Sunday, February 20, 2011

coast ♥ coast

we have had a few storms pass through our area, these last couple days. everything that was predicted, severe lighting, thunder, tornado (really!) didn't happen. but look what we woke up to this morning...

snow! see the mountains through our frosted window!?

and frost outside too

right in our own backyard! we went outside for a closer look and saw curious neighbors doing the same thing. while i was out there (freezing) i remembered something else that has made a recent appearance.

these freesias come up each year with no assistance from me, i think that's incredibly thoughtful on their part. i would have liked to stay outside and see what else was glittering in the newly fallen snowrain, but i have got to start packing. i'm going on a trip. to nyc. tonight!

first i laid out what i thought would be warm enough for my trip. but after feeling the snowcold on our mountains and reports of more (possible) snow i started adding layers...

and even more layers, i have two long sleeve teeshirts, a down vest, a down jacket and on top this furry coat. plus, a cashmere cowl and an alpaca scarf.

oh, and two pairs of socks, worn at the same time, that should do it right? (i bought these smart wool socks with leaves on them! cute and warm). dressing for the cold and the city is a complicated matter. all i really have are camping clothes.

i made another cowl, in a beautiful colorway called little lovely, by malabrigo.
it is just 80 stitches cast on, knit for about twelve inch's, maybe a bit longer, and hopefully it will distract (while adding some happy color) from my camping -outdoor -opposite of city- clothes.

i'm packing every warm thing i could find

lovely knitted softness and warmth

every knitted piece i haven't given away

this will have to shut down for the time being, although i probably ought to take a skein with me so i don't get behind, i've got more exciting news regarding these little things.

i am so SO excited. i can't wait to see my youngest and i know she feels the same. we planned it all out on the phone this morning, what we'll do, laughing about the fact that it'll most likely all change. but i do want to go spend this gift card, another christmas present from my nyc girl.

i hope you have a lovely week ahead, and i hope i'll be popping in here and there to say hi from the other coast!

♥ lori


  1. beautiful photos again! Your very own frosty landscape!

    One wish, well, two wishes I have for you...a safe flight and a New England snowfall! We're all fed up with snow, but we want some fresh fallen snow to cover those ugly blackened snowbanks so you can feel the magic of the season ;)

    I'll bet you have a million orders for your wonderful Green Sleeves!!
    Can't wait to hear all about it, but for now, safe travels and happy times await you!! And you'll only be three hours from me. That makes me smile ;)

    Good job on the layers!


  2. woah on the snow! that's a nice little preparation chill for your trip to nyc. i love your travel outfit. it looks like something i would wear! your knit lovelies are so soft and pretty. i like seeing packing pictures... smart wool socks are the best aren't they? i haven't worn mine in 2 years but i'm sure they'll be in top condition still when i pull them out of storage next fall/winter. have a safe trip and enjoy your time together with hannah.

  3. Have fun in my "Second Home"! I think you will get a little more snow in NY! My ex tells me the Hudson resembles the Volga!

    As for your wardrobe - the last shots are the best to wear.....remember a "warm Winter" day on the East Coast is 35! As for a "cold day''....well, you have heard and seen emough photos from KJ, Lo,Suki and Mim! Layer, layer, layer - as it can be freezing on the streets - but "toasty" in the shops!

    HAVE FUN! ( I KNOW you will!)


    ♥ Robin ♥

  4. Just run from shop to shop, Lori! :) We are getting some snow this week, I think on Tues. I wonder if you guys will get it in NYC at the same time? You are only 3 hours away from me, too! Have a wonderful time. I know you will. :)) xox! Pam

  5. Have a wonderful wonderful time in the cold with your daughter and at my favorite store.

    Very odd the snow near you no?

  6. Hello! Just found you through the lovely Julie Whitmore. Your packing looks're covered for sure! Have you been to the new Purl? You'll love it and all the surrounding shops in SOHO.Love the freesias...don't think we can grow them here. You'll have fun in the city in the snow. It takes a while for them to shovel and plow but it's very pretty. Bring some good boots! :)----< PS...Love the mug sleeves on Julies cups!

  7. PPSS Love the Deep Magazine cover....:)----<

  8. hahahaha! that is the thinnest clothing model i have ever seen! every time i look at it i start laughing--just adorable! i wonder if you will be as cold as you are preparing for. maybe yes. but that down jacket and a scarf, hat, gloves may be enough. forget the two pairs of socks, lori, that will give you blisters and one pair of smart socks should do it. you have warm boots, right? (here i go sounding like your mother again, hee hee)

    my favorite of these photos is the rooftop. very beautiful. what a riot that you got snow on the day you're ready to find snow.

    wave to me. thinking of you. it's gonna be great.


  9. Wow it looks beautiful! Have an awesome trip

  10. Lori - what a fantastic vista you have just outside your window no less! As for your packing, I think you are covered! I can just imagine how excited you must be to see your baby. Thinking of you and sending you wishes for safe, warm travel!

  11. You finally got your snow! Yay! And a happy trip planned to NYC Yay! Have a most wonderful and warm time! xoxo

  12. I enjoyed your photos, Lori.

    Owen sure is a cute fellow.

  13. That was lovely!
    Speaking of lovely, enjoy your lovely Hannah

  14. The mountains look beautiul. And you wardrobe, sensible, feminine and smart. Congratulations on all your good business news too.

  15. Ohhhh... how exciting Lori! NYC and spending time with your daughter! How lovely for you both... Have a great time and I llok forward to seeing lots of photos of NYC in winter woolies.
    Oh, and I love freesias - it's a sure sign spring is just around the corner. Beautiful.

  16. New York, New York, one I might get there. . . .

  17. welcome to my side of the world. we did get some snow last night here in Maryland - but the sun is out now. Hope you made it in ok. I can't wait to hear about your trip.

  18. Lori this entry made me laugh! "first i laid out what i thought would be warm enough for my trip. but after feeling the snowcold on our mountains and reports of more (possible) snow i started adding layers.." pure comedy. Thank you so much for the message. I'll thankyou over at littleseedits properly though. xxxx

    Ahhhhuuum word verification word is... wait... wait for it....



  19. A beautiful view!

    Oh, and Happy Presidents Pets Day -the day after Presidents Day, as I like to call it. In the US, we love our presidents..... pets. See my blog if you’re in the mood for a good ol' irreverent howl.

  20. I bet Hannah will want to keep all your pretty and warm layers! But of course you need space for all the goodies you bought in NY! Oh man, how I wish I could be there with you. Hi, Hannah! Hugs to you, take good care of your mom!

  21. Been thinking of you here on the East coast and hope you are enjoying winter and the beauty snow! Have a wonderful time in NYC with your daughter and stay warm....loved seeing the great combinations you created for your travel outfits!
    Wow, it sure has been cold this week... as I'm writing from Maine at nearly 7 am. it is minus 8 degrees! Looking at the weather for NYC it looks like a balmy 24 degrees! The sunshine should help warm things up!
    Looking forward to reading all about your trip!

  22. Yippee dear Lori,

    You and your girl and all those warm and wonderful clothes. Love the cowls.

    Thinking of you two having fun.

    Can't believe the snow!! I guess it is supposed to get really cold again this weekend. I think my apricots, pluots, peaches, etc. WILL NOT have fruit this year. Darn it.

    Sending warm love across the miles,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  23. Ah all those lovely woolies. Divine colours! Have fun! xxx

  24. I just read that it might snow in SF this weekend!!! I really hope it gets warmer next week when I arrive - I'm ready for the warmth!
    Purl has a 40% off sale right now, lucky you!!! :-)
    Have a great trip to NY!!

  25. Oh, what an exciting time you and Hannah will have.
    Cosy and warm too !!


xoxo lori