Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Playing Hooky

One day this last week (before the fires) my husband had to head up north to Morrow Bay and Avila Beach, to take some photos for an assignment he had. I took the opportunity to tag along, it's a beautiful day, and a beautiful drive, want to come too? Here we go heading up the coast, this is just a little north of Santa Barbara...
here's a quick look at Shell Beach...
and acres and acres of vineyards, see how much they thrive in these conditions? theres a good grape, when you grow up you can be a lovely pinot noir and I can drink you. yum.
We are taking the 1, the coastal route. San Francisco will have to wait for another day...
Our first stop. We are at the Elfin Forest in Morrow Bay, we seem to be the only ones here, let's go have a look around...
These are the miniature ancient oaks we came to see if you would like to know more about this phenomenon you can find out here. I want to read more myself, right now we are on a mission for the photos!
Now we are at the IMPORTANT Bird Area, this is still part of the Nature Preserve in The Elfin Forest.
Do you see what I see here? What is this language that SLO birds speak? Their chortling crrronk?? ha ha hee hee! I think i used to have a car that used to make this sound...

Here is the lovely estuary of Morrow Bay, in the distance is the rock that Morrow Bay is famous for. One time we kayaked all around this place, you can even paddle in the area right in front of us here, at high tide.

Back on the road, we have to turn back south (i know, I'm sad too) I could keep going and going. Here is my knitting, I am working on these little soft bowls, see the white? it will turn into the bowl in the photo when I'm done with it!

Now we are at Avila Beach, here is the pier...

and here is the beach, one part of it...
and here is the welcoming committee. Hi there guys!

Isn't he the cutest?...they are so cute when their mad, more photos Mr. Pelican...

Here is a very large sea lion, its hard to tell so you'll just have to take my word for it. What I couldn't tell is if he was happy or not to meet us. I think though that he was not. Or maybe he was. Oh where is Dr. DooLittle when you need him...?

look at this healthy guy, I bet he's off to catch his lunch...

A nice restaurant on the pier for the rest of us, with fish `n chips, ceviche, calamari...I don't know though, I feel a little bad about eating seafood when the rest of the family is swimming right underneath our table...

aren't these clever? i know my g~babies are gonna love this...

and this....

what a day...the sun was shining...finally some alone time with my darling...
we held hands, it felt like a date...

...when we left today, we made a deal, no talking about kids, money, work, kids... and especially the kids...
we would just enjoy this day...

unlike this pour soul who surely did not enjoy their day. This person was eaten by a great white shark right off that pier you see in the distance.
oh man.
...the sun is setting...we are tired...time to head home...but first we are hungry since we didn't eat in Avila's. We know of a great restaurant not too far from here in the town of Guadalupe. It's call the Far Western Tavern. The building it's in was built in the 1800's and it used to be a shhh...whore house... It's an old cowboy hangout with authentic wild west decor, the curtains are even made of cowhide, which would be a pretty big turn-off if you are a vegetarian. As would the big steaks they serve.
Anyway... my husband got the photos, we had fun and I hope you enjoyed a little part of our little trip as well... and i hope all these photos didn't take forever to load.

xxx lori


  1. The pictures are lovely. I stayed a summer in San Fransisco , and in our last week we drove down to Anaheim to take the boys to Disney. And I remember going past Hearst Castle either going of coming back, can't remember which now. The Pacific Highway is without doubt one of the finest in the world.
    So how about we set up a exchange visit to see each others lovely sights?

  2. fabulous - loved playing hookey with you! beautiful coastline. is Morrow Bay mangrove area? looks fab for canoes/kayaks; thanks for the day out :-) xV

  3. Hi Lori, this was a beautiful experience! Thanks for sharing it with us..

    by the way, you're going to love me for this - another meme going your way, this time about books. but only if you feel like it!!

    happy knitting! lol x

  4. Fire Byrd, I think we may have to do that very thing, indeed. The area around Hearst Castle, San Simeon, is one of my favorite on earth. It would be a dream to find a piece of property and build a tiny house. Its beautiful,unspoiled old California...

    Thanks Val, no,no mangroves in Morrow Bay, the picture shows a loooow tide that does look like it though. Its a beautiful estuary with marsh plants, lots of birds and sealife.And at high tide it looks entirely different. glad you could come!

    Karen, thanks! uh oh, you just reminded me about the other meme...i have some writin' to do :)
    (and knitting!)

    xxx lori

  5. Lori - I'm perplexed!?! What are the knitted bowls used for?

    You have some stunning photos. I think I need a trip to the coast sometime soon - maybe Cape Town after the holiday makers have headed home after New Year.

  6. Ha Ha Janet! that is so funny you ask. Well, i had this idea for christmas gifts...they are just fun to make and they take up very little yarn so i can use up what i have instead of buying more. i gave one to a friend and now she holds jewelry in it, i have one filled with feathers. random eh?
    xx lori

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xoxo lori