Sunday, July 31, 2011

i felt like snow white today


do you remember this part? where snow white is in the forest and wildlife gathers round her, closer and closer as she begins to sing? i wasn't singing, but i was alone and the birds and bunnies and squirrels all seemed to vie for my attention today. little songbirds winged into my path and sometimes they would tweet tweetly tweet as i passed by. or caw cawed if it were a crow or jay.

it's really lovely walking under old california oaks, where it's so quiet that when a gentle wind blows, hundreds of tiny leaves fall and sound like rain.


  1. Sounds like you had a wonderful time enjoying nature. I wish it wasn't so hot so we could do the same here!xx

  2. Lori, you are the most AMAZING photographer!!!
    I love the photos~~feel like I was on that walk with you.
    And yes, I always loved that segment of Snow White with all the little woodland creatures....

    Anne...who seems to have forgotten she has a blog that needs a new post...LOL!!!

  3. Lori - I think you just might BE Snow White. Don't eat that apple!! And I can't count how many times I have seen that Snow White scene, I think it was on a video the kids used to watch (clips from Disney movies). Have a great week, Snow! xox Pam

  4. oh sweet Lori~ I love your photos so much. And I especially love your attitude & perspective. I believe that is my favorite part of the movie (which I can probably replay by memory scene y scene as it was Annie's favorite till she dumped Snow White for 101 Dalmatians).
    What a Blessed day you had♥

  5. :-), What a magical post. You are a woman after my own heart. These are beautiful photos as always!
    Real magic. xoxo

  6. I just love your blog so much. Your pictures are awesome and I always feel so UPLIFTED and HAPPY after reading. xx

  7. A tufted titmouse?
    Now that was an enchanted sighting.
    I've already got Bambi, the original soundtrack, now it looks like Snow White will have to join it. And I can't believe how far along the apples are....

  8. you are a bit like snow white now i think of it :) I too feel uplifted and renewed by your beautiful blog; those photos are so serene and calming. thanks xx

  9. Beautiful Ms White! There's nothing like the renewal of nature, nothing. Wonderful shots!


  10. oooh so beautiful! i've had moments like these in california. you're making me so homesick. : ) but, it's okay. i love you snow white. ; )

  11. How I miss California, your photos are amazing and they really express the magic of Snow White´s beautiful scene.

    Have a wonderful week, dear Lori!

  12. amazing shots lori — that third one of the bird is unbelievable! it almost looked like little birds we used to put on our christmas trees - i had to take a closer look to make sure he was real!!

    yes, you are truly snow white. i can just see all the little critters flying down to land on your arms. and even tho you know i'm not fond of squirrels (little tomato thiefs that they are) your shot makes them darn cute.

    big hugs,


  13. Wonderful pictures!!!!
    And lovely video! Yes I do remember I must have seen this a hundred times, I am a real Disney lover........
    I was lucky that my kids could see them over and over again and I just joined them.
    Lovely post Lori!
    have a Snow white day♥

  14. Happy tears! I think this has moved up as my favorite Lori post. So hard to choose, but this one hit me deep in my heart.

    Thank you Lori.x♥o

  15. Love your photos! I've been very lazy lately - my camera spends way too much time in the closet! I gotta get myself together and get creative!!!
    Until then I'll enjoy your creativity ;-)


xoxo lori