Thursday, November 20, 2008

Aisle seats

I guess I've pootled around long enough and now I see I've been tagged a fourth time so I'd better get on it! The first three tags were from the lovelies Angela , Vanilla , and Karen. This Meme is about revealing 7 Random & Weird facts about yourself. I know the rules are out there somewhere, and I really do hope you will forgive me because I am about to break them (again)((the blog police never showed up last time)). Well, not really break break, just a little tweak, if that's alright with you ? OK. so. the first part. First, this might sound really lame since this is MY Blog after all...but I don't really like to write about me. Oh, I like to write about me with others and ALL about other and places and things...but I am...winceing...sweating...handwringing...

so I thought about asking my family and friends if they could name some Random and Weird facts about me. And then I thought better. What if they said something that would cause more wincing... I am just going to have to man-up and play this game like a big here goes...

7 Random & Weird Facts about Me:

1. I HAVE to have an aisle seat. I could take the inside or window, but only if my husband is on the aisle. This goes for planes, trains, buses, pretty much anything with an aisle. I didn't realize how bad it was until one time I was booked on a flight overseas. My husband said "Did you remember your aisle seat?" yes, i did, I said. But, the airlines didn't and the very inhospitable ticket agent said "sorry, flights full, you'll take this seat and you'll like it" well, she didn't say exactly that, but she meant it. I thought, Lori, stop behaving like a baby. Travel means being adaptable and most important, no whining. So, I boarded the plane, thinking good thoughts and then I saw my seat. Not only was it not an aisle, it was right in the middle of a 5 seat row. Here I was like this: X X x X X . I am the tiny x. Now, I am not tiny, I only felt it. I sat there and did my yoga breath , but I realized my pulse was racing, my heart was pounding and besides the fact that I suddenly had to pee really bad, I was crying. Yes, right there, like a little crying baby. I knew I was screwed, I could not sit here for 12 more hours or the whole aisle would have been crying. So, I got up, grabbed all my stuff, said goodbye to my ex-seat mates, sorry for everything and all. And I went and found the most sympathetic flight attendant I could. I said to her please may I have an aisle seat?, I don't care where, you see, I requested one and I need it. She said to wait and she'd be back. In the meantime I was told to take my seat a few times. I can't, I don't have one yet. I really did feel like the biggest idiot and all. Standing there looking lost on an airplane. And then my sweet sympathetic attendant came back to me and said I have a seat for you and she led me to the last row of the plane where I was shown my new seat. Excellent! My new seat mate was not happy to see me as she now had to hold her 1 year old on her lap. And as my punishment for usurping this seat at the last minute, i was kicked, slapped, drooled and crackered on for the next several hours, by the baby darlings, not the mother...and I couldn't have been happier!

2. umm... that was a long one, the next 6 will be short, i promise!

I've written (and kept) journals since high school. As far as I know this is the first to be read.

3. I LOVE airports and bookstores...think of the possibilities!

4. My name to some of my daughters friends is Bonnie. Some time ago, one of my daughters friends said to her, when she saw me coming, "oh, here comes Bonnie". My daughter said "Who?" The friend said "You know Bonnie".My daughters other friends said "her names Lori" while shrieking with laughter. So from then on I have been known as BonnieLori or just plain Bonnie to the kids at the High School.

5. I like to look in other peoples windows. When I go for a walk around the neighborhood I just like to look.

6. I have a collection of stingrays. I probably have 30. One time I stepped on one and it went through my ankle, almost through to the other side, and I had surgery and now I have permanent damage, from the stingray. But I like them.

7. I am happiest when I am in the middle of my kids and they are all being noisy and joking and having fun with each other (and they kind of forget I'm there) and they are all loving one anothers company. It's pure joy. And my husband will see the look on my face and he'll come over and put his arm around me and say quietly " happy?" . Yes, oh yes.

And now I've done it Geli, Vanilla and Karen, it just took me awhile. And so here's where I change it up a bit. Everyone of you has been tagged with this Meme (and everyone else I read) so if its alright with you can I suggest something else?
Since Thanksgiving is right around the corner and it is one of my favorite times of the year, can we start a Meme that lists the 7 things we are Thankful for?

Do you like this Meme Idea? is this even a Meme? Well, I am tagging Fire Byrd, Letters From Usedom and Monkeys on the Roof, yep, only 3, so you only have to tag 3 too . If you like this idea. OK?

that's all ;-)
except for the new book tag from Karen.
I'm on it.

xxx lori


  1. Lori your last one made me want to cry - happy scenes always do. Also reunions at airports... strangers even... sigh; well done on this meme! Aisle seats - yup i know what you mean. and bookstores, stingrays... you mean the sting bit? not the whole thing?
    fascinating - thanks and i like the idea of your thanksgiving meme so will give it a bash.xx

  2. well done! lovely random weirdnesses, especially the last one!

    fascinating about the stingrays, where do they live?

    have a wonderful weekend BonnieLori :-)

  3. My Bonnie is over the ocean, lala, and I have written her a letter! Hope it reaches you so far away.
    I loved your random and funny things! Carry on with the way you are! Just lovely!

  4. I've never heard of anyone who collects stingrays, it's a first! My favourite has to be looking in other people's windows, I love that!

  5. Hey Val, I'm so glad you like the idea of doing a meme of things we are thankful for, I can't wait to see your list.
    Have you ever noticed the humanity at airports? how vulnerable people are and the way it evens us all out, for the most part. I love hellos and goodbyes too, its all part.

    Karen, Thanks! stingrays live right here, and most everywhere the water temp is warm enough. I think i'll write a post about this.

    I can't wait for the letter Geli,yay! I will be checking my mail box as often as my email box now! Still haven't baked yet, but I've copied your recipes to my I will!!

    C'mon Mama, you know you do it too! no? uh,then I am random/weird! stingrays are an unsolicited obsession, can't be helped.

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments!

  6. What a good meme to have to do, thank you for tagging me with it. As I've no more odd facts left!

  7. oh good Fire Byrd, I'm glad you liked the idea, and I'm looking forward to reading your list!

  8. aisle seats? you are weird bonnie lori! heh heh heh! and terrifically honest and wonderful! lots love xx janelle

  9. oh and also love your photo live in a beautiful place..and your grandbabies are GORGEOUS! xx

  10. Oh great list of weird and random things, Lori and thanks for playing along. How amazing that you collect stingrays!

    I also love looking through other people's windows - I think it's the writer in me 'cos through every window I see a story.
    And I'm with you on aisle seats - though because D insists on a window seat I inevitably end up in the middle seat having a major stonk!

  11. Wonderful list! I have to have an aisle seat, too, and I always look in people's windows when I walk the dog at night. Very cool.

    Love your thanksgiving meme, too. Gosh, I have so many things I'm thankful for ... but I love thinking about it at this time of year.

    Thanks for suggesting a contemplation of gratitude!

  12. Ah Janelle, you are sweet and too kind, well, anyway, I know I'm weird,but having the best of friends and family,who cares? ha! g~babies are ever cuter when their asleep...

    Dear Vanilla, i am so glad to hear that i'm not alone! major stonk?? can I borrow that?

    Reya, you don't know how much better I feel hearing you say that, I felt i might be banished from the bloggosphere after this meme!

    And in case anyone is reading this, i feel i must clarify a thing about the sting rays, the ones i collect are made of carved wood or stone or fabric..or whatever, not the real ones! no no no! oh yes i like them, but only if they are miles away from me or fake.
    thank you very much.

    oh, and thank you all for such lovely comments.

    xx lori(Bonnie)

  13. You are a very interesting person! I found the point about your stingrays fascinating and somewhat unique. I have to admit I'm partial to the aisle seat myself!

    CJ xx

  14. Thanks CJ, i hope interesting in a good way? the stingray wasn't my fault!really! ;)

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xoxo lori