Sunday, September 28, 2008

what i did not do this weekend

The Carpinteria Triathlon was Saturday.

I lOVE this event.

And i can't do it anymore.

I did some really dumb things to myself. Dumb and frustrating. Injuries that resulted in surgeries that lead to rehab. and serious outofshapeness. errrrrrgggggg.

First i stepped on a stingray. followed by surgery. then i fell and tore my knee on a trail run. then surgery. next it was my wrist, another tear and more surgery. This has really cut into the running, biking and swimming.

And up until today, i thought my motivation too.

Watching these athletes giving their all is incredibly inspiring. I made a vow today to try again.I found this pic of me to put up on the refrigerator. From when i got to do the Carpinteria Triathlon. Maybe it will help remind me to try again. Maybe a little harder this time.

God my feet look huge.

have a lovely happy week ahead...

xx lori


  1. good luck with that! stay focussed and you will get there. stepped on a stingray???

  2. I have lots of friends who love doing triathalons. Sounds grueling to me, but to each his own.

    Love the pic of you! It's beautiful.

    Your feet do not look big.

  3. good for you...I know just how you feel having just had to pull out of a half marathon - I feel depressingly old! Putting it on your fridge is an act of pure genius. Thanks for your lovely comments on my wobbly moment! I feel better now. Lx

  4. thanks val, focus is key, i think at the moment it is so spread out for me,not being too effective in any one area. will write about my stingray episode soon!

    reya, yes, not sure why i do it everytime i think about it, it makes no sense. and the middle of one i have this ridiculous grin and i know thats why. thanks so much about the pic, i love it because its a reminder of good health,physically and spiritually. feet? hmmm...

    f.m., you are right, although i think we both need to be a little kinder to our goals, and anyway, unless you get to run a 1/2 in hawaii, it's not so great!!

    xxx lori

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  6. You are amazing dear lori~~Triathlon~~~!!!
    I just begin jogging for half month and I can achieve 1.38km now with very slow speed. I did not do gym anymore before. I begin to jogging because I want to have a baby. I am 35 now and have no baby. Many others told me more gym could bring me healthy to have a baby! bless me! You have 5 children! I am so envy you !


xoxo lori