Monday, October 20, 2008

Never too old

It's October and that means only one thing when you have small children...

H A L L O W E E N.

It means finding or making the perfect costume, putting out the decorations, buying candy to pass out, changing our minds about the costumes, carving the pumpkin. But first, the trip to the pumpkin patch. The requests to go start in September when the signs begin to pop up around town. I hear "when do we get to go to the pumpkin patch?" "When it opens" I say "when does it open?" Soon, pretty soon. We repeat this everyday.

My daughter says " what is so exciting about the pumpkin patch? there's just pumpkins and dirt." I tell her to try to remember when she was little, yes there are just pumpkins and dirt but there is also something magical. I remember.

First Grade field trip to Pirate Jack's Pumpkin Patch.

Sadie Bella and her classmates. And her sunglasses.

Knobbly gourds and Indian Corn.

Pretty Pumpkins all in a row.

Finding the magic.

Sadie ran off with her class waving goodbye to her Mama and me. My daughter stood there just shaking her head. She was remembering after all. The excitement of searching for just the right pumpkin to carry home, the bales of hay to climb on and the friendly farmer to show you around and maybe even let you have a sit on his tractor. The resident kittens and scarecrows keeping away not the mice or crows... We will have to come back she says. Travis will want to come too you know.

Uh huh. Us too.

xx lori


  1. aw sounds like such fun - can i come too? the magic of childhood is a wonderful thing. enjoy it all xx

  2. Did you see the Great Pumpkin? Wasn`t it Linus from the Peanuts who firmly believed in the Great Pumpkin dropping presents?
    I always made Hallowe`en a theme for a teaching lesson with my pupils - how on All Hallow`s Eve the ghosts leave their graves and can only be kept out by putting a scary face lantern on top of our garden gate. They all LOVED it!

  3. Val, yes! please do. Children make everything more fun, there is never a dull moment around here. My head spins and my heart aches..with joy,sure.

    Geli,Of course! i forgot, It's the Great Pumpkin Charlie Brown! as a child I coulden't wait for the show, it always meant halloween was really here! I am going to tell that story to my babies, we live right next to a graveyard and its scares them so. We may have to put the lantern out year round though!

  4. Love the pics! Will you post pics of the kids in costume?

    Halloween is a huge thing in my neighborhood. Last year a friend and I dressed up as fortune tellers and read the palms of the trick or treaters. It was so fun. (Of course they all got GREAT fortunes!)

  5. Reya Thanks! would it be okay with you if we came trick or treating to your neighborhood instead this year?? I would love to meet the fortune tellers! I wish!
    That mustve been great playing the fortune teller, who knows? maybe your playful predictions will come true!

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xoxo lori