Sunday, November 30, 2008

Something's going around

I got sick. I don't feel good. My friend called and left a message on my phone it said " I'm calling from Crank-a-holics Anonymous, you missed your meeting". Well I might be just a teensy bit cranky. I don't feel good.
Here's a photo for you since words hurt my head, I picked a random one off my computer that I thought you might enjoy. It's of my daughter standing next to a 30 metre high waterfall, in New Zealand. I hope you like it and I really hope you don't get sick. Like me.
I'll be back soon, with those meme's and more...
xxx Lori


  1. whoa sorry about that Lori. Hope you are feeling much better soon. I thought you were quiet. Prescribe some rest, spoileration by your family, chocolates, movies, sleep and sleep. take good care of yourself.

    my word veri today is Lorini

  2. Dear Bonny Lorini, I wish you a very quick recovery to your old happy and healthy self. Take Dr. Val`s prescription to your heart and sleep and sleep. The Chinese say that four days and nights of sleep will cure any sickness! See you in four days then!

  3. hi sick girl, hope you feel better soon! thanks for the pretty photo... I'm sure that lifted your spirits a bit, too!

  4. Oh, Lori - I'll send over Mama's chicken soup...a sure cure for all ills! Get better soon, girl.

    What a fantastic photo...really gives a sense of scale. Beautiful.

  5. oh pole sana dada, pole sana. get better quickly!!! sending lots of cheery healthy thoughts your way. xxx j

  6. Take good care. Chicken soup? Or whatever remedy you trust.

    Sending healing vibes. Get well soon!

  7. Dear Val,Geli,Karen,Tessa,Janelle and Reya,thanks so much everyone, you are all so sweet. I took everyones advice, rest,soup,and a lot of echinacea and vitamin C.(and a little chocolate) :)
    feeling much better than I did yesterday, can't wait for tommorrow! Bonny Lorini...?? haahahhahGeli!

    xxx L

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xoxo lori