Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The other side of the lens

 We woke this morning to a friends phone call : the mag is out. My humble husband is not too very excited to have his photo in the new Men's Journal magazine, but I am.

Here he is, on the other side of the lens...

This is reason to get excited, right?
I'm proud of you honey.
♥ wifey


  1. i've been staring at this picture for minutes now, my mouth wide open. it is an incredible shot, all of it, all of chuck in all that wild spray. holy moley lori.

    sometimes your world is a wonderous mystery to me. how very very cool.


  2. Ahh ... you are too sweet Lori! Tell Chuck her looks great in his pictorial spread and his photos are equally as impressive. You should be proud Wifey! : ) I have missed chatting with you. What a crazy busy summer.

  3. this is SO COOL!! great shot -- i knew your husband was a photographer, but not a surfer -- woooeeee!!! so exciting for you guys -- BIG congrats!!!! xxx

  4. Awesome, totally awesome! (I started to add 'dude' but thought it a little overboard ~ pardon the pun?)

  5. How awesome is this! You have every reason to be proud. Congratulations to your husband for a job very well done! :)

  6. First thing I checked was to see if you were the photographer!!

    Fabulous spread - nice style Chuck - Jeffreys Bay is still here for you . . .

    Rightfully proud Lori!


  7. Oh, I am SO proud too! What a fabby pic. :) Lotsa love.xx♥

  8. It's wonderful, but still - you CA people amaze me

  9. This is amazing! So excited for you both! Lovely post! So great of you to share how proud you are !


  10. Yes, Lori, this is indeed exciting!
    Wow! Your hubby is very talented and deserves this. xoxo

  11. Wow!!!!! This is so super duper cool - You should definitely be proud of him :)

  12. Congratulations Chuck, very cool!

  13. What a photo! The strong sense of movement from the waves and your handsome husband, looking like a Greek statue as he balances on his board. Very impressive!

  14. should be proud....very nice indeed...

    my hubby john is a surfer too...and he LOVES rincon...i can't beleive he hasn't driven off the road yet...every time we drive by i have to grab the wheel....he can't take his eyes off that surf spot :-)
    happy to visit is owen?

    teddy id adorable and amazing and so very, very lOVED !!!!

    he is MY SWEET BOY !!!!!!
    happy to visit today
    sending love,
    kary and teddy

  15. An incredible, amazing shot! It is, indeed very cool....

    Your man is brave! Those huge waves! (Not to mention the Sharks!) I think it's great he was recognised for his daring and his courage!

    You should be proud!

    Congrats to you both!

    ♥ Robin ♥

  16. He is so smashing, on both sides of the lens! Cheers to both of you, you Californian Surfers!!

  17. Wow! A lot of Pride! Congratulations to him, and to you both!

  18. Wow! Your husband is Michael Douglas?!
    Just kidding.
    He looks fantastic and so does that wave.

  19. That is one amazing photo!!! I hope he gets a copy of the original so you can frame it.

    How nice that you both share such a love of nature. He's definately the right guy for you, red hot mama!!


  20. WOW WOW WWWWOOOOOWWWWW!!!! Congratulations galore! Oh, how very exciting. YES, you can say you are married to THAT man! And oh my goodness, is that water REAL? What incredible waves and beautiful foam. Just incredible!

  21. I read your opening line and was about to tell Grandma that your husband is Michael Doug...dang! You almost got me there...

    Chuck's smart looks wonderfully captured

  22. Wow ! Congratulations to your husband, you must be so proud!!!
    Have a wonderful weekend, dear Lori!

  23. Enough reason to be proud and excited!@!!!!!!
    Wow again ;)

    have a nice day Lori!

  24. Very, very cool! To be published is something to be very proud of, in my opinion. Congrats to hubby.

  25. Oh, that photo of Chuck is so amazing!
    There were many surfers out yesterday but the waves quite small!
    When I got home I showed my husband this post! Loved it!

  26. oh my gosh, we get that magazine! i'll have to ask rich where it is. congrats lori's hubby!! and you too lori. :)

  27. A real joy seeing someone like Chuck, usually behind the lens, captured in a moment of what must be pure bliss. Being proud is just a natural thing for us wifeys! Thanks for sharing this.

  28. One thing I love about blogging is getting to know people far away that I may never meet but end up feeling like I know...Kudos on a job well done!


xoxo lori