Tuesday, September 13, 2011

plans big and small

knitting, reading, planning place

{my photos of zimbabwe, africa 2009}

knitting and reading and planning (dreaming) this week...

i cast on for a sweater, knit a bit further than shown here, then saw a pattern i like much better and pulled the whole thing off. so now i only have a pile of lovely curly wool. it is tosh merino light, madeline tosh, colorway alabaster, from my stash. i love this beautiful handpainted wool. can you see the difference in these two skeins? switching off every couple rows is necessary so there will be a better flow of color and less obvious changes in skeins. hopefully the new pattern i plan to make will do it justice. have you done this too, changed your mind well into a project? oh dear. i've begun the new sweater, but don't have much to show, perhaps by next week!

a new box of books arrived the other day (i'd been saving for these!),  i love them all and so am reading them all at the same time. i should say giving each one equal time and attention, and although i haven't read enough to give a complete review, i can say the knitting book is already a favorite. and rachael's book is such fun, i've not read a book like this before.

here are the books:
'how to knit a love song' by rachael herron of yarnagogo.com

'mindful movements', ten exercises for well-being by thich nhat hanh (the book comes with a dvd which i really like, i'm not sure if the electronic edition does, but probably not?).

'my grandmother's knitting' family stories and inspired knits from top designers, i see a few i'd like to make!

and the 'namibia bradt travel guide' , for the trip we have booked for next may.

we've been in a planning frenzy for weeks, doing research on what we'd like to see in africa and where we'd like to go. we'll be making a giant loop around the country of namibia, staying almost a month and in eight different camps and lodges (want a peek at one?). now all the reservations have been made and our itinerary is complete. it's still a ways away, but i like this part as much as the trip, the reading and learning and looking forward to. and dreaming of africa again.

linking up with small things and the weekly yarn along,
happy peaceful rest of the week friends!


  1. hello dear lori,
    i am knitting a pattern of ysolda's this week and i love her very stylish approach at round knitting. ive learned alot!
    would love a peek into that knitting book!
    what's the new sweater pattern then .. beautiful yarn. i love your cozy spot..dreamy even. love and hugs!angelina xo

  2. That grandmother's knitting book sounds lovely - a pattern my granny makes is the inspiration behind everything I knit. And how magical to be dreaming about Africa!

  3. Dreaming of an upcoming trip is one of my favourite parts of going away, especially when the trip is as fabulous as yours sounds!

  4. Ahhh...I love your blog posts! They are like a breath of fresh air! :)

  5. I just adore all your wool and books. I must check out How to Knit a Love Song just for the title alone. I also love getting to see your knittng spot and have to laugh as ours are very similiar.
    I think your trip sounds fantastic! My husband would love to go to Africa and talks about it all the time; maybe once we get all to these children thru school we can go. I hope you have a day filled with laughter and happiness.
    Much love.xx

  6. Wanted to pop by to thank you for the lovely comment on my blog this week - it's always encouraging to hear from those who have been there before. Your blog is such a lovely peaceful place to visit. And that new sweater pattern is divine! I'm off to favourite it on Ravelry x

  7. I love your knitting, reading planning place, it looks so inviting!

  8. Your yarn photos are wonderful! I will have to have a look at those books they look great. I am busy writing an African animal knitting pattern book at the moment and your wild animal photos are gorgeous! Your knitting /planning space looks so inviting:)
    Thanks for sharing,

  9. Reading knitting books would make me want to make so much more, that I avoid doing that. But they sure look good.

    What a wonderful, wonderful pictures!
    Have fun planning and researching.

  10. Oh, what an inspiring post!! I love your focus on the small details of your beautiful sweater and the big dreams of going to Namibia. That LODGE is a DREAM!! I'd stay there anytime....

    Enjoy your day and week!! Love, Silke

  11. Just so you know, I am perfecting my Shrinking Machine so I can come along in your backpack. I won't eat much when I am 8 inches tall, either. You'll hardly know I'm there. ;) xox

  12. Well your taste in colors is EXACTLY what I love :) Can't wait to see your sweaters!! Your trip next May looks like fun!

  13. A box full of books, isn´t it one of the best things in life? And read them all at the same time, oh, I love doing this!
    Thank you for sharing your dreams and your space, it´s so beautiful and comforting, dear Lori.

    with much love,

  14. Your yarn is gorgeous! Definitely a color I would choose for myself, too. Can't wait to see the finished sweater.

  15. This was a beautiful post. I love, love, love the yarn you're using. The colorway is gorgeous. And I really like the pattern you have in mind for it.

    Africa sounds amazing...especially when you're staying in places like Camp Kipwe. That place looks like paradise. I can't wait to see the photos you take.

  16. oh lori, you're returning to your beloved africa — i am so happy for you!!

    yes, the planning stage is almost as much fun as the doing stage — enjoy them all! i look forward so much to reading about your upcoming travels and of course the gorgeous photos you will be taking......

    glad to see your week is going knittingly ;-)

    with love,


  17. How wonderful that you are going back to Africa. Yes I find that the anticipation of something is half of the fun. Enjoy your research. Love the knitting.

  18. Lori, Now I know that last photo is a lilac breasted roller! I've been researching them. ))
    And look at those elephants and giraffe. So magnificent.

  19. Oh, that wool, that knitting spot, that full basket and Africa. So beautiful. Have fun dreaming and planning!

  20. i love your knitting place! mindful movements sounds very interesting, i will look for it.
    much love, d.

  21. Sounds like an exotic and earthy place to visit. Are you going for vacation or work or both? I'm sure you'll get lovely lovely photographs! The color of that yarn is so wonderful, and I'm not a yellow girl usually.

  22. Oh a trip to Africa sounds wonderful! I'd love to go one day. Beautiful photos xxx

  23. Oh Lori, how exciting!!!! Planning, dreaming, imagining is definately just as good as the actual trip. I love your little planning/knitting/dreaming chair, I could most definately get comfy there lol xx

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  25. oh goodie, books!

    "how to knit a love song"--that is just about the best title i have ever heard. i hope it stitches itself right into your wonderful ♥ (stitch is not the right word, yes? times like this, sharing your joy, i wish i were a knitter.) (or even a tie-r) (or a knotter)(a kneader) (alas, only a knower, and not always even that)

    i'm totally with you in enjoying the anticipation, lori. i've traveled some and love imagining what's ahead. BUT: omg! where you will go! it's a four star CAVE!!!!

    are there owls in africa? somehow i think one very wise owl is already waiting for you.

    ms. anonymous
    (haha, i'm experimenting. do you know it's me?)

  26. A few months back I read "How to Knit a Love Story" and really enjoyed it. The Grandmother's Knitting book has a striking cover - that's what draws me in.

    Your knitting corner looks so cozy, wish I could stop by......

  27. just pulled out my stripy shrug for stella because i didn't have quite enough and also have that curly top ramen yarn now! : ) i've started a new little cardi for her that is much faster going too. i think i'll be knitting for my baby just as i start feeling her/him kicking... : ) omg.. i want to go on safari with you one day. your camp looks amazing. what a cool experience that will be for you guys. so romantic. you're very lucky to have each other and share your passions. i think michael and i do too - but, right now we're sooooo in a different part of life that i dream of these types of vacations in our future. (probably once the kids are all grown up)... i remember that yarn btw!!! it's the one you brought over to the ranch. i love thich nat hang and will have to check out that book and the others look good too. i'm glad i'll get to see you before your trip.

  28. Lori - you're headed back to Africa? Jealous! I always enjoy when you share your pics from your last trip and I can only imagine the special treats that you will come back with. I am like you in that I enjoy the planning and anticipation of the adventure almost as much as the adventure itself.

  29. I was just talking with a friend about going to Africa next summer but am not so sure about the trip...we'll see.

    I want to sit in that chair and knit with you!!! and read those books...

  30. Lori, You make we want to learn to knit!!! I would, but I need my time for painting! How exciting you get to go to Africa again, so happy for you and will look forward to your wonderful photos of the trip! xoxo

  31. whoop whoop whoop - Camp Kipwe!!! ooooh I am envious.
    Hope we finally get to meet -)

    all of the books are gorgeous - hope you get to do them justice

  32. Love your knitting and reading spot :)
    And the yellow yarn is beautiful.
    I really need to check out the book My grandmother's knitting.

  33. Oh, I don't think I would have had the heart to rip tat much out!
    I really want to check out that 'Grandmother's Knitting'.

  34. Knitting, reading, planning, dreaming...it all sounds like a Universal plan for happiness to me ;)

    Wonderful photos, worthy of nat'l geo.

    I will send the link of the knitting book to a friend. I love that title. Perhaps I could paint a love song. I'll try one day.

    May will be here sooner than you know my dear.


  35. Lori, it looks like you own the coziest home on the planet, it really does. I love all of it, and I always love how much warmth and love I feel from your posts.

    Have fun on your trip to Namibia next May! How exciting! (and I know we're gonna end up with posts full of amazing pictures from your visit.)

    Hope all is well!

  36. Oh gosh how exciting, I'm thrilled for you!!!

    Your knitting is always so beautiful, knit and unnit curly ramen noodles :)

    Your pictures are always so lovely. I know what you mean with a pile of books, I want to gobble them all at once, so much to look forward to in those pages...


  37. That Madeline Tosh yarn is lovely, and so is the pattern you picked out for it.
    What a beautiful blog! I love your photos.

  38. Oh, I am so jealous! I was just thinking how much I'd like to go back to Africa. I miss it, I miss it, I miss it....

  39. What a delicious yarn color -- just gorgeous! And your trip to Namibia sounds positively amazing. What a wonderful opportunity!

  40. What an exciting trip to plan for.
    I always cast on then see something I would want to knit even more. I love Madeleine Tosh colours but they are so hard to find over here. xxx

  41. Lovely photos and the yarn is a gorgeous colour

  42. I loved its armchair with pelego and the small bank. Pretty!


xoxo lori