Thursday, September 30, 2010

last week was the coldest day on record here
five days later
the national weather services thermometer (in los angeles) broke
when it reached 113 degrees.
the hottest day ever.

as soon as i got out of work
i ran to the beach
and jumped in the ocean!
then i made some popsicles.
summer has finally arrived.

p.s. owen got his own little swimming pool in the backyard where he's been splashing happily and bobbing for his toys. he's terribly cute when he's all wet. oh owen.



  1. Lori,

    I have been meaning to write for a while, but evenings have been crazy. I received the package from you and wanted to hang it somewhere and take a picture and post it on my blog and thank you properly. But haven't managed to do it so far. I love the flags - I will treasure them forever. Both my daughters love them as well and we are thinking of a central location to display it for everyone's viewing pleasure.

    Thanks again.

    And 113 degrees!!! It is 70 here today - maybe we can take an average of both and it would be a good number :)

  2. Hey, Lori!!

    I want the hottest day ever. I would love that. It gets pretty hot when I'm in AZ in the summer and I seem to really dig the heat.

    Owen must be so cute in that pool!!

  3. weather is bipolar?!?!
    oh my word

    his 'owen' pool - hahahaha

  4. I want to see own in his pool!

    I'm glad summer has finally arrived for you.

    The humidity is here today and I really hate it. I sweat like a banshee!!!! Pretty girl ;P

    I'll miss you this weekend♥

  5. Oh you poor thing! The entire Southern California is setting records. We got up into the 70's, ten degrees warmer than we have known since moving here. Thank God for the Ocean!

  6. ok now lori -- we MUST see fotos of owen in his swimming pool!! little wet ragamuffin♡

    ...and to think we were just talking about the long gray cold summer you were having --- just look what happened next hehe!!! stay cool dear friend!!


  7. Wow the weather certainly is changing in ways that we haven't known before.

    We've also had some very hot days this past September.... it's only Spring and it feels like Summer.

    When my dog was young he too had his own little swimming pool. He didn't bob for toys..... he just laid there for hours on end during the endless summer heat.

    Lovely photos Lori... I can feel the heat and fun of it all.

    Love to you

  8. Be fun to see a wringing wet little Owen. :)

    That weather is indicative of Australian weather too.....psychotic!

    I don't know whether to send you a virtual cool drink or a beanie.xx♥

  9. I am sweltering in Portland! Last week it was cold and rainy. So I packed long sleeved shirts and long HOT pants for my visit with the kids. Geeze.

  10. summer is here too Lori - wish i had the cool ocean to dip into :) can just imagine Owen in his pool. stay cool xxxV

  11. We had the hottest summer on record. Then fall seemed to arrive. got out the sweaters. Then it got hot and humid again. like tropical hotness.

    it's crazy!! I want fall for the Yart tomorrow, and we are all hoping for no rain.

    I got the Greensleeves yesterday and the are GREAT and even better in person. Starbucks - here I come

  12. I can imagine Owen´s happiness in his own pool!!!

    What ´s happenning with this weather thing, Lori?

    Here in Brazil it´s Spring but sometimes it feels like we´re still in Autumn...

    Have a happy, hot ( or maybe cold) weekend, dear Lori!

  13. The weather is weird. It has been 85 all week here and it is usually about 40 this time of year. I don't think I could handle 113!
    Kiss that Owen, he is a doll.
    And so are you :-). xoxo

  14. Here in NH it is pouring rain today. Has been rainy for days. Looks like it's a better day for you today!
    I saw that you've opened an Etsy shop! Congratulations!!

  15. oh, I'm so ridiculously jealous. It's been around 55 degrees F here the last week...brrr!

  16. Our leaves have begun to fall - no more swimming this year! I can`t imagine your temps! And oh yes, please, a picture of Owen, the wet little mouse.
    I`m hunting for more Sand Thorn sweets!


xoxo lori