Monday, October 19, 2009

first date

we went on our first date in over 5 months on saturday!
i am finally beginning to feel a bit more like myself.
my husband was particularly pleased
since he's been patiently waiting
for me to get well.

we were full of ideas, should we go to the zoo,
dinner, a movie, the bookstore?

we ended up on the pier instead

after all our blustery rain a few days ago,
we are back to sun and 80 to 90 degree weather.
it makes you want to be near the water.

dinner turned into lunch since my husband is always hungry.
we ate at this little restaurant at the end of the pier, not the fancy one,we chose the one with stools that you pull up to a bar that face a window so everyone has a view. And you can order whole crab or a lobster tail to crack and eat and make a little mess. YUM.

while we ate we watched sailboats, paddle boats, kayaks, paddle boards, surfboards and fishermen all do their thing.

we noticed that most everyone here was a tourist, so many different languages. Santa Barbara is sometimes referred to as the American Riviera, a popular international destination i think.

driving off the wooden pier

we head downtown.

i think this photo is funny, you see sun and palm trees, shopping and sports cars, i guess it is typical Santa Barbara, but there is so much more.
State Street is a place you'd want to see, at least once, but for the most part it's not for us.

we decide on a movie.
i get to choose.
my husband smiles, "this better be good"
i pick a "lori movie"
that's what he calls it.

detouring through the bookstore, which is really not a detour at all, because we both immediately take off in opposite directions,
which is usually the case.
till one of us goes looking for the other.

i go look for him, where are you honey?
it's time for the movie!
there he is

there's my date.
he is so cute.
he surprised me and bought us each chocolate for the movie,
i bought popcorn too, i really must be feeling better!
we giggled and laughed. he liked it and i loved it. it was all about couples and relationships and a tropical island, silly and fun.

we agreed we'd had a great day but we would finish the rest of our date at home. the sun was setting and clouds were forming out over the ocean.
my favorite time of day.

as we pulled into our driveway we had already made plans for our
next date which will be more of a short trip date sort of.
for our anniversary that's coming up

i can't wait.

♥ lori


  1. So pleased to hear you are feeling better. What a lovely date - especially the sunset!

  2. Funny, I went on a date with my hubby Sat ... first one in about 6 months (and the one previous to that was about 6 months prior). Its nice to reconnect every once in a while.

    And Im crying here in the frigid Chicago temps as you brag about your weather. What am I doing in the midwest? I cant remember.

  3. Glad to know you health is improving. A date? Lovely. See how liberating it is to have every child out of the house?

  4. Oh Lori! What a wonderful description of your date. I felt like I had tagged along. I know we would get along great ... I too gravitate to the waterfront when I want peace and a break. It takes so little to make one happy -- browsing the bookstore, some good seafood, dinner you can eat with your hands, the smell of the salty sea, the breezes and watching the boats go in and out of the harbour. My favourite!)

    It sounds like this little outing was overdue and much deserved. I am so happy for you. I hope you feel like your old self ...

  5. So adorable -- I just found your blog (I'm a fellow Cali girl) and I love your writing style and your photographs.

    Both are simply gorgeous! I'm definitely a new follower :)

    Oh, and I'm a walking contradiction too...maybe it's a Southern California thing? ;)

  6. I think that's where we ate our fish and chips when we visited Santa Barbara last time, just before we headed out to walk along the beach and dip our toes in the water. Thanks for the pictures and reminder of happy memories!

  7. That's my kind of date :)

    Great news to read that you are on the up :) Yahoo!!

    Lori I'm still in the house :(
    waiting waiting for work to get started.... then we move ... then I'll be back :)

    Swans coming soon :)

    x Ribbon

  8. YAY you are feeling better and having perfect day dates with your hubby!
    I love it :)
    Thanks for sharing your day with us Lori :)

  9. Beautiful couple!!!!
    You had a lovely day and I could read through the lines how romantic it was and how perfect was the date!Well,no doubt that you are perfect for each other!

    Best wishes,


  10. Thats what i'm talkin' bout!Yay!
    Wow, it looks like a beautiful place......How about you mind us a stool next to the window, and I will rob a bank or something, and pop over for dinner.xx♥

  11. ah, lori. i liked thinking about you with this man. he is very beautiful and i am so glad you are so fit and fitting together. i am also glad you're feeling better.

    i can't believe your weather. i have a cord of wood waiting for me to stack outside and today my car windows were frozen. i don't like it!

    if i find myself in southern california, lori, i'm calling you for lunch!

    love love

  12. Thanks Joanne! We had a great day, it'd been a looog time. Tonites sunset was so pretty too. (picture's will follow soon)
    You have a good excuse, one perfectly tiny one! My kids are grown and now gone, but it was my not feeling well that kept us home. Getting better though. Great you guys are making the time for each other! It's so important.
    Sorry about the beautiful weather, stay tuned for earthquakes, mudslides and fires though, oh and tsunami warnings!
    You are right! I can tell it'll be great, just takes some getting used to.
    Dear Lyn,
    getting there! It honestly felt wonderful to get out, felt like part of the human race again.
    you are so right about it taking so little to have a good time, be happy. It really doesn't matter either when you just love the company of the one your with.
    Hi Phoenix,
    you are so sweet, thank you for saying such kind words! It's nice to meet a fellow confused person ☺
    Hey, you've been to the Wharf? how fun, I'm so glad it brought back good memories for you. You are a runner? I was before becoming ill. We'll see how i do getting back into it now.
    Okay Ribbon,
    you know I'm sending get well house wishes, it'll be good soon. I'm looking forward to your swans.
    I know, YAY! thanks for enjoying the day with us. I loved my day on your mountain with the swirly~whirly!
    Thanks Mina,
    heehe, yes, romantic. It's a lucky thing to enjoy most anything with another. I like my husband alot.
    Ha Natsy, no robbing banks necessary. Maybe we'll get to Tas before too long and we'll share lunch then!
    Okay kj, you'd better! the wood outside the door and the cold weather to go with it sounds romantic to me. I wouldn't mind that, I think!

  13. thanks for sharing your date. briefly made me miss dating at the moment. . . . but only briefly.

    I'm so happy to hear you getting perkier!

    Think I'll have something seafoody for dinner tonight and think of you guys and the pier


  14. I've been married so long that our "dates" consist of a trip to Costco for the free food samples. They're just as much fun as the ones we had in earlier years though.

  15. Haha Janet,
    your lucky I don't live near you, I LOVE to play matchmaker.
    enjoy your dinner!
    that's one of the most romantic things i've ever heard. Thank you for coming by.

  16. Aww, I'm so glad you're feeling better.

    Looks like you had a good time.

  17. This is a wonderful news. You are feeling much better. Enjoy your next date.

  18. Lovely! I'm so glad you're feeling so much better!

  19. Hi Lori, so good to hear you are feeling so much better, and you date sounds rather heavenly to me! Love your posts, as ever x

  20. your date was like a movie playing in my head; how lovely and am so so glad you are feeling better again!!! yay.... the new adventure begins x
    what was the Lori movie of choice??

  21. Dear Lori,

    Love the sharing of your sweetest date together, I also feel closer to you as the home town looks familiar now!

    Sigh for piers and lobster and crab. My mouth waters.

    I've heard of the movie, it's a bit vaughny for me but am glad you liked it. The pictures of the day changes across the water are beautiful as are you. Peace and love, xxx.

  22. Sammi, I'm on my way! so's been a long time...
    oh thank you, and indeed we will!
    Thank you Diana, have you moved yet? I hope it all goes smoothly for you.
    Hi Karen,
    boy it's been a long time, feeling like a butterfly emerging from a very constricting coocoon. Be on the lookout for a small package, sent a couple weeks
    Yes Val, I'm well on that road. Thank God. Still waiting for results of B test. Seems it's taking forever?? we had no idea what was playing and the least offensive movie was a silly one (well, can be offensive too, heh?) It was called Couples Retreat. Just silly and fun to hear everyone in the audience and ourselves laugh. Great! xxx
    Thank you dear Clarity,
    it was not a see again or even a recommend movie, but it was just what the Dr. ordered for very mindless silliness. The on location filming was the best part though. Dreamy.
    I'm glad you could see a bit of where we are. Love to you my friend.

  23. How happy am I to tag along on the date. It was fun.

    I love you Lori-Ann and it certainly is okay to have more than two of Tessa's prints.

    Love Renee xoxo

  24. It looked like the perfect date to me! I have yet to visit Santa Barbara! I've been all over the California coast - except Santa Barbara. I'll have to remedy that.

    Sooo glad you are feeling better, Lori.

  25. I love your every post my friend.... Sounds like an awesome date ;)...

    Heres to the warmth of love and to you,


  26. Thank you for saying so Renee. I'm thinking of something to give you. (not that i'd win, no, not thinking that)
    We'll have lunch Nancy! and thanks ♥
    it's always an honor to have you come by. I know you must be very busy. thank you always for the sweetest comment.

  27. Your date is definitely VERY cute - but then, so are you! Sounds like a perfect day.

    What movie did you go see?

    So glad you're feeling well enough to eat popcorn. Bravo!! What a relief.

  28. You are free know though dear one. Free from all of that.

    Now you have a wonderful man looking at a book at the bottom of some stairs.

    I love you so much Lori Ann.

    Love Renee xoxo

  29. What a lovely day, Lori. I think your date is charming...buying you choc and letting you select a Lori movie! Thanks for coming over to Oasis and leaving a comment. I'm glad we connected and so glad that you are feeling better! <3
    btw I need another tutorial...this one on how to post a photo with a are so clever to figure that out! You should update your profile to include "artist and photographer"...and manager of all things! :-)

  30. There is nothing like keeping the romance in a relationship. When you can go out and separate for even a few minutes, you always know the other person is cradled in your heart. Even if it's just across a bookstore. Ahhh Love....I miss it. I am so happy to hear that your health is improving and that you are making the most of it Lori.

    As for your comment earlier, I may just cook myself a Turkey dinner on the American Thanksgiving. Thanks for the tip.

  31. Reya,
    Couples Retreat, unrecommendable, but we had fun laughing anyway. The on location filming was the best part, Tahiti I think. and thanks!
    ♥ x 100 for you.
    Oh so funny Cynthia! when I wrote my profile, I was feeling silly and never thought anyone would really read it. Manager of all things has been my MOM description for so long! which photo,signature? I'm not sure, but thank you kindly for all your so sweet words.
    you are so romantic, you always have the best things to say, you really listen! I hope you find IT (love), sounds like someone will be very lucky to find you.
    And I think you definetly ought to have a belated Thanksgiving, it'll taste just as good!

  32. Hi Lori ann
    Remember what I told you about the upside of the empty nest syndrome...

    Happy days

  33. Yes Delwyn! I think I can see with a little time, our separation/homesickness will get eaiser and in the meantime, there's fun to be had!

  34. I`ve only been away for three days, and look at how MANY comments you get, each one from a friend! But your post was beautiful and to-smile, and I agree that your husband is a cutie and you are the perfect couple, and that the sea is the best. And lobster! That imaginary bench beside you at the window was almost breaking with all of us sitting on it, smiling and enjoying your lunch with you! I think I`d better write you a mail instead of going on here...


xoxo lori