Saturday, October 17, 2009

love in a click

I need to write about one thing that's not so beautiful.

It's something that could affect any of us.
For some of us it already has.

It's Breast Cancer.
October is National Breast Cancer month.
I'm hoping to help by reminding everyone to get checked, make your appointment please.

In 2003 my Mother was diagnosed with Breast Cancer.
In 2007, my sister.

My Mother underwent a double mastectomy,
My Sister lost a breast, and then her hair, but most of all,
her life as she'd always known it.

We as a family have learned a lot thoughout this. We learned about prevention, early detection and finding a cure. Well, helping the cause to find a cure. There is something we can all do, get checked and then help others with something as simple as a mouse click.

At the Breast Cancer Site you can learn more about clicking.

(then click everyday)

Did you know?
Friday October 16, 2009 is National Mammography Day

(i'm sorry I'm late, but it does include the entire month)
Location: Nationwide

The third Friday in October of each year is National Mammography Day, first proclaimed by President Clinton in 1993. On this day, or throughout the month, radiologists provide free or discounted screening mammograms, and women are encouraged to make a mammography appointment.

Make your appointment please.

Clicking on anyone of these buttons is the simplest way there is to fund free mammograms. You can sign up for a daily email that'll take you to the Breast Cancer Site and even before you've had your first sip of coffee or tea, you will have done a good thing. Helped another.

The Breast Cancer Site

Once Breast Cancer is diagosed, no matter what stage or degree, it never goes away. Even if treated. There is always the what if?

We need to find a cure.

I have one niece and two daughters, now a granddaughter. Maybe you do too? I am hoping for a cure.

There another thing we can do, donate.

I hesitate to tell you that I have an Etsy shop because I have pitifully little in there at the moment, but I intend to try to put more effort into it now that all my kids are gone! I've got ideas!

But what ever I can sell, the proceeds will go towards research.

If you like you can visit me at

My store is named after my sister Lindy, my inspiration. Lindy and my Mom, Sylvia, are Breast Cancer Survivors. This is one small way I can help raise money for Breast Cancer Research. together with the Mayo Clinic has created

The Breast Cancer Site Endowed Fund for Breast Cancer Research. Your gift helps fund this endowment. Contributions to the fund are matched by the Mayo Clinic up to $250,000, so your contribution is doubled at no extra cost to you. A portion of proceeds will go towards the
Gift That Gives More at

Please see if you can't do this one simple thing,

click every day.

For everyone of our Mother's, Grandmother's, Sister's,
Daughter's, Auntie's, Friends, ourselves...

come to think of it, that would be a beautiful thing.

♥ lori

The Breast Cancer Site


  1. What a beautiful, thoughtful post Lori. You and your family have definitely felt the wrath of breast cancer.

    When I see the sites to raise money so women can get free mammograms, it makes me all the more grateful to live in a country in which I don't even have to consider the cost before going to the doctor or requesting special tests. No expense was spared to help determine if my lump was cancerous or just a cyst. I have countless mammograms, saw two specialists, had two ultrasounds and a needle biopsy - all to make sure that I didn't have cancer, and to alay my fears. I just wish cost did not have to come into the picture for women all over the world who are trying to take preventive measures and detect their cancer early.

    Perfect awareness post Lori!

  2. Hi Lori! Here in Australia, we have foods and clothing items that are 'Pink'. Purchase of theses items, sends money straight to Breast Cancer Research. Do you have that over there? Lucky Pink happens to be be one of my favourite colours!
    Mammograms are free in Australia,as far as i am aware. I had one two weeks ago. We have a bus that goes around to the shopping centres, to offer free screening.

    Love to Mom and Lindy, and for all our pink survivors.xx♥

  3. Hello there! What an inspiration you are to all women. I have had two cancer scares ~ all OK. But my oldest nephew's wife is a month into chemo and will have radical mastectomy surgery early in 2010. She is a kindergarten teacher, has 14 year old twins and a devoted husband. Every dime I have donated to this worthy cause has been so worth it. Take care, Lori!

  4. Yes what Natalie mentions is true about our pink for sale items, but unfortunately some of the items they sell in the name of breast cancer aren't actually good for us to consume :(....... it's a funny world we live in at times.

    Wonderful that you have done this post Lori. I'll sort a button for my blogs.

    Big love to you and your family of survivors.

    On another note your Mum and sister look very alike :)
    You must look more like your Dad?

    There's always something lovely to learn from you Lori... I always enjoy my visits here.
    Thank you
    xoxox Ribbon :)

    PS... cancer raised it's ugly head in my life long ago, fortunately for me it was a fleeting visit (not breast)

  5. Thank you so much Lyn, I read about your scare, it really does turn your world upside down. I had a similar one 2 years ago.
    It saddens me too that so many women forgo this simple test because of costs. But thats true of healthcare in general here in the U.S.
    Yes we do Natsy, it's especially easy to do during the month of October, Breast Cancer Awareness month here. There are alot of ways to help the cause, clicking, donating, shopping,running in organized races or 3 day walks where participants raise funds to join in. Statistics are something like one in eight women will get Breast Cancer. We are all at risk. Thank you for the love to my Mom and Sis.♥
    P.s. I'm so glad you got yours!

    my prayers are with your nephews wife, I am so sorry. It makes my heart ache. Has she joined a support group? it saved my sister, that and the wonderful Doctor she found. Keep up the preventative care, love to you.
    Maybe that's why your as lovely as you are (and it's in the past), the cancer scare is definetly a wakeup call to live in a state of gratitude.

    Lindy and I have more fun now than we did in highschool(which was alot!)
    Maybe I do follow after my Father's side of the family, perhaps if I get brave and cut my hair we'll look more alike.

  6. good post Lori - and congrats to your mum and Lindy for being SURVIVORS xx will link you on my FB page xxx

  7. thanks for the appointment reminder!

    Interesting that Reebok is a huge supporter of breast cancer (many of their models of shoes have the ribbon on them - I have two pairs) and yet some of the chemicals used in the production of the shoes are known cancer-causers!

  8. So far in my family cancer has not occurred - is it in the genes? Is it our surroundings, the food, the painting of our houses, who knows? Did you know that also men can get breast cancer? I have lost good friends to cancer, but I know more (many more) who survived, and got stronger and more aware of life. Anybody who is facing this enemy, may you fight it successfully and become strong and happy again. You still have so much to give! We need you!
    Thanks for this, Lori. And hug Lindy from me!

  9. Powerful and thoughtful post, Lori. I lost a grandmother and an aunt to breast cancer - and am off for a mammo on Friday.
    There are so many promotions going on here at the moment to raise the awareness - and I guess all the efforts are the reason why so many women are now survivors rather than victims.

  10. Yes, Lori, I've already joined the cause on facebook and am trying to get more people to participate. So glad that your entire family wears the title 'survivor'. What a joy to know that you are tarting your itsy project to help fund research. As you know, I recently had a scare, which has made me understand how important this research is.

    You are an inspiration, Lori. Thank you for your visit to Oasis...and your ((kindness)). xx

  11. Beautiful image of you and your family and a great post. Thank you so much!

    I work with many clients who have had breast cancer. Awareness and self care are so vitally important. Thank you for this. Thank you.

  12. Thank you Lori, for the reminder. I lost an aunt 15 years ago to cancer that started in her breast, was removed, but came back in her brain. I miss her still.

  13. AS someone who has had a mastectomy I'm grateful to be alive. And now grateful to have had cancer as it has made me feel differently about life.

  14. Thanks Val, much appreciated.XXX
    Yes I know Janet, we humans are charmingly flawed.Often times to our own detriment. Make your appointment!XXX
    Geli,yes I do know that men are capable of developing breast cancer, that's why I wrote it could affect any of us.
    I'm sure you are right that it's found in all those things, science has shown it to be true. Your family is lucky (and with good strong genes!)and I hope it always stays that way for you dear Geli.
    I will hug Lindy!XXX
    Your welcome Michi, make your appointment!
    Nicky I am so sorry to hear that, it seems everyone has been affected. I'm glad you've made your appointment and your right about the surviors, someday that's all there will be when the cure is found.XXX
    Cynthia that's wonderful (facebook).I had a scare myself, two years ago. Now being in a high risk catagory is scary. Doing what I can though which is I guess all any of us can do. I'm so glad you didn't say tart! I was going to go take that part off!
    Thank you Reya, we are lucky that so much information is out there we only have to take note. Your clients are lucky too to be nurtured by you.
    Diana I'm so sorry, your memory of your Aunt sounds loving and close to you. Don't forget to make your appointment.
    Dear Mandy,
    I've not had cancer or a mastectomy, I can't even imagine even being so close to my Mother and Sister.I am sad that you had this happen to you. But that's exactly what I mean, and why I can't find much to complain about in my life. I am alive and life is beautiful.xoxo

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  16. Lori, thank you for this. I lost my mother when she was only 27 to this dreadful disease. I will visit your little Etsy site. What a wonderful idea to raise money for a very needy cause.

  17. Nancy, oh gosh. i am so sorry to hear that. This is such a hard thing to talk about. I have mixed feelings about October and breast cancer awareness. I want to hide my head but i know that won't help. Hugs and love.And thank you for sharing with me.

  18. I love everything in the shop especially those blue beads.

    Your family consists of very beautiful women I see.

    Thank you for the mention of breast cancer, I have to do a post too.

    Come over tomorrow I am having a giveaway.

    Love Renee xoxo

  19. Yes beautiful, I agree. I'll be over, and you are welcome, I know in many of our lives it's more than just a mention, it's our lives. I wish I could do more.

  20. Dear Lori,

    Thank you for sharing this very important reminder. Although one younger friend had a scare, I felt deterred by my nurse from getting a mammogram as she says I'm young. Despite that, we still check. I pray one day for a preventative.

    Love to you and your family on this sweet day, xxx.


xoxo lori