Sunday, December 7, 2008

Nature Sounds

I am doing a little experiment. I really do hope my plan works. Because ever since the weather turned cold and the fan in our bedroom was retired for the winter... I haven't had a good nights sleep!

The simple reason is, it's just too quiet. The wrong kind of quiet. Here, I'll explain. In my house there's always something going on after dark. Kids coming in at different hours, late night foraging in the kitchen, husband snoring...but i hardly ever hear a thing. And the reason is , is because of the lovely fan that drowns out all the extra noise. I forget this every year when I put it away to hibernate 'till summer . Suddenly I can hear every single thing. Every door opening and closing, every snoring snort, bread being buttered, television channels changing, toilets flushing...ahgggg... I miss the monotonous hum of the fan. The white noise it creates to smooth out all the other noisy chatter of the night.

Last week there was surf again. The fog had cleared up, leaving our little town with crystal clear visibility. This helps sound travel and all through the night you can hear the waves crashing, and its a lovely sound to fall asleep to (and stay asleep to). Which got me thinking. What about those machines that simulate the sound. Why not try it? it could work, I thought. So I went to town to Radio Shack and asked the young man working there if he could show me where these machines were. He looked at me as if I were speaking Arabic. I told him it's okay I'll just look around.

Thirty minutes later I was back home unpacking my new Timex Projection Alarm Clock Radio With Nature Sounds! it was just the right price, which was a good thing since it was the only one they had. i didn't want to pay too much for an experiment. I was figuring out what all the dials and buttons were for when my son walked by..."you didn't really pay money for that?". I said "yes I did." He rolled his eyes and walked away. Next it was my daughter. She said "you are so funny Mama!" I don't see what is so funny. I frowned at them both. Lack of sleep does that to a person. Then my husband walked out of his office. "Hmmm...what have you got here?" he said smiling. I showed him all the features, and we listened to each Nature Sound. We had a choice of Forest, Bells, Heartbeat and Ocean. I was really hoping for Rain, but for around 30 dollars this is what we get.

So Ocean it is. We put it on the table near my husband's side, nothing bothers him. Even unfamiliar glowing boxes that look like little U.F.O's, with crashing waves and bird sounds coming out of them. So. Time for bed. We adjusted the volume...too loud? too soft? Waves were crashing and birds were flying. We giggled. This is funny. I said I hope it works. Husband said "I feel like I'm in a cave". And then we fell asleep.

And I never woke up. Really. Not even once. Well, just once, for a minute when the blue clock light on the box and the ceiling(it had a projector) scared me. I threw a scarf over it and was immediately lulled back to sleep.
Could it really be this simple?

Maybe for Christmas I'll ask Santa for the model that comes with rain...

Wishing you a good night's sleep...however it comes!

xxx Lori


  1. amazing gadget, lori! we also have a permanent fan going at night. But -whenever we have a power cut, fan goes off, and suddenly the sound of Mosquitoes is switched on... think we need to find a lovely battery-powered nature noise gadget to make sure the mosquito choir never gets a look in, it's enough to drive you crazy!!

    wishing you lots of sweet nature-sounding wintry dreams! x

  2. Hahaha, what a super-lovely idea! And you see, you are not alone! At least the SOMEONE who invented it thought this was a thing the world (Lori) needed! I would also have chosen ocean. Sleep well. from now on!

  3. We always have a fan going on and none of us can sleep without it. Last spring we had gone to Disney and had rented a house in Florida - it was too quiet and no one could sleep well the first night - so we went to the nearest walmart and bought a fan for around $10-$12 :)

    We have this old fan that makes a lot of noise - and we have that going in in the hallway upstairs. It is funny the stuff we get used to.

  4. what a clever thing! and i agree - sleeping to the sound of rain is the best...We have a tin roof too so its perfect :-)

  5. Lori, I'm so pleased you found your gadget and can sleep soundly again! I wonder if there's one that does cicadas? (Love your silhouette and sunset shot! Spectacular photo.)

  6. I want one!!! I had a machine years ago that had the ocean on it, it was just lovely to go to sleep with. $30 well spent I think, and to imagine you have the real thing outside too..... Can I move in!

  7. Ooh, I need one of those! Brilliant idea - I also struggle after summer when I put the fan away. I have a friend who also couldn't sleep because of the stillness, so her husband, who is an electronics engineer made her what the called a "shusher" - just something that generated white noise, drowned out the sound of him and the dogs snoring and enable her to get to sleep at night!

  8. Oh I think your right Karen,mosquito's would be the worst, you need the breeze off the fan to keep them away!you need the noise plus the wind!!

    Thanks Geli,now not sure what to do about the blue light...haha!

    Pink, yes,the things we get used to and the lenghts we go to (well,me),Im sure some would find this silly...:)

    Val,I work in an old building with a tin roof and sometimes when it rains I can't hear the phone...and its the best!

    Thanks Tessa! apparently there are(i've been looking online), but cicadas? we were in a forest in New Zealand and the sound was defeaning,we must have tramped into a million! The photo is untouched, that was our sunset Saturday night!! Incredible!

    Hey Fire Byrd, welcome back! you have reminded me you know what would be great? a travel one...

    Dear Vanilla, your friend is lucky, my husband is the creator of noise(only at night!)but he likes the machine!

    XXX Thanks all of you lovelys!!

  9. Yes it can. Charlie goes to sleep with 'Ocean surf' on his upmarket pacifier (now he's grown out of the ante-natal noises that sound more like factory machinery!).

  10. Dear Dotterel, Charlie is sooooo cute! And you are an amazing Dad.And Thank God for those ante-natal noise machines!!
    Thanks for coming by!
    xx lori

  11. Not sure I could stand it myself! I have to have complete quiet, absolute darkness and be totally warm and cosy in bed. I'm not the easiest person to sleep with!

    CJ xx

  12. Bravo!!

    I, too, hear every noise at night when I'm supposed to be sleeping. A white noise machine? what a good idea!

  13. CJ, I don't know, your way sounds awfully nice!

    Reya, you are right,it is called white noise,i'd forgotten...

    xxx Thanks so much everyone!

  14. I would love to go to sleep with the sound of the ocean outside or also I love that soft noise and feeling when it's snowing. Does it sound real?

  15. Dear Mama, yes its amazing, and its working like a charm! I highly recommend it :)
    Xx lori

  16. Do you see, Lori, how well appreicated and shared your stories are!? Don`t even think of leaving us alone here in blogland, without your beautiful pictures, your charm and fun and your amazing ideas!

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xoxo lori