Tuesday, December 30, 2008

goodbye 2008

when i started looking at pictures for this post, i realized that we have led a pretty uneventful year. no big trips, no weddings or births, no books published, no news worthy happenings to speak of, no nothing like that at all. At the same time, there has been no catastrophes,no injuries, no jobs lost or fields of grain ruined by locusts(kidding about that one, we don't have any fields). and over the last 12 months we did find time to do plenty of good for the soul things. So,come along and i'll show you a few of the highlights of my 2008...
january-Hearst Castle in San Simeon, south of Big Sur, and elephant seal watching! we celebrated my sister's 50th birthday,here and in Cambria.february-the Carpinteria Salt Marsh, good for bird watching,kayaking(shhh,not legal)running on the trails.

march-Guadalupe~Nipomo Dunes,an 18 mile stretch of dunes on California's Central Coast,so much fun to run up and down them. no, we go for pictures.only.
april- Figueroa Mountain-for wildflowers, we chase the blooms for a few weeks each spring,as far south as Anza-Borrego Desert in San Diego County. i wish they made smell-a-computer. it's floral heaven.

may- my girl, the volleyball player, at her tournament in Irvine. That's her #2. She got her first offer to play at a Division 1 University all the way across the country. Oh Lord.

june- my beautiful daughter-in-love v.kaleolani kamai k. graduated from University in San Diego, her family all flew in from Hawaii.i took the train down, a 5 hour ride along the coast. Aloha nui loa sweetheart.

july- joined etsy.com & started lindylove

august- Bend,Oregon and my best mates,rollin' back the clock to more carefree times.my only time to get on a plane this year.good times. began blog.

september- my husband and some of his mates, just finishing the Friendship paddle for a terminally ill neighbor & friend. husband is the cute one. ok, the one with the backpack on.

october- my son (with the red ankle thing)competing in his first martial arts competition. He made me watch. celebrated 3rd anniversary with hot husband.

november- here is my baby(in the middle)at her last high school volleyball game. she is a senior. this was a bittersweet moment for her and i since she has grown up in this gym, watching all her siblings play.waiting for her turn, now she's had it, and it's over.wow, time flys. i was figuring i have watched at least 17 million games between the 5 of my kids in this gym alone.Every one of them played. and not just here, they each played club too. and my oldest played for University of Hawaii and then for the A.V.P(asociation of volleyball professionals)...but i'm going on. This nite was sweet and happy and tearful and Hannah presented me(BonnieLori) with a bouquet of roses and a thank you for my support. we were the last to leave this evening. when everylast person was gone we stood on the warrior sign and took this photo.

december- i think i've used up most of my photos for december already, so i chose one a few years old to serve as an example of what we'll be doing in the new year. we'll be going to:
ok,that's it. c'mon 2009, we're ready for you.

xxx Lori


  1. Well, sounds like you DID actually get up to a fair amount! Where are you planning to head in 2009?

  2. beautiful...you certainly get to do some wonderful things your side..gorgeous places...AFRICA 09!! hoorah? where?????? xxx

  3. Looks like it was a very active and wonderful year! Fabulous.

    You're going to the big big big continent? What part? When? How exciting!

  4. What a wonderful way to celebrate the year! And you're coming to Africa? When, where?!?!

    Wishing you a wonderful 2009, Lori, hope it's a "best year ever"! xxx

  5. I agree - seems like you did loads in 2008!!! those strapping healthy kids! new biz; travel pics (love the flowers) - and now Africa 2009.... well done you! xx

  6. sounds like you had a great year. Wishing you a great 2009.

  7. hey all, i guess now looking back it does look like we have done more than i thought! i think when it doesen't involve flying it seems less...really love those truck trips tho!!

    We're going to Zimbabwe, unless things get even worse,could they? :( plans may have to change,if we're not allowed in the country. But we will be somewhere in Southern Africa in May. In the meantime, my husband will be in Tanzania next week, i'll write about it in my next post to let you know all about it!

    Thanks for all the lovely comments! i love you all and want to wish you a very HAPPY NEW YEAR!!

  8. What lovely pictures. Hope 2009 is even better for you. Cant wait to see Africa! Happy New Year xx

  9. Thanks Suzy! will be taking LoTs of pics. Happy New Year!
    xx Lori

  10. Oh Bonnie Lori, what a beautiful and happy family you have, and I LOVED that April photo, but each one of you and your kids (including daughter-in-love)as much, and I hope you will turn your feet to Germany as well! But WHEN you go to Africa, take photos of everyone you meet (you MUST meet all our blogging friends!) and share them with us! I am so happy you have started blogging and we could meet you!!!

  11. Oh I do like your profile description of yourself. I feel like that too!

  12. dear geli, yes, it would be so great to meet everyone, but i would like to make a stop first in Germany to bring you along! who knows whats in store for the future :) and you know,if you do come here and its the spring i'll take you to see those flowers in person!

    dear Gbs, welcome! and thanks so much for saying that, off to visit you now...

    xxx happy new year!

  13. Hi Bonnie-Lori! just been catching up on all posts..what lovely words and pics, thanks for sharing your year, travels, bits of family news and your wonderful family Christmas... love the stockings,and all the creative knitted-ness! Africa/Zim, how exciting! We definitely will have to try and meet up somehow/somewhere!! Wishing a Happy Happy New Year to you and the family! xx

  14. What a lovely year you had. And an exciting one coming up.
    PS I agree he is a cutey. But, Mmmm, they others look rather nice too. I like kayaking 'cos it gives one a good firm tum :-)

  15. BYEE 2008 and hello 2009... Hopefully it's a better one..

  16. Hello Lori!
    I am so glad I stumpled onto your blog! I love how blogging has introduced me to new friends. Blogs are like reading diaries of ones life. I love writing and mostly love reading about others and how they cope and live their lives.
    I too love to look into the windows of neighbors when on walks(: I also drive slow at night into the neighborhood. More so when we lived in the old neighborhood because no one used window coverings! My girls tell me I am a creeper when Im looking, I say, no way! Just interested in others lives.
    Thanks for the comment on my blog! I love comments and get few. I am not real interesting but I feel so relaxed after writing. My post are rather boring.
    I was catching up on your blog when you commented on mine.
    Your pictures are beautiful! And you write so well. It sounds like a wonderful life you are Blessed with.
    Keep on writing and please visit my blog whenever you wnat!
    Happy New Year!

  17. Hi Karen, i'm so glad your back safe and sound from your New Years fun! Thanks so much for the wishes, they are flying around the world at the moment heh? isnt it lovely? and yes Zim!! and the falls!! so we will make a plan. wow!

    Katherine, i think your right about the guys, and a nicer group would be hard to find! your also right about kayaking, the easiest way i know to firm up. Have you tried stand-up paddleboarding yet? i think its even better work out, and really fun!

    Leon Basin, thank you for popping in, 2008 was great and thanks for the wishes for 2009! Happy New Year to you!

    Janis, thank you for becoming a follower! your posts are not boring, everyones got something to say! all our differences make it interesting and our sameness's make the world a much smaller friendlier place. i think. :)

    xxx Lori

  18. Hello there.... great to meet you!

    So where are you going to in Africa???
    I live in South Africa.

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  20. Oh Sex, ?

    Welcome Fifi! we will be going to Zimbabwe. I'm excited,it's a place we've not yet been. Not near you though heh?

    ? - thanks! i hope :)

    xx lori


xoxo lori