Thursday, October 23, 2008

Special Delivery

At work today one of our dealers called to tell me she had a package being delivered to our business instead of her home. She asked if I wouldn't mind signing for it and she would come collect it later.

Of course I said "No problem". Later that day the delivery truck pulled up. A uniformed guy came in carrying a big box which looked to me quite heavy. He said "Package, where do you want it?" I pointed to a spot on the floor . "Right there's fine thank you" I said. So he set the box down and then came over to me. He stood there looking at me.

It was a little awkward, he just stood there. Looking. I was thinking WHAT? aren't I supposed to sign for this? What are you looking at?

Finally he said "Sign here" and so I wrote my name. He looked at me one last time, then left.

Wow, I thought, that was weird. Wonder what he was thinking.
Then I looked a little closer at the box and the label. Can you see what it says? This Package contains Alcohol
and this,

Do not deliver to an intoxicated person

He was checking to see that I hadn't confused breakfast with Happy Hour. He was trying to determine that my red bleary eyes were a result of computer over use (it was 11:00 a.m.) and not a Pumpkintini in my smoothie. I may have had an extra glass last night...does that count? Seriously, how can they do this? I have never seen this before. I showed a few people and they hadn't either. What would he have done? Ummm... sorry ma`'ve had one too many, I'm gonna have to take your wine back now.


ha ha ha. Wooo.

xx lori


  1. haha - one wonders why the original recipient did not want to receive the parcel directly??
    and why would a wine distributor insist that the package be delivered to a non-drinker??
    maybe he was just mesmerised by your radiance?

  2. LOL! I was thinking, as I started reading this, and as Val said, that he must have been mesmerized by your beauty! I wonder what he would really have done if you'd been swaying and shlurrrrrrrrring....

  3. val, you are right! the whole thing just seemed so ridiculus, what in the world were they thinking? my friend explained they woulden't deliver to a, so at least that part makes sense!

    vanilla, thanks for the comment! and here's another thing i thought: good i WASN'T intoxicated ha! or my friend may have been denied her wine.Shooo,drunk at work. i guess it happens! hahaha!

    xx lori

  4. Again, Lori, w´hat a wonderful hilarious post! If Mr. Fish, our postman, would have given me such a long gaze I would have started wondering, too ( I know his wife just left him...) but this is a very funny end of story, too! Still haven`t got much time to read and write, but thinking of you!!

  5. thanks Angela, I wonder if I wouldve asked him what he was looking at, if he wouldve told me!

  6. ha ha... lori - that is VERY funny story :)
    Nice to discover your blog. Thank you for coming over and leaving good wishes to Atomik :)
    Greetings from Poland,

  7. one of the funniest things i've read in ages!! xx

  8. thanks karen. I was thinking how there is the saying "this is africa" or something to that effect.. this reminds me of "only in america" ha ha!

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xoxo lori