Friday, June 13, 2014

owen goes to sea

bright and early, this fine day, owen and i went down to the sea...

to watch chuck work (fixing buoys for summertime)

 run run pant pant silly willy nilly pup

 wait. who do i see coming out of the ocean?

 oh! look!!

 yipee! it is my most favorite person in the world!!

 happy puppy dance

 hello hello lick lick kiss kiss kiss!


 my turn my turn

 okay! your turn!

 hee hee, owen changes his mind about the sea (he might have a bit of chicken in him he thinks)



 time to put things away, time to stay put little pup

now for a little breakfast and then get ready for the work day. wee owen will no doubt spend his time napping, hopefully reliving his ocean going adventures in salty sand filled dreams.
have a wonderful weekend dear friends! xxx lori


  1. You pup and Chuck pictures are wonderful! What a sweet story.
    Have a lovely weekend - we had our lazy day yesterday as it was so so hot! (well UK hot).
    Now I have packing to do for our adventure further up your coast xx

  2. Oh, Owen!! Sometimes I think I want something.......then change my mind (reallllly fast!!!), too!!! Hope those salty dreams are nightmares! Just another excuse to snuggle close to someone.

  3. How totally sweet! Thanks for sharing.

  4. So sweet Lori! Owen reminds me so much of our little Bud who just passed. We miss him so much! I've been looking for another Cockapoo/Maltese mix in our area but no luck yet. Is Owen a poodle mix too? If you know of any little Owens available in your area, please let me know. I'd go all the way to CA to pick him up! Really!
    Blessings & happy summer days to you,

  5. The love of our pets is so unconditional! I have this big ole smile on my face:-D

  6. Dearest Lori,

    That was priceless! The best comic strip ever with an adorable dog, a lovely man and a boat.

    Talented lady!


  7. Oh I LOVE this! I love the sea, I love Owen, I love the happiness, I do believe I love Chuck for being so wonderful with Owen :-)

  8. I want to go kayaking too. What a sweet pup!

  9. What a lovely photo shoot Lori and what a sweet little dog you have. Your post felt a bit like being there, witnessing it all :-)

    Happy week!

    Madelief x

  10. Oh love! What a cutie patootie!! Pooch and hubby actually!

  11. I believe that Owen and Frodo would be great friends :) I love little dogs and the joy they exude when running about :)

  12. Oh my gosh! What a precious way to star the day. You can just see the joy on Owen's face in every single moment ... well, except for the scary little kayak adventure. ha! Have a beautiful day. Tammy

  13. Lori, I think that Owen's adventurous day would make a wonderful children's book. The pace of your story telling is just perfect. Chuck's kind and generous granting of Owen's wish is heartwarming...and perhaps a little educational, too.


  14. I wouldn't have thought Owen would go out on the water at all, so he's a brave little guy!

    btw I read in an earlier post you are heading to Scotland???? Would love to know more!

  15. Put a smile on my face- dogs are so darn great. Owen is quite the seafaring pup- fun loving pictures.
    Have a great weekend.

  16. Owen is such a little sweetie Lori. Loved reading this post, it made me smile.
    My little Twinkie hid under my bed and pouted while I was gone, but since walking
    in the door last night he hasn't left my side.

  17. Oh they're both too cute! What dear ones!

  18. Awww yay, Owen posts! What age is he now? My dog, Tiger, doesn't like the water either. He walks around puddles and everything!

  19. Wonderful!Kisses to that darling Owen. xoxo


xoxo lori