Friday, February 11, 2011

waiting and other things

in my last post i compared myself to a duck and an ostrich. and i am sorry, that is really not fair to those lovely creatures as i am not really like either of them. they have far more nerves and grace than i.

(but i did it)

do you remember that i had an opportunity to take some of my hand made knitted green sleeves into a shop in santa barbara? i'm not sure if it was the incredibly helpful comments you all left (on my last post) or that i don't like to waste anything, most especially an opportunity,

(still waiting though)

i gathered up my confidence along with all your words and tucked them safely in my pocket, and went downtown.

(is no news good news in this instance?)

i brought a dozen

in a knitted, felted bowl

with new 'green sleeves' tags made by this company

i made some new ones that feel like spring (etsy shop update coming soon!)

my husband came with me. but i did all the talking.
the shop owner was very kind, and he seemed to like my bowl of sleeves.

he told me that he needed to discuss this with his partner. and so i gave him a sleeve, and a couple photos and my business card.

and then we bought a couple smoothies and left

when we got outside, chuck said he thought it went really well, and he was proud of me.

and you know, hearing him say that, i knew i would be fine no matter which way this thing goes. i'd conquered a big (lifelong) fear of putting myself out there. and i learned that it's not as scary as i'd thought it would be. it wouldn't be something i'd want do often, but while i'm in this brave state of mind there is one more thing i think i'll do...

we are leaving tonight after work for california's carrizo plain, for a weekend of camping, photography and (hopefully) wildlife watching, but most of all for the beauty and solitude of the place. to get an idea of where we'll be see here and here (two of my favorite posts!)
and while there i thought i'd take some of my wildflower photo cards (i stayed up late last night making three dozen) to the visitors center...
cross fingers for me.

thanks so much. and have a wonderful weekend everyone.

♥ lori


  1. Omg....I love your green sleeves in the felted bowl!! I would jump all over them. I can relate when you say that you have a fear of putting yourself out there. That was always a huge fear of mine also but the older I get the easier it!!
    Enjoy your weekend, Lori!!

  2. Lori you are the best!!!

    I'm really excited that you are off to the wild as I know I have something to look forward to..... your photos... xoxo

    well done on the green sleeves x

    ps.. hope you got my email
    safe travels x

  3. ps... i love moo cards and yours look great.

    i also hope that you will have more cards for sale ... i loved them to x

  4. Lori, I am so proud of you! I know they will take them, how can they not? I love the green felted bowl too! Glad you are going to keep up the good work. Have a wonderful trip!!! xoxo

  5. Hi Lori~ I have been a little MIA lately as I am dealing with a personal loss.
    Trying to get a little caught up with blog reads.
    Hooray for you going into the shop! That is marvelous! Im am proud of you too! And I still have a couple of the cards I bought from your Etsy shop. I love them so!
    You made me smile... which I have needed. I love coming to Blog world and getting so many smiles from you all.
    peace to you friend~

  6. Lori - congrats to you! That was hard for you to do. I'm basically shy, too, and it takes everything I can muster up for me to market my work. I am patting you on the back from MD! Those cards are beautiful! The sleeves and the bowl are beautiful! Happy weekend to you - xox Pam

  7. I love the green felt bowl with your colorful green sleeves! You're on a roll - just let your creativity soar!

  8. GO GIRL!!!!

    I'm proud of you. As the saying goes: You can't cross a chasm in two steps. . . .

    Enjoy the trip xx

  9. Way to go Lori! I knew you could do it!

  10. Lori, the presentation of the sleeves in the bowl with the new Moo tags, WOW!!! he should snatch them up.
    And good for you going to the visitor's center next with those beautiful cards! I think it will all work out because you're doing what you love♥

    have a wonderful weekend. Wish I was going with you!


  11. What a smashing display.
    The beginning of an empire!

  12. WOWEEEEEE! Oh LORI! You certainly went above and beyond! You packaged everything just right and put it in a GORGEOUS green bowl with a plant, no less! That is absolutely brilliant and beautiful presentation. I would definitely be attracted to a display like that. The shop would be nuts not to take your Green Sleeves. It brightens up their place, is perfect for the neighborhood, classes up the joint, and gives their store a statement about being eco-friendly. All pluses for them in exchange for one little square foot of counterspace. Hooray for you! Oh, I am SO proud of you! And I bet your photos would do splendidly in the visitors center. Even though people go to those very same places, not everyone can capture the beauty of nature in photographs as you can. I hope you are having a marvelous time this weekend!

    ps. The ostrich and the duck should be most flattered. xoxo

  13. yes, yes, yes lori dear - strike while the confidence iron is hot!!

    i'm so glad you hiked back up there and presented your lovely bowl of greensleeves to the shopkeeper - how can he not say yes?!!

    but i especially liked what you said about being fine no matter what happens because the biggest reward is that you faced your fears and conquered them ---

    i'm a firm believer that whenever we take a step towards the universe, the universe takes two steps towards us. we just never know the timing or manner in which it will --- that's where the faith comes in. keep on putting your creations out there, lori --- and prepare to be surprised on how doors open.


    p.s. hope to see you soon ;-)

  14. Wonderful, Lori! You are an inspiration!!! And what a fantastic idea to put them in a felted bowl - WOW!!!! No matter what the outcome, that was a great success in an of itself!

    Lori, I just got the instructions for the joey pouches from Annie. What yarn are you using? Wool, cotton, a blend? Can't wait to get started!!

    Love, Silke

    P.S. Enjoy your travels...

  15. good for you lori! those are so cute and i love your presentation. i would totally buy one. they're adorable. i hope you're having a wonderful weekend so far.
    p.s. i think my upper back was sore not from knitting but from sewing. i'll post soon about my valentine's projects. ; )

  16. Well honey, you have NOTHING to fear. You have more talent in your pinky finger than most could ever hope for. You're too humble!!, but maybe that is why we love you??

    I think the presentation was GREAT. That felted bowl and those tags...tres fabu.

    Cards? Yes, lovely.

    Carrizo Plains? One of our all time favorite places on the planet. Let me know what is going on out there and DID YOU SEE THE SANDHILL CRANES?? We say Mountain Bluebirds. Is there anything more blue?? Fabulous.

    Love to you,

    Sharon Lovejoy Writes from Sunflower House and a Little Green Island

  17. YAY!! good for you, I am so glad that you did it and they look soooo gorgeous!! Chuck is such a lovely man giving you so much support x

  18. Wow that looks great!
    And Those cards as well.
    Don't be shy. You have something wonderful to offer to the world don't keep it to yourself!
    Love that bowl and those cards. Looks stunning!

    Enjoy your Sunday!

  19. fingers are of course crossed for you lori x

  20. sorry I haven't been around much lately. I think of you often and I wish you a lot of success.


  21. the BEST packaging and presentation on the planet.

    And maybe two friends
    Might drive 'round to send
    Greensleves around
    Some sweet little towns
    ‘cuse me you there
    We come bearing wares
    Look! My friend makes these with care
    And her prices are fair!
    How many? That’s fine
    She’ll package up 9.
    Ready for more?
    Your patrons adore?
    Of course!
    They look GREAT in your store!

    one foot in front of another, maybe even with a happy friend along for the ride :)

  22. Your green sleeves are absolutely beautiful! I love them tucked into the felted bowl.

  23. Damn, Lori, I adore you. You know what? No. I'm not giving you my address. ;p Because I'm going to send something special to yours, to celebrate how awesome you are, how proud we all are of you, and how graceful and, uh, nerve-y you are.

    So THERE.

    You can either email it to me at cliftontracy(at)gmail(dot)com or I can find the package you sent me for my Green Sleeves and look up the return address. Your choice, darling... ;)

  24. ♥Happy Valentine's Day♥

  25. I'm so late in catching up with your posts, I just left an encouraging comment on the previous post, and here you are, already back from Santa Barbara!!

    Here they are, the beautiful greensleeves! I love the bowl and the tags, so elegant!

    Have a wonderful time on the road (or on the Plain, actually) and good luck with the photocards too!!

    Lola xx

  26. What a beautiful display for your sleeves, they are all so pretty and I am so proud of you, you are brave. I am a shy person so I can understand what you ´ve been through...
    Hoping you had a wonderful time taking photos and waiting to see some of them here in your corner!!

  27. Well, I am catching up visiting and reading your posts backwards...I love the sleeves and bowl that looks like green moss and Oh, I love MOO, too...they made the cards I hand out at BlogPaws and just keep handy in my glove compartment...they also seem like a great company and their cards are excellent quality.


xoxo lori