Tuesday, March 29, 2011

a visit

a friend came to visit this weekend
one i hadn't yet met.

kj is a friend to many, who know her
here in blogland.

if you've met
a blogging friend in person,
then you know how familiar your 'new' friend  
feels from the very start.

from the moment we first hugged hello
we chatted, giggled and 'laughed our heads off'
from morning till night.

here are a few photos from our adventures,
dear kj is incomparably kind and generous, delightfully silly and mischievous
(oh wait, that may have been emily!) charming and all around lovely.
chuck and i both enjoyed her here and felt honored
by her company.











kj and lg were here!





 we had fun times ten!
there were visits to stearns wharf in santa barbara, the zoo, the mission.  summerland beach cafe, cafe luna, the corktree cellars. we went to the seal rookery and  beautiful nursery's and garden's, we ate hotdogs at the hotdog cart and rode the kiddie train at the zoo. we dined on enchilada's and lobster macaroni and cheese (not together!). we spent a blissful hour at summerland's sacred spaces (where the gift of this shawl came from). we went to the beach, the marsh, and up the foothills (for the views). and we talked, laughed and talked some more. it was a good good time. isn't blogging wonderful we kept saying?

xo lori


  1. what a fabulous visit!
    fantastic to blogging pals

  2. fantastic to MEET blogging pals

  3. janet next time we'll do (or i'll do) a better job. i love that you came to the airport, although my mobile failed inside! :)

  4. Awww big smiles from me to the two of you. I'm so glad Kj remembered to pack her camera for her visit and that you got her capturing some feathered ones or was it a giraffe - something way up high anyways :)

    Love the cameras at ten paces focus off

    initials left in sand

    & that has to be chicest looking Buddha ever *!*

  5. Glowing with envy, here! You really seem happy together, and no wonder. How much did you pack into those few days! All looks just fabulous, including the two of you. Yes, happy blogging encounters!

  6. California, your pictures, and you guys are just fabulous!

  7. comment 1 of 10:

    WHAT? WHAT? we hadn't met in person before???? can that possibly be? are you sure?


    (the best part now is SEEING & HEARING the laughter all at once)

  8. Ooooooh.


    I've been waiting for the photos! Everything looks wonderful, especially the two of you. I love that last photo! And is that Emily holding two fingers behind your head in one photo? :)

    I love the raven shot, of course! And I want to go to that store with all the Bhuddas. I loved the tray with the big ginko leaf and cup of tea, and that pagoda bench in all its glorious colors! I could sit there for hours. And that beautiful scarf on Bhudda, so bedecked in silk ;)

    And I loved my phonecall. Thank you! I felt special.

    I'm so glad this short visit was chock-full of wonderful fun!!
    My heart is happy for you both.

    I have shed my cranky pants!


  9. Blogger has eaten my comments twice - so will TYPE FAST AND SAY wonderful shots!!!


    ♥ Robin

  10. Lucky ducks! I have meet Kj, so I know what you say is true, but I did not get to spend days with her, so I envy you and her because I would love to meet you too. It looks like you all had a wonderful time!xoxo

  11. what a fun meetup! i love that you both rode the train at the sb zoo. funny! and your message in the zen sand tray is a fun memory too. i have been to the seal rookery many times and sat on that bench where you two sat. it made me think that maybe you and i have actually already met in person. i wonder if the seals will still be there when we get back next month? we took ezra there and used to lay pennies on the track on our way in and then find the pennies on our way out.

  12. Oh what fun! Now prepare yourself, Lori, for a deluge of your blogging friends wanting to come for a visit! Me included!! :)

  13. looks like you guys had heaps of fun AND took some gorgeous photos! so great that you met up and had some time :)

  14. Lori- how fun! I love seeing these photos. I have spent many happy hours in many of those places, and it warms my heart to see you both cavorting so. :)) xox Pam

  15. How fun! What a wonderful time you both had!

  16. I just saw KJ's and your pictures!
    Without the words it shows you have had a real good time!!!!!!
    Tomorrow I come back and read the words and comment some more!
    So happy for both of you. I know how special this is!


  17. It's so lovley seeing your big pictures Lori and also to see all the beauty that you guys shared.

    Great fun x

  18. Now how did you manage to immortalize that hot dog, ms sneaky? Was I distracted with the man in pigtails?


  19. Lori posted some pics of Crystal Castle today x

  20. Looks like you gals had a blast. Love the shots of the dueling cameras. How cool to meet a fellow blogger buddy. I would love to meet you some day. Something tells me we would have lots to chat about. Lyn

  21. after the laughter, watching you and your camera was one of my very favorite parts...

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  23. did you see me?
    was i there too?

    emily v.v.rabbit

  24. Ah fantastic! Isn't it amazing! Like modern day pen pals! xxx

  25. How lovely, thank you for sharing this....happy way to start the day.

  26. Bloggy friends are the best kind of friends! I traveled to Germany in September to go to 'blog camp' with 4 other women I had never met before. 3 Americans living in various places in Europe, and a Canadian living in Denmark as well as a German who looked after us. It was fabulous!

  27. Once again I enjoyed both your and KJ's pictures!
    And read the words.
    Once again wow!
    What a lovely area!Those seals. can you pet them?
    I admired all the pics and I can feel you both had a magical time!!!!


  28. I always so wide it almost hurts when I visit your blog, Lori. I'm so glad you and dear KJ got to meet and hang out and realize that you've known each other all along. Isn't that the best?!

    My love to both of you!

  29. Great, great weekend! Love the smiles and fun. And oooh, that photo of the succulents is gorgeous!

  30. lori, did you notice that we are smiling in every photo? did we have THAT good a time?


    WAAAAAH! i still miss you!

  31. Oh, what fun you must have had! I saw some of the photos on KJ's website and just loved that the two of you were able to meet and have such a great time together!! Love, Silke

    P.S. I LOVE that photo of the succulents and the buddhas...


xoxo lori