Sunday, September 11, 2011

peace love and narnia

i found a new trail only ten minutes from my home, that led through a most magnificent oak forest. feeling as if i'd stumbled upon another narnia, i wondered how it is we never knew before that this place existed. taking my bike back home, i returned with my camera, and the big lenses. so no hummie was made to feel self conscious by my photographing his morning grooming. and sparrow parties went undisturbed as well. (if you love birds audubon has uploaded a new video, the abc's of birds, it's short and super sweet. they also have their field guide app on sale for 4.99, regularly 14.99, it's fantastic, hurry though, sale ends tomorrow.)

a package arrived with new wool, inspired (by where it came from) i put this favorite band on my ipod while winding the wool into three delicious cakes. resisting every impulse to cast on, as i already have three wip's (works in progress) as it is. it's satisfying enough to admire these for now.

the random number generator has chosen two names for the giveaway, genevieve and faith (proof that the first commenter does win sometimes!)  please email me with your preferred photo and your address and i'll send these off tout de suite! thank you for entering everyone, and for the kindest of words. and thank you so very much for the banner love. i've decided to make these to order and have added 'summer moss and fern rose' to lindy love etsy shop.
wishing you peace and love and finding your narnia.


  1. Gosh Lori, what an amazing, whimsical and enchanted post! Well written and am simply amazed by your photography. Can I escape to this newly found Narnia with you for awhile? :)

  2. ooh i love that first shot and the yarn is making me drool! what is it??? i want to walk through narnia with you when we get back. flights are booked - december 3rd.

  3. What a beautiful post. Your bird photos are wonderful and that oak forest is lovely.

    Thanks for sharing such beauty, especially on this day.

  4. that first picture made me stop for a second and breathe it in. wow! how nice that that trail is so close to you. beautiful!

  5. Oh my lucky stars! I am so excited to choose one of your icredible prints.

    PS That oak forest is pure magic!

  6. Oh such beautiful pictures of those sweet birds. How wonderful to have them so close by.
    Peace to you too♥

  7. That first shot looks like s miniature-used photo and I love it. And those beautiful birds.
    And you have a winding thing - I am jealous. But I feel the urge to cast on when a new yarn comes into the house. My personal rule is " no more than three wips" but I also break rules all the time.

  8. What wonderful photos, so peaceful and pretty :)

  9. That yarn is divine! And beautiful musical accompaniment too. Love Sigur Ros!

  10. Beautiful yarn cakes!!! A Narnia walk sounds so relaxing :)

  11. I wish I could walk there with my daughters and pretend we are in Narnia :) Beautiful pictures.

  12. My gosh----those photos just knock me off my feet!!! Beautiful! (love the birds)
    And yes, it does remind me of Narnia....which I got to watch a tidbit of last evening.
    Congrats to your winners!


  13. Lori, how wonderful to find such a magical place so close to home.
    Oaks are one of my favorite trees.
    You have such will power not to have already cast on with your new yarn. It's beautiful. I am trying to knit as fast as I can so I can knit a banner like the one you did.
    I hope your week in overflowing with happiness. Much love.

  14. Lori, this post made my heart all fuzzy, I love your photos so. Beatiful forest and congrats to the winners. Peace and love.xoxo

  15. Those photos DO resemble Narnia! (One of my favourite series of stories.....*surprised*, right?

    Often when I hike, even in the Presidio, and *eons* ago in Central Park, I would stumble across a new path that always led me to somewhere that took my breath away!

    Gorgeous photos... as always! Beautiful yarn....

    Hugs to you, dear Lori and congratuations to your winners! They will be thrilled to have a piece of your *Narnia* to hang on their walls!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  16. Your pics are amazing!!! Loved them all!!

  17. that first photograph really looks like a miniature world for some reason - magical! very envious of your beautiful yarn cakes (especially after my wool-winding rant a few weeks ago!!) x

  18. Your first photo looks like a fantasy land, I'm surprised you did not see a elf or two skipping through the moss!

  19. you know lori, i was thinking about you today and the reasons you are so precious to me. there are many.

    and here in this post is part of my answer. you find magic in the mundane. i can just imagine your patience photographing these precious birds. that needle beak is incredible to see. and that first shot: oh dear, take me there! and the way you love that yarn!

    there are plenty of other reasons too: chasing new york cabs with only good thoughts about the lovely rain, laughing so heartily, feeling so comfortable, confiding so easily.

    you are dear to me, and the reasons are so obvious to anyone who knows you.

    i know i've embarassed you, saying all this. please forgive me this one time.

    your pal

  20. Your photos are wonderful, thank you so much for visiting our blog and leaving such a lovely comment.
    Take care

  21. Lori - your shots of the hummingbirds are fantastic and the textures of the wool photos are warm and emote peace. I love visiting this special place and I treasure you. I think of you and your mom often and send you healing pink light. Be well and remember to take care of Lori.

  22. Gorgeous forest - I would so love to see it in real life!! These hummingbirds are absolutely gorgeous, too!!

    I see you have been very busy since I last visited.. rock climbing, hurricanes, hats, baby clothes, beach party, and I really love your 13 year old photo sneaked in there too!

  23. that top foto is truly magical.......i would love to be in that place - how inspiring must that be!

    and the shot of the bird with wings outspread is just fantastic, lori - you are one amazing photographer!

    p.s. i'm sorry i missed your last post but i just saw the prayer flags - absolutely LOVE them!!


  24. Lori, I've decided the best thing for me is to come and live with you, in Narnia and that gorgeous house. :)

  25. What a magical place you have found! Thank you so much for sharing the photo. There is art in everything you do. Peace.

  26. Your photographs are SO gorgeous! I have to share this post with a couple of birder friends of mine.

  27. your narnia & birds took my breath away! Splendid Lori!

  28. Love the colours in these photos...My Narnia. Right here.


xoxo lori