    That's too funny and I wonder why he does that? I've lived with a lots of dogs and never a knicker thief only sock thieves, jumper thieves and anything of the floor thieves.
    My current dog Harry... when he first came to live with me he used to steal fruit... mostly apples, straight from the fruit bowl. I'd forgotten about that until now.

    I sincerely hope your little finger gets well soon as I can imagine it's pain :(

    It's holiday time for us, but not swimming time and I hope your sharks move on before the really warm swimming weather for you.

    love to you and thanks for sharing Owen's character with us xxx r

  12. ps... oops sorry for my spelling and poor gramar, but i'm sure you get the gist of it :)

    i'm not long out of bed and it is holidays

    love xx

  13. too too too too funny, lori.

    HAHAHA robyn, i think i can tell you why owen does that!! but maybe if you use your imagination you might get a whiff of what i think owen's nefarious mischief is all about.

    aha ha ha ha ha,

    these photos are so darn cute they made me laugh outloud for real. and your comment about what did you think of before owen? i know exactly what you mean!!!

    i missed you today. isn't that silly?


  14. lori, if my previous comment does not appear here, i am sulking, because my response to robyn was kind of witty and made me laugh at myself, even.

    i'll wait until i have the clear head of a good night's sleep and see where that comment is or isn't.

    meanwhile, mwah and tsup!


    ps. surely you know i said owen is too too too too too adorable :)

  15. I'm crossing fingers,toes,eyes for you..and cant stop smiling because Owen is just tooooooo cuuuuttttteee!!!Big Hugs-Cat

  16. Oh my goodness. What a cutie pie! HAHAHAHA! HE IS SOOOOO CUUUUUTE!

    Lori, hope your finger is fully healed. The little finger is not so little after all. We all need two of them.

  17. Hahaha!!!!
    That Owen is such an adorable thief!

    Hope the x rays shows nothing bad.
    Don't swim dear!

    Take care, sending good thoughts your way!


  18. dear blogger,
    please stop eating my friends comments. they are showing up in my mail box but not here.
    thank you.

  19. blogger, please stop eating my friends comments.

    amanda, haaha, you know what we are facing. owen knows it too i suspect! thank you for the dr. wishes.


    owen usually just gets into our stuff, but we haven't had a guest with a suitcase yet! haha.


    oh dear to your panty thief. i am imagining...yes, the ocean is the sharks home, i can't forget!
    i am getting tired of the wet, drizzly fog. ugh. we need to think sunshine! love you too.


    thank you. owen has good taste, haha. i love the sharks too, i just want to appreciate them from land.


    so sweet, thank you. owen would love a fan club, he loves everyone!

    sharks are feared but they are so amazing. attacks are very rare.


    hi! i see what you mean! he is a rascal, but a really loveable one.
    thank you for the good wishes, my fingers really are crossed.

    thank you sweetie, i really appreciate that!


    i have to admit he's pretty smart, he knows what he likes!


    owen cracks us up all day long. we can't stop saying "oh owen". thank you for the dr. wishes. fingers are crossed.


    bed, need to explain. the hardest thing with my finger is not being able to knit. the brace on it gets in the way. thanks so much for the good wishes. owen is a funny little dog. he surely knows what he likes.
    enjoy your days my friend.

  20. Hahaha, dogs are hilarious. Mine never did the panty thing, but Molly Do did. She got a swift kick up the bottom, LOL.

    Yikes, sharks sound scary. All I want to do is go to the beach. Luckily no sharks.

  21. Is he making a nest of them as our hamster used to do (from chewed-off curtains)? Today I read in the paper of a man who got caught with 150 lady slips, all stolen from a washing line in a tenants` house. (He was a 51 year-old guy)There must really be something in these cute little panties, huh? In such colors, too!
    Oh, I am for everything that makes life happy. Sweet mischievous little white dogs, especially! the veri word says "ingladdl". Right!
    Beware of sharks and may your finger grow straight again! My left middle finger must have been broken once (during my horseback riding times), and now it looks a bit crooked, but is still usable. Have a happy unfoggy summer Lori!

  22. What great action shots!! That little stinker, he sure does have a fetish ;P

    I'd give the Great Whites a wide berth...just sayin'! You know you'd have to worry about more than your pinky, which btw I hope is on it's mending way ;)


  23. I just love hearing all about Owen and his panty-snatching ways. He looks adorable. A nine pound dynamo!

    Great whites are a very good reason to stay out of the water. Nice to send a warning, Lori.

  24. we have a sock thief. She leaps and bounds like a wild pony when she gets one, and we have to trot after her calling 'cookie, cookie' til she decides to let us have it.
    very undignified for all concerned!
    good luck tomorrow

  25. Hello dear friend,

    I've been out of the loop for awhile and just pored over your recent posts.

    I was laughing like crazy at Owen and then stopped in my tracks when you mentioned your doctor.

    I'm thinking of you,


    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  26. I LOVE Owen!!!!!!

    Everything is crossed for your Drs visit, sweetie. If he says something you don't like, we will just throw him to the white pointers. :)


  27. Such gorgeous pics of Owen. So funny. And so much energy!
    As for the doc, hope everything goes well Lori. Take care, Cinta.

  28. To whom it may concern:

    don't be letting any toothy sharks anywhere near my friend lori

    and please heal that pinky

    and give precious Owen a lifetime membership in paws for panties


  29. The funny thing about puppies is that they are the most adorable when doing something evil :) I guess thats something puppies and toddlers have in common!

  30. Oh Owen! As usual.. He is such a cute little thing!

    Loved your last post about all the treasures, and the embracing carrots, too!

    Keep away from those sharks :)

  31. Thumbs crossed in good luck for your pinkie.

    My little dog is a bit of sock and pants fiend too, but I think he has either jealousy or anger issues, he only seems to take my hubbies and gives them a good growling shake ;)

  32. I was away for a week - hope everything was ok at the doctor's

  33. Owen is adorable!!! What a great post for me to see as a first one! I'll be back!!! Glad I found you...and thinking good thoughts for you about the doctor's visit.

  34. Owen is soooo cheeky! I hope all is well with the dr visit. I'll be waiting with bated breath to hear the good news. xx Aden

  35. Owen is funny - what a cheeky look he has. From cute Owen to Scary Great Whites...keep on not swimming for now. Hope your doc visit is oK

  36. PANTY RAAAAIIIIDDD!!! BAHAHAHAHAHA! Oh my goodness, what an adorable ball of FLUFF!

    Ah, dear Lori. I do hope the doctor visit was okay. It always worries me when they call you in to discuss a matter.

    And thank you for your sweet visits. May the sun kiss you and keep you happy this summer.


  37. What a cutie thief, this little Owen! I couldn´t stop laughing when I saw the pictures!
    I wish it´s everything okay at the Doctors.

    Have a sweet weekend, dear Lori!

  38. Hahaha, that is just great! My Jack russel still does it all the time, even with my bras! Guess we both need to go shopping :p What would we do without them indeed... x


    that's the lady who does the art blocks- however she's low on blocks at the moment I suspect due to moving.

    Its Wednesday here- hope your Wednesday is beautiful.

    'rhaphims'.....yay what a word!

  40. My cats (Cornish Rex are very doglike) also steal my panties, dishcloths, hand towels...endearing but all my stuff has snags in it, lol


xoxo lori