Saturday, October 12, 2013

for a cure

dearest friends,
i recently wrote about something that has affected our family,
a disease, with no cure. my grandson travis has Type 1 Diabetes.
i never imagined the response we received when i wrote about travis's fight, so many
who have T1D, their fight. the wishes, prayers, donations, every single one, i carried with me
today at the Walk for the Cure. 

 travis and his grammy, me!

 so many came for the walk, here is the youngest member of our group

 travis's homies

we wore tshirts, carried signs, wore beads...these were handed out, each color significant:
parent : gold  
grandparent : red
sibling : orange
(there was also purple for spouse, green for relative, silver for friend, and blue for living with t1d)

 (again, only cell phone photos) but can you see the writing on my shirt?

 your names, see? you walked with me. if you didn't give me your name you were added 
as a friend and as anonymous (as requested)

travis's mom, my girl

walkers of all ages

sadie bella, she's wearing her orange sibling beads

after the walk, time to eat, and play!

these walkers made their tshirts. the love and support today was as abundant as the sunshine.

 climbing with his three friends!

he had a good day xxxxxxxxxxxx

 we thank you from the bottom of our hearts

 hiding in the folds of the blouse i wore today, are the names of two little girls who donated
their savings, five dollars and five dollars and thirty one cents, towards finding a cure. my eyes fill with tears over this. maddy and abby, i'm sorry your names didn't show in the photo sweethearts, but they are there, on the blouse, on the top left, over my heart. 

one linen blouse gave up it's life for the cause, it was worth it, yes indeed.
thank you again so much dear friends.
xxxxxxxxxxxxx lori


  1. Wow, it looks like it was a wonderful day filled with lots of thoughtfulness and love. Just beautiful. And your shirt Lori is beautiful. So happy it went well and that Travis had a good day. Congratulations to all of you.

  2. What a wonderful day, I hope that a lot of money was raised, and of course, awareness. I love your idea with the shirt - wonderful. xxx

  3. So nice to be there with you all! Great lovely idea your signed top!
    Happy you had a lovely day!
    Love, xxxx Ale

  4. dear you
    i was there
    in my mind
    and burned a candle
    for you all


  5. I am glad you had a wonderful day with all the supporters for your grandson!

  6. Thank you for sharing, Lori! It really makes me very happy to see so many friends wanting to do something good together. There is hope for mankind! (sometimes you despair).

    You do have a lovely family!

  7. awesome day Lori and i hope my tiny contribution goes towards finding a cure. love to your family.

  8. I thought of you yesterday Lori and am so happy to hear it was such a good day.

  9. oh lori my heart and prayers to travis and his family. i have been off line and now just read all your post that i have missed. i have several friends that have children that are type 1 diabetics...they do very well! glad you and your family had a wonderful walk, hugs to travis and all his family.

  10. Oh I love your shirt. I would have loved to join the walk with you. I am so glad you got so much support here.

  11. what a glorious day!!!!!! And thank you for taking us with you on the walk....count me in for next year, too!!!! Let's make this an annual event!

  12. sweet, sweet, my friend.
    that boy is a gorgeous one.
    I am just about to donate to the cause on the site.

  13. you look FANTASTIC!!!

    that you wore the names of contributors and well wishers is so much who you are. every chance i will think and hope for a cure and think and hope that travis will have everything in life important to him.

    love love

  14. Dear Lori, I'm not sure how I've missed so much is flying by. And then I saw this tonight and have to say, it was meant to be because I'm having one of those really low nights hating this disease and how it affects my family. This doesn't happen much anymore, but when it does, it sort of blindsides me. And then I saw all of you walking (and oh! I'd like to do that walk, too, so sunshiney and ocean fun...yes, one day I'll walk alongside you). And my heart is tender but I know all those people walking understand. You understand, my friend. So thank you for walking...thank you for being you. xoxoxo I'm so happy Travis had a good day...he looks so happy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    xo Jules
    P.S. How did I miss the linen top with all the names...I sure wish I had asked you to put my name on there...but it was all in spirit! xoxoxoxo

  15. Your family sure knows how to rally together. And I know Travis will get all the support he needs. The good news is that with education and awareness, he is able to monitor and control the disease. Best wishes to all, Tammy

  16. Un petit bonjour de France, Bravo à votre petit fils Travis , un vrai champion . Nous nous battons aussi avec la maladie de notre fils . Les enfants nous donnent souvent de belle leçon de vie. J'aime beaucoup votre blog.
    Amicalement Azilie


xoxo lori