Sunday, July 18, 2010

just add blueberries

Our weekend=
Mother + daughter at a farm,
blueberry picking, secret sharing.
In the kitchen, baking.
At home, daughter + Mother visiting, holding hands,
= sweet.

This recipe could add some sweetness to your days too...

Healthy Blueberry Scones

1 3/4 cup whole wheat flour
1 cup rolled oats
1/4 cup sugar
1 tablespoon baking powder
1/2 cup skim milk
3 tablespoons applesause (you can use oil instead)
1 egg white
1 cup blueberries

Spray baking sheet with nonstick spray. In a large bowl, combine flour, oats, sugar and baking powder. In another bowl, stir together milk, applesause and egg white. Add liquid mixture and blueberries to dry mixture and stir until just moistened.

On a lightly floured surface, knead dough 10 times. Roll dough to 3/4 inch thickness. Cut dough into twelve pieces and transfer to baking sheet.

Bake in oven at 400 degrees for 15-18 minutes or until golden brown. Cool on wire rack and serve warm. Makes 12 servings.
♥ lori


  1. Awesome. Family together. That's the best.

  2. that is a lot of love and sweet things...
    beautiful photos Lori... a very beautiful family
    and i'm going to bring that recipe to life in my kitchen this weekend.

    thank you again for all that you share

    x robyn

  3. Sometimes the only thing to cheer me up is an entry by you miss lori. xxx

    secret word is 'untledo' which I choose to pronounce as 'Un'tuh leeedo'

  4. Bonnie Lori, how absolutely lovely and BEAUTIFUL, all of you and all the pictures! And the recipe, and your words. And the blueberries. Has your weather improved? I am thinking of you always.

  5. I was gonna make them until I realise the scones would end up plain because I would just eat the blueberries.

    Beautiful pictures Lori!

  6. So very wonderful, beautiful and touching!
    Oh, a friend picked blueberries on Sunday (yesterday) and surprised us when she dropped some off for us! Delicious!

  7. Beautiful daughter(s) and mother(s)!!

    The photographs stand alone~they're amazing. I do love the sepia one of the boots in the old truck. And the angle of the blueberry bucket and boots...great!

    Mother/daughter togetherness really touches me. I wish I could bring mine back just to have a tiny part of this experience.

    Thanks for sharing, Ms. Lori ♥


  8. What a beautiful and loving post Lori. Your Mother evokes a feeling of tenderness and I suddenly miss mine. I am so happy you had a lovely time. The blueberries, though delicious looking is inconsequential now. I am stuck on the love. A beautiful summer to you! Tsup!

  9. Sounds perfect. Can't wait to eat some lovely fresh blueberries in the summer sun.
    The scones look awesome and my mouth is watering just reading your post.

  10. Wonderful wonderful memories.Nothing else matters.I am so happy for your radiates.
    Yummy Recipe..
    Big Hugs,Cat

  11. i couldn't stop looking at the last picture. the love is so obvious and so deep, lori. the smiles of these two beautiful women tell everything.

    your photos bring gallivanting to a new level. i'm commenting now and can't get back to your post so i can reference them, but suffice to say i always love tagging along with you and your family.

    and the blueberries. i have three pints in my kitchen right now. farm fresh from the farm stand. we've been eating them for two weeks now. time for a new recipe? from the bestest friend? yup...

    love love

  12. Beautiful pictures and yummy looking berries! So happy to be reading your post again. I got caught up with life :).

    ♥ Chaitra

  13. YUM!! Scones are my favourite and I will try your scrumptious recipe Lori. Your daughter is almost as beautiful as you. The shot of you with Mom made my heart twinge ...

    Sending love to your and your girls! Lyn

  14. i love these fotos and a yummy recipe to boot -- wonderful!!

    thank you for inviting us along on this love-ly day♡♡

    beautiful daughter, beautiful mom, beautiful lori!!!


  15. What a neat farmstand! Those strawberries look so red and everything looks organic.
    what an uplifitng post, you and your beautiful family.

  16. Dan, thank you, i wholeheartly agree.


    Robyn, ah thank you. I hope you do make these, they would be fun to bake with your son. And they are so delicious!


    Alexandra, that is a truly sweet compliment, I wish i could send you a scone in the mail, that would really make you happy!


    Dear Geli,
    the weather has improved, finally the sun is out. It's still fighting with the fog though which is lying just off the coast, i think it's creeping back this morning, i can hear the foghorn blowing! thank you Gaily Geli for the love.


    Sammi, haha, well if you saw how many that little bucket really held...we have a LOT of blueberries more than enough to nibble and cook with too!


    Nan, thank you so much. I love blueberry season, here it's a very short one. Enjoy yours!


    thank you very much. I so appreciate your words. This post is extra meaningful to me since my Mom is not doing well and my baby, my youngest is the last to leave home and in only 3 weeks...we are truly living in the moment these days.


    Ces, thank you. My mom has Alzheimers and doesn't remember me much anymore. But this day she did and that made us both very happy. I hope you enjoy your summer too.

  17. Cinta, i'm sure you'll find blueberries on your upcoming trip to the U.S.!


    Cat, thank you so much, it's the truth, nothing else matters. I'm glad you liked the recipe, i hope you'll get a chance to make it!


    kj, i kept telling my Mom how beautiful she was, and i did that because it made her giggle and that made me happy. I changed the comment box, now there is just this pop up window. I hope you make the scones, they are even low cal, i forgot to mention!


    Chaitra, it's nice to see you again, i hope all is well with you.


    Lyn, thank you for the kind words. My daughter has discovered the art of changing her look. Her white blond hair is now red (still getting used to here!)
    I hope you like the recipe, I forgot to mention they are fairly lo cal too!


    Amanda, thank you. This youngest and last child of mine is leaving home in 3 weeks, so our day together was intensly sweet. Since she's moving to the East Coast for school, i won't be seeing her very often...I know your's are leaving too. It's hard hey?


    You pass it when your heading south, in fact you may already know of it, it's located just a couple miles north of the Gaviota tunnel. Right next to the blueberry farm. Get off at Nojoqi falls and make a right to the Peace Farm. Yes, it is all organic and really wonderful. Thank you!

  18. Hi Lori!
    Oh what lovely pictures!
    Is the red head your daughter?
    Well all of it gives a good feeling!
    I just spent a day with my Mom and I took her to visit my bro.
    So good to see you all getting along so well!


  19. Marianne, thank you! yes, my daughter has been doing some experimenting with her look. She dyed her beautiful blonde hair a beautiful red! Lucky we live close to our Mums!

  20. What a beautiful post! It made me cry.... bringing back memories of a happier time in my life.

    My Mum and I went blueberry hunting many years ago. (She has been gone 27 years now..) Neither of us were good we took our berries home and just ate them "pure" , staining our tongues and lips "blue-red"....but, oh, the could actually taste the sunshine on them.

    Your "red-haired" daughter is her Mum! And both of you are lovely - like YOUR Mum.

    What a wonderful day.....thank you for ahsring and bringing some sun into my life.


    ♥ Robin ♥

  21. hi lori...i have not been here in way too long..julie told me to get here a.s.a.p. today...and what a treat..and YES! i have seen that on the 101...but it was never blueberry season and was always closed...

    would be a fun day trip with lunch in los olivos...
    thanks for sharing this...

    i have missed you.

    little teddy is so great..the light of my life...i just ADORE this little guy.
    mr. theodore edward bear a.k.a.teddy

    i'll post pictures of him this week

    sending love to you and owen...

    kary and teddy
    p.s. i am making the scones

  22. What a lovely family equation! That's the kind of arithmatic I can get my head around. And I'm going to try those scones. Thanks Lori xAden

  23. You pretty much summed up my perfect weekend. One of my fondest memories from childhood was berry picking with my family. So now I make my friends (my adopted family) do it with me in the summertime. But I'd love to do it again with my mom one day.

  24. Hi Lori~ Thank you for the little Blog Visit to the Blueberry farm. I needed that. I will print this recipe and attempt to make the scones. I am glad your visit w/ the Momma was good! And your daughter looks jsut as beautiful w the new shade of red {very pretty, very East Coast}. Your Black Cat looks like a younger version of my Rocky :). Enjoy your limited days w/ your Daughter... I remember our "Babies" were both heading off to college at the same time last year. It has been so nice having both my girls home... I have two weeks left with them!

  25. Awe.... that was perfect family time!! Loved the pics!! Omg....huge blueberries......gotta love that!!

  26. Hi Lori... in the recipe where it says you can use oil instead... do you mean olive oil?
    and I'm not sure what apple sauce is?

    I definitely intend to bake these this weekend as they sound yum x

  27. Robin, thank you, i thought of you while were there loving the warm sunny day. Thank you for sharing such a sweet memory of your Mother with me. You would have laughed at us too, several of those berries didn't make it in the bucket. Is there anything better than fruit fresh off the vine, warmed by the sun?


    Kary, oh i knew you'd know of it, i'm sure Julie does too. Even if the blueberry farm isn't open the Peace Farm is, you have to stop sometime. The bounty is amazing, all organic and you buy everything on the honor system. It's well worth a stop. So glad to hear your loving your little teddy bear. I'm really glad you stopped by!


    Aden, I'm so glad to hear that. I love so much how you and your family do everything together. I hope you like the scones!


    Tracy, You and your Mom could do this in a day trip easily, take the 101 north to Gaviota, it's about 5 miles past the tunnel. If you need a berry picking friend i'd be happy to go!


    Janis, yes, you understand, she'll be leaving in less than 3 weeks. I'm so grateful for this day. Thank you so much for the kindest words, i appreciate them so much. I hope you do try the recipe, it's simple, healthy and good.
    p.s. the cat lived at the farm, so sweet though!


    Manon, oh thanks! yes, those berries do look really large in the photo, we picked the best ones you know! ;)


    Hi Robyn,
    oh sorry, applesause is just cooked mashed up apples, i have a good recipe for that too if you like. It is used in place of oil, cooking oil, not olive, for a lower fat recipe. They will be great with oil, just lower fat with a.s. Mine are already gone. haha.

  28. i'm back again. how could i not be? i keep looking at these photos and each one in its own way makes me happy you are you. that your Mom smiled like that when you tell her how beautiful she is: lori, you make me cry sometimes. i don't mind.

    we both have beautiful Mothers. even with change, their eyes glissen.

    i thought of you today. later alligator.

    i love you. yay.

  29. beautiful all through - all of you! and i might even try to make those scones - they sound and look delicious!xxx

  30. Haha Lori you are driving us all into our kitchens - Blueberry scones do sound very tempting to get busy in there.

    Lovely photos of time spent well*!*

  31. Dear Lori, I will print this recipe (Lori´s special scones with blueberry) and glue it on my old recipe notebook so you´re gonna be in my kitchen all the time!
    What a beautiful picture , unforgettable memories registered here!
    Take care,

  32. Beautiful and charming,a family outing, connecting with nature, abundance of fruit, and a sweet recipe to boot.

    Happy picking!

  33. Such beautiful photos , and I love your daughter 's red hair!
    The scones look delicious and I can't wait to try them. I might have to use frozen blueberries instead of fresh though, but they should still turn out OK, don't you think?

  34. kj, thank you friend. yes, our mothers are beautiful, inside and out. xoxo.


    Val, you can make them, their easy. And good for packing up with a thermos of coffee for yours and k's early morning go outs. (if they last) ;)


    Annie, thank you, i know it's winter there, but frozen will work just fine! happy baking.


    Mina, well you know you are always in my kitchen with your Mom's dishtowels and your tea cozy there everyday. I love them and always have the best thoughts that they came from you. :)


    Rosaria, it's true, all those things. And they make life so sweet, sometimes too much to bear.Thank you.


    Sally, i am freezing more than half our berries, we have so many! i'm sure it'll be great.
    my daughter is blonde, very blonde, the red is her experiment, it's pretty, but i miss her natural hair. Ah well. Thank you!

  35. Hi Lori
    What Lovely photos, and that recipe looks great. Sometimes we can get frozen blueberries here, but I imagine it's not quite the same!

    I love your painted paddles - and glad to hear that your finger is not actually broken, and hoping it heals up very soon!

  36. Such a sweet post - in more ways than one. Thank you so much for the recipe. I will definitely make it.

  37. Karen, hi! i think any fruit would work in these, even dried. They are so good, i hope you get a chance to try them. Thanks about the finger!


    Nancy, thank you, i do hope you are feeling better. I think the recipe is good, mine lasted one day. haha.

  38. I have four blueberry bushes in pots on my deck and I have harvested a total of 10 blueberries from them so far :(

    I am extremely inspired by your post to go out at lunch time and buy some blueberries and make these scones. What if I use the whole egg - I am too lazy about separating the yolk from the white?

  39. btw, loved your pictures - you are all so beautiful :)

  40. Bhavana, haha, the whole egg works fine. Sometimes I do that, sometimes it feels wasteful to not. I hope your blueberries grow! (maybe the plants are just young?) and thank you very much.

  41. Oh yum! I love that that photo of you and your mom, it is so full of love. Also your daughter is beautiul as you all are.
    Missed you, but I am home now.

  42. Hi Lori... we just made the scones and they are very delicious, Thank you :)
    We will definetly be making them again and again.


  43. Hi there, I've been looking at your blog for a while and your scone recipe came in handy, I had a box of blueberries that needed to be handled!

    I did replace the egg with a mashed banana,because I lacked an egg.

    They were so soft and flavorful. We really enjoyed them!

  44. p.s. I added a link to your recipe on my blog, I hope that's ok. :)

  45. ♥ I just took your heart-making tutorial again! I keep forgetting "the trick". I re-read the sidebar, and that's not your book, right? I must try your recipe, only with tropical fruit since fresh blueberries are not available in Puerto Rico...what could I try? Mango? Papaya? Your family photos are charming. Love the one of you with your mom! And your daughter is such a red-head! She looks a bit like my sister who lives in CA. We are all going to meet up in Connecticut in a few weeks to take my daughter to college. What an adventure. xx

  46. Hi Cynthia,
    i'm sure you could use frozen or even dried fruit in this recipe also.
    How exciting for your daughter! so she is going to school on the east coast? so is my girl, in 3 weeks too. She is a blonde, the red is from a bottle or box, however the stuff comes! thank you for your comment!


xoxo lori