Wednesday, October 22, 2008


To the best Mom a girl could ever hope for,

happy, happy day.

xoxoxoxoxoxo lori ann


  1. Congratulations from a friend in Germany, Mom! You look fantastic, and you can be proud of your children and grand- (and greatgrand?-)children!! What more can you wish for? And I wish you an extra portion of all the love and happiness you want, good health and cheerfulness, dear friends to accompany you and the fulfillment of all your secret wishes! I lift my glass to you!

  2. Dear Geli, Thank you and my Mom says THANK YOU! She was so surprised by this! She doesnt really know how to use the computor, but my step-Dad brings it to her so she can see what I've written. When she saw the photos of herself and her love of almost 40 years and then my sister,brother and myself, she was SO happy. I wasn't sure about putting the photos this way, but after her response, I knew it was the right thing to do. Your wishes touched her very much. BIG (((Hug))) to you.
    xx lori

  3. Dear Lori and Mom,
    I was touched by this idea of you, Lori, and OF COURSE your Mom was, too! When we raise children (and you and I know what it means!) we want them to become good people, but we also hope that they love us back and appreciate what we have done for them. And such a public I LOVE YOU MOM is really a wonderful idea! Cheers to both of you, and also to the rest of your big family!

  4. Happy birthday Lori Ann's Mom!!
    your family is beautiful inside and out xx

  5. Dear Angela and Val, sending heartfelt Thanks! you would love my Mom. The next time we are together we will raise our glasses to you and your kind words! She does love a good Pinot Noir!

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xoxo lori