Sunday, December 14, 2008

My Lucky Day

Look* look *look* here! A package came this weekend for me, all the way from England! A couple short weeks ago I won a little give-a-way at a fabulous blog called An Aerial Armadillo.
Tessa is the beautiful and very talented artist, poet, photographer and traveler extraordinaire. Oh and generous too! do you see here what she has sent me?! All wrapped in lovely paper and raffia and shells and even a note card made in South Africa! and it even smelled delicious. Please forgive the crap photos, it was already dark when I got my mail, and these don't begin to do justice to the beautiful painting below....
Here she is, 'Zuri'! Isn't she gorgeous?! she made it safely, oh thank you thank you gentle mail carriers everywhere. Well, I am thrilled. Just look at this. A little piece of Africa now belongs to me. I know what your thinking, you want one too... well you can own a little piece of your own Africa too , painted by Tessa.
She has many paintings/prints to choose from that she sells from her website. Here's the link , plus she has published her own book which you can purchase also at , I would put the little widget thing but I can't remember how to do that right now, so I think if you will go to lulu and type in Tessa Edwards, that should take you to her book. It would make a perfect Christmas gift. And no, she has not paid me to say that :)
Below is an example of more of her work...she added these lovely stickers to the back of the package...

Isn't it wonderful!! So Tessa, if your reading this, please give yourself the biggest hug. What a treasure you have given me.

And now I need some help, I was thinking a mat and frame would be best for this, but what color, for each? any suggestions?


p.s. 10 days till christmas
i've not gone shopping
not even once
not even for food
not really
we have food
just no presents...

~ happy monday everyone ~


  1. Oh Lori, I share your thrill at this! It is all beautiful, and you did a right thing for advertising for it, especially as your own excitement comes across so clearly! I am not good at giving colour advice, but maybe Tessa has a suggestion? Yes, I like her blog, too, and no, we don`t believe you were paid for it! haha.

  2. what a fabulous picture!! I love Tessa's art. and you do so deserve it!
    what a lovely suprise so beautifully wrapped....Africa calling you! xx

  3. wow, what a stunning painting from the amazing Tessa, who has the most colourful and beautiful blog .. thanks for sharing it with us!

    Good luck with The Shopping... :-)

  4. Eeeeep! Lori, thank you SO much...I'm blushing like an over-ripe tomato! I'm thrilled to bits and pieces that you like the painting. I'm certain that however you choose to frame it will be just perfect!

    Oh, and don't worry about buying prezzies - Christmas shopping is just too awful - give 'em all a big kiss and lots of yumticious food and they're sure to be happy!

  5. Congratulations to your gift.

  6. Maybe you should use a terracotta colour to represent the hard baked African earth.
    They are very beautiful paintings, both picture and labels.

  7. Lori, that's a gorgeous lucky Christmas surprise. How exciting!

  8. Thanks Geli, it is so funny, how something like this can mean so much!

    It is such a treasure Val, i really wanted to share her!and thank you...

    Karen, shopping, ugg...we'll see. I'll procrastinate instead and do the Seven's meme! yours was great!

    Tessa dear, THANK YOU, i am the one whos thrilled. What is the expression? A gift from the hand is a gift from the heart? yes, thats it. I love hand painted Zuri.

    Thanks Ropi!

    I like that idea very much FireByrd, i love earthtones, it would make a good fit, i'll try it on her!

    Mama, I Know!!

    Thank you everyone, I always love your comments :)

  9. Oh what a lovely treat! Gorgeous picture - Tessa's art is so beautifully vibrant!
    I think you're going to have to pay another visit to Africa, Lori!

  10. Tessa is amazing, you are right Reya! Have you checked out her website yet? i think you'd love it.

    Yup Nicky, on both counts...if I had my way i would be back on a plane to Cape Town, drive straight to Simon's Town then over to Boulder's to see those penguins again! But first I'd come see you and bo with some yummy California treats for you both!

  11. That is really lovely and must have been a great surprise. Think you need to start shopping though!!

    CJ xx

  12. Beautiful art Lori ann - lucky you.
    I've been to South Africa twice and just couldn't resist bringing back artwork both times.
    Thanks for stopping by novellessness.

  13. I don't know which is prettier - the picture of the wrapping!

    Thanks for visiting my site today, I truly appreciate it.

    Good luck with your decision on the matte/ is truly a gorgeous picture.

  14. Dear Cj, Yes, now I'm feeling christmasy after getting our tree!

    Dear SjW, you are smart. If i am lucky enough to go back again, I will do the same!

    Dear CBW, It is beautiful isn't it? i didn't want to open it!

    And, SJW and CBW, It was my pleasure to visit you, and now thanks so much for coming to mine.

    xxx Lori

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xoxo lori