Saturday, November 15, 2008

Quantum of Awesome

Quantum of Solace received less than stellar reviews so our expectations were low when we went to the theater to see it on Saturday.

I was so happy to be disappointed... in the reviews! We loved it. The movie was fabulous , from the opening song `Another way to die` performed by Alicia Keys and Jack White, to the end, which left off with the possibility of another film. Sweet. I thought the newest Bond Girl, Olga Kurylenko did a smashing job...and I wonder what was the name of that lipstick she was wearing? yes...well... it was enough to let us forget, for the moment, about the horrific situation happening right here in our own backyard, another wildfire. It is such an awful feeling, this helplessness. We are told to stay indoors and out of the way so firefighters and rescue workers can move through the streets. I know some of you saw it on the news, and I want to thank you so much for your kind thoughts and hopeful wishes. Every time we have a fire here in California I think everyone holds their breath and prays it doesn't come close to any neighborhoods. This one started in one. No one knows how it began, only where, at Westmont College in Montecito. This campus was built in the 1940's and like alot of the buildings that have burned down so far, they have a little history. This fire, which is still burning, threatening over 1000 homes, is wind blasted, they are calling it sundowner winds, when the cool ocean air meets the hot canyon wind and somehow this creates havoc. And ferocious conditions. So far over 200 homes have been lost though no lives. Thank God for that. We have friends that have evacuated, it seems like everyone knows someone that has or that has lost their home. The trails that we love so much, many are burned beyond recognition.So we do as they ask, we keep the house closed up, windows shut tight. No running. No outside activity. Air quality is so poor. Use water sparingly, the reservoir is lowlowlow. Ash falls like snow covering everything casting a grey pall over all. So we went to the movies, it looked like a ghost town. Doors were closed to keep out the ash (and heat) the temperature is in the high 80's. Poor poor firefighters. Signs are everywhere...In store windows... Thank you Fire Department...We love you Santa Barbara...

Took ourselves for a drink after the movie. You know the one, The Vesper Martini. We lifted our glasses to the newly homeless people,that they can find their way, wish that I could take everyone in, that they may find some silver lining in all this, some catharsis, grateful for no people gone, only replaceable buildings, and please rain please come now, and please wind, calm down, calm calm calm, and to all the people that serve to protect all of us, we raise our glass and thank you, everysingleone.

xxx lori


  1. looking forward to watching the movie, I love Daniel Craig!..So, One Day. Maybe when the dvd comes out - that's the way it goes when you live in the back of beyond!

    The fires look absolutely appalling and so frightening. Good that you are safe! Take good care xx

  2. The fires sound extremely frightening. Did hear that the wind had changed direction on the news over here. Hope so, there's been enough damage.

    How did you have time to look at that woman's lippy when Daniel Craig was there to swoon over?

  3. Karen, I know what you mean about having to wait for the dvd, thats usually us, even tho we live where we live, but yes, DANIEL CRAIG. BEST Bond EVER. I've got Casino Royale and mustve seen it a dozen times. Can't wait to see this one again too. And yes fires, almost contained.Thank God.

    Fire Byrd, I think the fires are worse than earthquakes, even tho their somewhat more predictable. Hopefully it'll be over soon.

    Ah well...while i was hypnotized by Daniel Bond, I was noticeing that my husband was just as taken by the newest Bond girl, they did make a beautiful pair!

    thank you for great comments and good wishes! xx lori

  4. Daniel Craig is truly fabulous in every way, especially as James Bond. He might be the best Bond ever.

    I'll definitely go see the film. Thanks for the review!

    Hoping the Santa Ana winds calm down asap!

  5. Thanks Reya, the wind is calming for the moment, I don't know why they called it sundowner winds and not santa anas this time, i'd not heard that before!maybe its the same thing? let me know what you think of the movie, at least watching Daniel Craig can only be good!

  6. Hi Lori,

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I am visiting yours and walk right into a fire. I remember those from the time I used to live in California myself. How scary and unpredictable they are.

    Take good care of yourself. I'll add you to my google reader so I'll know how you are.


  7. I'm so glad you enjoyed the Quantum of Solace, I've been in two minds whether to go given the reviews - but I love Bond and I think Daniel Craig portrays the real Bond, as Fleming intended.

    I'm so sorry to hear about the fires - we get summer fires like that here too - utterly devastating but we've not had a bad one in the city itself for a few years - however, I'm not optimistic that that good run is going to last much longer, especially with the botanists wanting to start burns to resuscitate the indigenous growth - I always think that is so fool hardy - the wind just has to come up and the fire is away.
    Take good care of yourself and be safe.

  8. Are things any better now? Hope so!

  9. CS, sorry about that! yes, fires are a fact of life I guess, around here anyway. Thank you for coming here, i need to find out what a google reader is!

    AV, I know what you mean, I usually try to ignore reviews,make up my own mind.But Bond,HAD to take a chance.
    News has just come out the fire may have been intentional. I am always of afraid of these "controlled"burns as they are called here. We cannot control the wind. I guess all we can do is take proper precautions. And yes,stay safe!

    The Dotterel, Yes! Its 90% contained and last night we had fog roll in, things cooled down for the moment.

    Thank you everyone for your kind comments and good wishes!
    xxx lori

  10. Lori - those fires sound so very frightening.... makes our wait for rain seem so passive by comparison; really hoping you get some rain and the winds calm down. Ash everywhere - must be surreal too, and some people still surfing? fire and water. stay safe!

  11. There you are Val! hows the cold? hopefully you're feeling better? Things are better here, fire is almost contained, funny how quickly life returns to "normal".For some. Thanks for good wishes! hope your rain is coming in manageable doses!
    xx lori

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xoxo lori