Wednesday, December 3, 2008


The Thanksgiving meme has now been done by several other lovely bloggers. I have enjoyed reading these almost more than anything else on the Internet. People have written lists that have made me cry and sigh. And do that nodding of the head in the uhhuh, yes, sort of way. It's such a great exercise and I think if done often it can become a way of life. My Mom used to say be grateful for what you have. When I was younger I might have... ok, I did... pooh pooh her optimistic thankfulness. I used to think she was naive in her refusal to look at the whole picture. Now I know that the life she wanted for us is one that is based on hope, joy, trust, compassion and daily happiness. Oh and of course, kindness.

and so, my Mom, is the first thing I am thankful for. Mom...are you there? i'm sending you some virtual cupcakes, chocolate with strawberry creme frosting and lots of little sprinkles, oh how you deserve it. xoxoxo

The next 5 things i'm thankful for are right below.

My Kids

Five of the best teachers, listeners, lovegivers, and sweet souls I know. They crowd my heart and life in a way that fills me up constantly yet always makes me want more. Now that they are are almost all adults, # 5 will be 18 in 17 days, they are my best friends too. Big sigh.

There is no order to this list, that woulden't be possible. My next thing to be thankful for is my husband. I never thought i'd find that love . Not that kind. It is for other people. Or poets, directors, novelists that make this kind of love up. But I found him, or as he says, he found me. And from that first day 10 years ago to this moment, it grows and grows. And... he's not run away! Oh, when I told him he had 5 good reasons to run for the hills (see above) he stayed. Not having any children of his own and being younger than me makes him something of a saint to my dear Mom. And everyone else just says, He must love you alot. Oh dear God, Allah and Buddha, thank you that he does.

I am thankful for my health and my freedom. They both give me the best life possible.

And I am so thankful that I can say both my Sister and my Mom are Breast Cancer Survivors. Survivors. That is a really great word.

And there I go again, breaking the rules.oh dear. It seems to be a pattern i'm developing here. I've got more than seven, and I'm not done. I guess i'd better finish this, and I will, really, right after i say.... I'm thankful for all my familyfriendsneighborshousebikecarcamerafaithsunrisesunsetrainfogsnowtreesflowers



i could do this all day long. There is alot to be thankful for. Life is good heh? Oh, and you did not think for a minute that I would forget all my great, fantastic blog friends. A nicer, smarter group you could not find. Indeed, it is a privilege to be a part of this
blogging community. I love all you guys!

Danke, Mahalo, Asante Sana,Saool, Gracias,Talofa,Obrigado,Nkosi, Kia ora, Arigato, Dhanyavaad,
Thank you

xxx lori

p.s.oh, and i am feeling better,thanks so much for all your kind wishes, i think its not the flu, just a cold but i like all the attention so i think i might stay this way a little while longer ;)


  1. lovely, Lori... gorgeous photo of the fab five, and so glad you feel better. hope you have a beautiful day! much love x

  2. And waybale nyo (Ugandan) to you dear Lori for sharing those wonderful 'thank-you' thoughts. Your band of five are simply gorgeous and I so understand your love and pride and joy.

    (PS - Zuri (the painting) is winging her way across the pond to you!)

  3. Great blog. You have a lovely family and your kids are simply gorgeous.

    CJ xx

  4. And I love you, too, Lori! Hab Dich lieb! And also your mom and family. Let`s meet some day!

  5. Go ahead and break the rules!

    I'm thankful for your beautiful, radiant soul.

  6. ah sweet lori. you are so golden and lovely. and wow...ALL THOSE GORGEOUS KIDS! WOWWOWOW! glad you're feeling

  7. Wonderful post Lori and what a great picture of your kids. Thank you!

  8. Reading this post makes me think that I should have counted my blessings as well - but I guess I don't have to wait for thanksgiving for that :)

    You have a great looking family.

  9. tehee, I saw you found Janet already, without all my false spoors, sorry...Now I think I want to post a list of my blessings, too, including all my sweet understanding friends! Yours was so nice! Always enjoy visiting you!

  10. Many Thanks Karen, you are sweet and now maybe we may see pics of your family too??

    Tessa, GREAT!! I am really excited, I will let you know when she safely arrives! and thank you.

    CJ, we are lucky, family's it!

    Geli, Wann kann ich am besten anrufen?

    Reya, me to for you, love your silvery locks new photo!

    Janelle, speaking of golden babies, I want to shrink mine back down to your Gabby's size,...thanks!!

    Dear Mama, thank you and I love reading your kid stories too!

    thanks pink dogwood, I have read some of your blog, I think you already do, indeed ;)

    Geli, xoxoxo

    thank you everyone, your comments always mean so much, and this time they really did help me to feel so much better,
    XXX Lori

  11. oh lori my thanx will go to you for your good posts. I wish you Happy new year.

  12. I wanted to check out your etsy shop, but the link doesn't work for me :(

  13. Thanks for the kind words Biashara, Happy New Year to you too!
    xx lori

    OH Thanks Pink Dogwood! hmmmm,I'll see what the problem is,its probably me! if you like you can go to and have a look, i will be putting on more soon(time permiting!)
    xx lori

  14. Wonderful list, Lori. Karen tagged me to do it too, so just as soon as I'm back to regular blogging, I'll be doing it!
    So glad you're feeling better, keep on getting well!

  15. Dear AV, that is such a bummer you have hurt yourself! I am sure I speak for MANY to get better! and don't hurry, even though we really miss your posts, we will all still be here.Better to heal properly.Say hi to bo!
    xxx lori

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xoxo lori