Friday, November 7, 2008

Awards all around

How do you like that?! I have been given this award by Val over at the most amazing blog, Monkeys on the Roof. For brilliant observations of what it's like living on the African continent, this is the place to go. Thanks Val.

I've been thinking about what Val had to say about awards meaning something after all. She is so right. And even though I think that if this award came in sizes I would have the postage size one and she would have the poster size, it's still a gift. And it still means alot to me. And it's made me think how such a seemingly small thing can add so much to a persons life. Everyday since getting this reminder to pass it on, pay it forward, I've been trying to do just that. At home and at work, with my friends and family. Little notes, messages, reminders to say I appreciate you, I like and or Love you. It really made me think, sometimes even pay attention a little more closely , be more watchful. Giving out Good You!awards just makes you want to give more. So now I think the thing to do is pass this little bit of blog love along to 7 others. And again, I wish it were more.

There's just one problem...

I read and love many of the same blogs that Val it ok to pass the award back? no? yes? are there rules? Oh well, I'll just make up my own and hope that the blog police don't come after me...

For excellent reading, sure to enrich and educate your life, make you smile, laugh, open your mind, even make you want to jump on a plane, here are THE blogs I would like to pass this award back to and on to!

* monkeys on the roof * Plan to stay awhile. You will be transported. It's just that good, go see for yourself if you haven't yet.

* letters from usedom * For a great story and for lovely words of kindness and wisdom, always, visit Angela .

* the times of miranda* get in and hang on, and really enjoy this ride. Miranda is funny and charming and always entertaining.

* fleeing muses* always interesting and fascinating, Tamara is the talented sister of Miranda.

* fire byrd * inspiring and lovely creative writing.

* border town notes * Karen writes from a border town(oh, yes, that's in the title!), another kindred soul.

* absolute vanilla...(and atyllah) * is a must (witty and wonderful) read, as is * blog that mama * hilarious! more and I will stop , * ngorobob house life from the hill * by Janelle and her incredible writing she inspired me to blog with her words of encouragement and by giving the very first comment to my blog. (and then when I was considering not doing this after all, she gave me the keep it up comment). I'm glad I listened. Thanks Janelle. Thanks everyone for the fun.

xxx lori


  1. Whoo! I got an award, how nice is that! Thank you so much, I really appreciate it and being part of such wonderful company.

  2. Well done on receiving the award. I think there are so many excellent blogs out there that's it nigh on impossible to choose ones you wish to pass on to.

    You deserve the award!
    CJ xx

  3. Dear Lori,you have become a friend and I so appreciate your kindness and all your charming blog posts and the way you look at the world, and YOU of all deserved Val`s reward! But it is nice passing it on, and I think when I pass mine on I will choose just the very same ones you picked! Is that allowed? And add two more perhaps? Or three? Or I`ll make two bits of seven and so can choose 14? What does the blog police say to such rebellious ideas? Thanks Lori, you are sweet!

  4. Thank you very much Lori and big congratulations on yours. So many great blogs to read and enjoy, so little time! Blogthatmamax

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xoxo lori