Tuesday, May 3, 2011


i forgot about my kids old desktop computer
that's what i'm on now
i took photos today, burned them to a cd on my ailing laptop
for some reason the photo manager is still running,
put the disc in here and hey! i have a post!

saturday i went here with my m.i.l.
and she bought me these lovely paintbrushes
and book from the 1800's

so i painted her a not quite finished
thank you card with sheep
because she told me a sweet story from her childhood
that included them

the rest of the pictures are of the
view out all the open windows
of my house
except the tiny tangerine,
which was sitting there just looking so very cute

here's my news...
i've decided i'd like to teach knitting!
and i've signed up for a class
to become certified

and here is the very exciting part
the three day class is at...
the fashion institute of technology FIT
in New York City

i am not the best knitter
nor do i know every technique
but i think i can help a person with a desire to learn
be a person who can knit (oh i've got so many ideas,
i'm thinking friendly, encouraging, fun! nothing complicated here).

it's something i've thought about
for a long time
and a thing i've heard for years (you should teach)
it's only taking this decision
over the last few days that feels impulsive

maybe it's because
i've only just made up my mind
and i leave for nyc in eight days
that i'm nervous scared excited afraid
but i'm going to try (she keeps telling herself)

more exciting news
involving photography and a new bookclub
but it will have to wait, this computer is almost done too
i think i need to get off now
i have knitting homework, already!

♥  lori

p.s please leave a comment so i can find you, many of my favorites are saved on my other computer!


  1. Your card is beautiful & I am so excited to hear you will be teaching knitting. I wish you all the best & hope you have a wonderful time.

  2. i love that little watercolor you've made. so so sweet! you should teach that too lori ann graham! xox
    i so wish i could go to new york with you. one day...

  3. you!

    you offer a tangerine with a leaf on it! and little sheep with no doubt gentle baaa's.

    you offer birds and flowers and old books and new old brushes (oh how i covet those brushes)

    i look at this post of yours and i am reminded i myself am a lucky duck


  4. Oh what exciting things are about to happen!!!!!! I am happy for you!
    Too bad I can't sign up to one of your future classes! If I would learn knitting (I can knit a little)it would be from you!
    Lovely pictures. All your views also the ones inside your home are soothing :)
    Will you stay at your daughters place?
    Have fun!!!!!!
    Have a nice week♥

  5. So lovely Lori! Fabulous photos and NYC......sigh :)

  6. You`ll be a wonderful patient teacher, Lori! I am only a poor knitter (me, I get impatient when it takes too long, so I am only good at making children`s sweaters), but I`m sure I`d love to learn from you.
    That tangerine looks so pretty, and haha, that sheep with movable legs - precious!
    Here is a secret for everybody, pssst: It will be Lori`s birthday on May 30.

  7. i am so impressed Lori - your creative skills are limitless. I agree with Geli that you will be a fabulous and inspirational teacher - . I love the sheep card and the little sheep, and the beautiful photos! have a great time in NYC (I know you will) xx

  8. Lovely post! Your watercolor is divine! You are so super clever and so talented!

    I wish you lived close to me - we would have fun!! Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my blog. :)

    You are going to be an amazing knitting teacher!

  9. Awesome pictures, awesome news! I'm gonna take a little class with you when we meet.....

  10. Lori! That's great news! I know you will be an amazing teacher. I wish I could take a knitting class from you. I'm not sure I would be any good at it, but I'd love to learn (and how to crochet, too). :) I LOVE LOVE LOVE your card and that adorable little sheep. You take the best pics! xo Pam

  11. Beautiful photos!
    I love your sheep card, so sweet with the little sheep figure watching over your art. The tangerine made me hungry.
    Knitting classes! Hooray for you! & in NYC!!! Hannah must be excited. My Annie considered FIT in NYC...
    Love to you Lori~ Hoping the computer issues are soon dismissed!

  12. Lori - this sounbds like a perfect "new career" for you! You obvioualy have a passion for it - and will be a wonderful, patient teacher!

    What a great old book - I adore them! And of course, the "lamb"..."my cousin", right? Ha-ha-ha!

    NY is gorgeous in May...wait till you see Central Park in Plum Blossom Heaven! (And of course, a chance to see your daughter!)

    Safe flight! I am excited to see this new chapter in your life unfold!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  13. Is there anything that you can't do?
    You're absolutely fabulously talented.
    Love the tangerine pic!
    I love water colors (wish I could paint like you).
    Happy teaching and knitting.
    As always, beautiful pictures that make my heart lighter.

  14. African Farm? A tub of delicious paint brushes? what a neat MIL you have.
    wonderful news that you will be teaching. And what a great place to get your certification!

  15. What a wonderful MIL and appropriate for you to paint sheep with that fantastic knitting news. I had no idea there was a certification process. I would be excited and scared to go to NYC too.

    Glad to see you up and running again.

    *I love the tangerine shots

  16. that's awesome Lori :) I would totally have you teach me knit if there wasn't a massive ocean between us :)

    also, well done on getting to the desktop and posting- nice to see you back here, lori xx

  17. Lori - I am so excited and happy for you -- that you set your heart and sights on a dream and are bravely tucking away your fears to go for it! Anything worth doing is worthy of a little fear. You are awesome and if nothing else, you will once again learn just how strong and powerful you really are. If I could, I would be the first student to sign up to your class. Good luck girl.

  18. Lori, what a lovely painting, I love all the pictures you´ve posted here especially the tangerine that´s very colorful!
    I wish I could learn knitting with you as my teacher, that would be amazing!! but I am like Geli, I am very impatient and I think I would make you crazy!!!

  19. LORI! Awwww, those sheep! And your lovely model! So adorable. The photos are breathtaking, especially of the tangerine, which is more beautiful and elegant than cute. My goodness! The way you've created the blurs and focus and shadows -- gorgeous!

    And WOW! Teaching knitting! In NYC, no less! Wowzers, that's awesome news! I wish I could travel to NYC to take your class. Have fun! Good luck! Wooohoooooo!

  20. okay, now that I've closed my gaping jaw....wow!!! You're coming east to teach knitting! How wonderful it would be to be your student. (I'd SO flunk!)And how brave of you, Ms. Lx5 ;)

    I can't wait to hear all about it, as well as the book secret. And by the way, the lamb card?? Adorable and precious. There's no limit to your talent, but the best thing is there are no boundaries within your heart.♥


  21. i'll say it for you: coming east so you can go back west to teach knitting.



  22. I was just telling my husband I would like to learn to knit. If I lived there, I'd sign up as your first student!
    Enjoy NY, my home that I miss so much. What a wonderful time to be there.

  23. Teaching knitting-how fun. And going to new york to learn how to do it! It sounds like you have many fun things headed your way, it will be a busy summer.

  24. Oh hi honey, so sorry about your faithful (or fickle) computer). I just went through that and had a week without it. I felt like someone gnawed off my arm!

    I love it that you're teaching in NYC. The top of the heap. Good for you. I think all these things are wonderful opportunities...and then maybe we'll be in Maine and you can come visit??

    Love the photos and want to hear the rest of the story.

    Love, love,


  25. Forgot to tell you that I love the sheep painting. Very fresh and pure.


  26. it was so fun to run into you last weekend--what a treat! your blog is lovely. you are lovely! xo

  27. What a wonderful post! What a pleasure too stop by "your place" again! :)
    The images are so lovely, and I wish you good luck with your knitting project/course! That is really exciting.
    Have the best!

  28. Hi Lori. My first comment disappeared, I am so glad I came back to check on it, and found it is not here, so I can write again!

    Very exciting news - I know you will be a brilliant teacher! NYC is a bonus on top, too!!

    Loved all the earlier posts with Easter bunnies, blossoms, Mount Figueroa too. Most beautiful pictures as ever!

  29. wow lori!! professor lori (hehe!!) that is SO cool!! it will be fun to hear how this trip to ny is different from your most recent, as the weather will be a lot warmer!

    but most of all can't to hear about this class - congrats dear lori on this exciting new endeavor!!

    many hugs,


  30. oh lori...i am stopping by to visit my favorite friends after coming out of a 6 week "blogging slump" i don't know what that was about...Happy to come here and see all of this great news...teaching in NYC will be a blast...what fun...love the watercolor...

    how is owen? teddy is right by my side...keeping me warm...

    so HAPPY to visit with you today
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  31. Hi Lori,
    Wishing you good luck with your certification classes. Sounds very exciting! Hope your computer gets fixed very soon!
    Love the sheep card!

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xoxo lori