Saturday, May 28, 2011

lesson plans

it has been all things knit around here. going over my notes from class (do i know enough?), finding and making up patterns for the beginning knitter. designing flyers, 'learn to knit'  (i've never been on word before!) distributing them, and now waiting...

here is a hat that i learned about at FIT. it's a good learning one for many reasons. it's knit on two needles (as opposed to circulars and double points)  along with using the knit and pearl stitch, there is also a chance to teach a simple ssk decrease, and then it's seamed at the end. it's also nice because the widest part of the band can be personalized with any stitch you can think of. for my knitting friends here is the non pattern pattern:

make a swatch with desired yarn, get gauge. measure head and minus one inch. multiply this number by the gauge to get the number of stitches to cast on. example: head 22 inches, gauge 4 sts to the inch = 22 x 4 = 88 stitches to cast on. at the bottom any combination of knit pearl or garter is worked for one inch. knit any pattern for 5 inches (i used the seed stitch). then one inch in garter. for the top, the number of stitches in your hat is divided by the number of wedges you want. decrease (ssk or knit 2 together) and place markers. don't decrease on the edge and decrease every other row.

i used a gorgeously soft wool, alpaca and silk blend by Araucania, which makes even a funny pointed hat nice.

visual aids that we made for class, different stitches,  increases and decreases, now i can use them in my own classes!

 here's a very simple beginner pattern we had to write and make, this wool is from the lovely talented genevieve at Sweet Basil Fibre Works, visit her here and her etsy shop here, she hand dyes beautiful wool using only eco friendly dyes. today is her birthday and she's offering a special discount! happy birthday genevieve!

not quite on the newsstand (next week), Santa Barbara Seasons magazine, with chuck's photo of our last paddle trip . see how glassy the water is? that was before the lake turned into an ocean. and last, the above left photo is of the house we were married at. seeing it unexpectedly in this magazine made me feel really really happy.
i hope your having a great weekend!


  1. wow that's so cool! everything. unexpectedly finding the picture of the home you were married in, the shot of you on the glassy lake in s.b. mag and your knitting flyer and swatches. i love it! you will have a great time with this. i am so excited for you... xox

  2. Brilliant Lori... so happy for your knitting :-)
    I hope it all goes well.

    Love the shot of you in the mag too.xx

  3. ps... unfortuantely for me the knitting scale is different to Australian... and I'm not skilled enough to adapt... maybe somewhere on the net they'll have a conversion xx

  4. Wow Lori How exciting!!!
    It all look so wonderful and possessional! I would love to sign up..........
    How much fun to be in that magazine!
    Lots of nice things going on in your life :)

    Have a wonderful Sunday♥

  5. I love that funny hat and am going to try it since I hate dp's and will use two circulars whenever possible. Thought of you yesterday as I was kayaking - hopefullynwill post pictures today if mr blogger will let me.

  6. And good luck with the class!

  7. Lori! I love the class! I wish I could sign up (although you would have your hands full teaching ME to knit!). The pics are beautiful. :) And that is a lovely little cosmic surprise to find the photo of that house in the magazine. xox!! Pam

  8. I love your hat and adore alpaca yarn, it feels like a cloud. I wish I had time to learn how to knit, I learned how to knit and purl from my husbands grandmother while she was in a convalescent home, years ago. It was a fun activity to bring with along with my little dog, the ladies would gather round but when it came to casting off none or them could remember how :)

    Congrats on your husbands article, another talented family!

    Your wedding house looks amazing!

    xo Rochelle

  9. I am so excited & happy for you. Your knitting looks so beautiful & I think you will be a wonderful teacher!

  10. Best of luck with your class, you make it all look so inviting. If you teach it they will come!!!

  11. Lori, wonderful hat! Learning to Knit is on my list of things to do before I die, right up there with going to Paris.
    Lovely shots in the magazines.
    Happy Sunday! xoxo

  12. The knitting looks like so much fun! I want that hat. Too cute.
    And wow, what a place to get married. Doubt I will find New York city hall in a fancy mag. :)

  13. AWW! OH! i am so happy for you. you are a class act, lori (no pun intended haha). the samples and announcement you have put together is so polished and professional. and you have the best handwriting. whenever i see that handwriting, say in a mailbox, i break into a smile and sometimes even a little dance routine :^)

    your students are going to find you and the class soothing in every way.

    damn blogger if she eats this comment.

    love love

  14. Lori,
    wonderful news. I've been keeping up to date with your NYC/FIT adventure and am so very happy for and proud of you.
    Your knitting looks gorgeous, and you'll be such an inspiring teacher! You are so creative, your students will come away with such passion and talent!!

    I send you warm Roman hugs and all my love,
    Lola xx

  15. That magazine is an omen of great things to come! Wow, the photo of you is beautiful and that house with the gorgeous view is a magical wedding setting! How I wish I lived near you so you can teach me to knit. Good luck with the class!

  16. very exciting - I would sign up Lori! best of luck and hope you have loads of fun with this x

  17. There is always something exciting to read whenever I return to your blog! If I lived near you, I would SO take your knitting class!!! I loved seeing all your examples. I think you are well prepared.
    The magazine photos are beautiful! Congratulations!!! And keep us posted on the knitting class. Have fun!

  18. oh Lori~ so excited for you!
    I wish you were in Indy... I would sign up right away!

  19. If I lived nearby, I would sign up immediately! Sounds great - lots of luck x


xoxo lori