Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Surf and The High Seas and Pirates

He left again.

He has to. It's his job. My husband the photojournalist. He's off to Northern California, The Lost Coast. The plan is to kayak the entire length while towing surfboards. The reason? to see if they can. Oh, and to get photos and make a story.

I wasn't invited this time...darn. I guess I'll just have to be satisfied with the pics. I can't imagine anything worse really. Here is what is said about the area:

"The rugged and remote Lost Coast offers the largest span of pristine beach and shoreline on the US West Coast, most of it preserved in the King Range Conservation Area and Sinkyone Wilderness State Park. The landscape there is so rugged that highway builders gave up. Of the four roads that reach this wild coast, two are one-lane dirt and all are twisting and steep. There is only one organized community the 100-mile stretch of wilderness, Shelter Cove. "

This isn't the bad part. The bad part is the fact that it's northern california, which isn't bad either, it's incredibly beautiful...BUT the water is cold. and rough. and there are currents.and wind. and rocks. and sharks.

So picture this: you are out in the ocean, paddling your boat and its choppy windy cold yuck. You would like to get out of this situation except when you look at the shore all you see are rocks. Big giant rock mountains that come right down to the water. Big vertical cliffs of ominous rock.

So you have no choice. You have to keep paddling. And paddling. and paddling. Until you can find a spot that will allow you to beach. But it must be a big enough spot for 4 men and their boats plus surfboards.

Once you are on the beach you are still not out of the dark. Because this is an extremely remote area, legend has it that there is certain "illegal" activity going on. Remember "The Beach", with Leonardo DiCaprio? Grumpyscragglydropoutsfromcivilization with rifles, protecting their crops of pakalolo. Sends shivers through my spine.

I remember reading about this in the news when d.h. first told me about his plan for this trip. 2 backpackers sleeping on a deserted beach were shot in coldblood, still in their sleeping bags. There are more stories. I would rather not know really.

And that's where he is. right now. i should be so used to this. all the adventures. and really i am. it's great 99% of the time.

But it's like i tell my kids when they started driving, it's not you i don't trust, it's the other people i worry about.

Please keep away from the pirates honey.

xx l


  1. wow that sounds so amazing and exciting, challenging and wildly beautiful! however cold water + windy waves + shark infested waters + canoe =hmmm looking forward to the arm chair reading :)
    am always relieved to hear there are still places like this in the world though;
    thanks for your visit to mine!

  2. just finished reading your whole blog and loved it! thank you

  3. Thanks for dropping by Lori, I've just really enjoyed reading your lovely blog on a Sunday morning in England, great pictures too!

  4. Sending waves of protective energy in your husband's direction! Yikes.

    The Northern California coast is incredibly wild. I lived in S.F. for fifteen years, got up at least to Mendecino county as often as possible. The air there is truly magical.

    I love your profile! Don't you think it's confusing to be anyone?? You're just brave enough, and clear enough, to admit it out loud. BRAVO!

  5. Thanks so much everyone! now i know why this is so much fun, it's all in the comments! i've been journaling most my life with pen and paper, but this has opened up a whole new world.Incredible!

    val- i'm with you, sometimes would rather read about the wildoutdoors but always glad its there.i LOVE your blog.
    x lori

    b.t.m.- thank you for reading, so glad you enjoyed. I loved reading about your family's holiday,so funny...and real.Wonderful blog.Love it.
    x lori

    reya, thanks so much on the protection, that's what i shoulda been doing instead of worrying! and thanks about the profile, i don't know, i always thought i was going through a "phase".uh uh.my daughter keeps telling me its because i'm gemini.
    x lori
    oh, Love your blog-such great photos.

  6. hey lori ann, i am just getting round to thanking you for visiting my blog via the black box... your husband sounds like a true adventurer, i wish him well with this current project. and you have five children, that is adventure in itself!

  7. I only just visited, and I`m probably too late for you to read this, but I want to tell you I love your blog and will come back! Hope your husband had fun and will be home soon!

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xoxo lori