Monday, September 13, 2010

celebrations and pirates

this post marks number two hundred. and at the same time the two year anniversary of this blog. hip hip hooray! of course a give~a~way is in order, but first a tiny explanation about the header photo at the top of lori times five...

it is not at the desert this image was taken. it's at the sea! see? here is another view. there is the pacific ocean in the distance of this (above) photo. both taken by my husband, Chuck Graham. we love the dunes and go there often to explore, enjoy the solitude and take pictures. and sometimes there is even some hopping about (see header photo. :)

i googled guadalupe dune images and found a few of his published photos.

but wait! look what i found! here is a really truly pirated photo of his! hahahaha! someone took chuck's photo and put johnny depp on it. i understand why, Pirates of the Caribbean was filmed here. we had to laugh (even though chuck said damn) this happened three years ago and i only just found it now.

over twenty three movies have been filmed at the dunes, although we've never seen anyone here, other than the lone fisherman. here is hannah doing the most fun thing you can do, run around! this is a photo chuck made and gave to her ♥ (when i took it out of the frame to scan, a piece of it stayed on the glass, as evidenced by the small white spot in the sky) :(

and here are my lazy mobile phone photos. i used to have better ones, but they are in photo heaven now (computer crashing, failure to back up). i can see it's time to go back for more!

thank you for reading, sharing, adding so much joy, happiness and love in my life these past two years. wishing i could hug you all. instead i'll celebrate by sending one of you a handmade celebration banner.

here is an example, one i made for hannah (it's actually one long strand which i've doubled here). your's will be similar but will not say good luck, unless of course that's what you'd like. i'll choose a name from the comments at the end of the week, sunday i think. yes, that sounds just right. have a wonderful week!

♥ lori


  1. I almost didn't want to leave a comment yet, because for some reason, number one never wins and I would love to win this one :)

    I love the pictures of the sand dunes, especially the one where Hannah is running.

    Happy blog anniversary - many, many more to come :)

  2. Oh Lori!
    Once again, lovely pictures! And seeing the Pirate of Carribean, Captain jack, made me laugh!
    Congrats my dear on the anniversary! You know I think you rock.
    Love to you this week♥

  3. ps.. i would love to win, but if not that is all good too as you have inspired me to give this a try w/ the girls baby clothes. i think it would make a lovely valance around my windows in the office :)

  4. WOWWEEEEEEE congrats all round to one of my biggest supporters of my recent adventure (maybe you'll be able to make Part 2. . . . )


  5. congrats dear lori -- 200 and 2 years!!

    i've always wanted to know about the fab header foto so it was cool to see where it is located -- and i agree with pink dogwood that my fave is the one of hannah running on the dunes.

    you are a gem in the blogworld and i always love reading your creative, love-filled posts -- here's to the next 200!!

    sending love, hugs and a barrelful of congrats my dear lori!! xoxo♡♡♡

  6. Lovely lovely photos and lovely blog. SO glad to know you!

  7. 200 posts! WOW! Congratulations!
    Your blog is as sweet and wonderful as you are.... you live in such a gorgeous area....and you capture all of its beauty with your photos, your words and of course, your art.

    I am happy to be a part of your "Blogging Family"!


    ♥ Robin ♥

  8. Congratulations Lori and I love all of these photos... even the mobile phone one. You two really do have a good eye.
    The photo of Hannah running could be you ;)

    Have you made the banner?
    I love those things and have often looked to buy one and then have never found them.... and thought that maybe one day I would attempt to make one. They remind me of tibetan prayer flags, which I also love.

    I hope your heart is feeling lighter and that you have been speaking with your girl.

    big love to you
    xxx Robyn

  9. Congrats on 200 blog posts! And you have to tell me where that dune is - I'd love to go someday! (Even if Johnny Depp isn't still ;)

  10. Awe.... congrats, Lori!! I just adore your blog!!
    Wow!!! Those photos are absolutely stunning!!! xo

  11. I am having a give away too! I know it is not cool to say it, but I hope I win :-). I love the dunes and thank you for letting us know about them, they look like so much fun. Happy Blog Anniversary!

  12. First of all congrats on 200 posts...I sure have enjoyed your pictures and your words.

    I love these amazing photo's! Wow! How cool that you husband took them. I love the one of your daughter running....I cannot for the life of me imagine running in such a place. I am awe.

    Thank you for sharing yourself so beautifully here on this blog of yours. I sure am glad I found my way here. :)

  13. Beauty! I only just discovered you- I have some catching up to do and some getting aquaintedness to do...Lovely blog, Miss!

  14. Happy 200th post/2 year blog anniversary Lori (aka Red Hot Mama)! I'm so glad I've "met" you. xxAden

  15. Happy 200th post, Lori! The pictures are beautiful!! I truly have enjoyed getting to know you through your blog. You are an uplifting spirit! I would be honored to win a piece of your work. :) ♥

  16. Lucky us for 200 posts! I only wish I had been here from the beginning ;)

    The photos are breathtaking. I love Hannah running free!And I agree, it could be you.

    I love your banners. I'd be over the moon to win one, and I'll celebrate the winner should I not be chosen ;)


  17. Hi Lori, what a great news! Happy Blog Anniversary, wishing that this will reapeat many many more times because I love reading your lovely words and to photos you take.

    Oh, this is already a big gift to me, Johnny Depp as Jack Sparros is the greatest!!

    Congratulations, dear Lori!!

  18. it's another planet, lori. that's how it strikes me. now that i know the ocean is there it's as though i've been let in on a special secret. ♥

    the dunes remind me of a woman's body. there is a photographer who does that, well the opposite: he photographs breasts and curves and crevices and viola! they are landscapes.

    now, about the celebration flags. i respectfully unenter (heehee) myself from your contest. hannah's not the only girl who already has the good fortune to spread forth with lori flags. you are a dear dear friend and i love you this much!

  19. hahaha!

    no! this much:


  20. Hey Lori, yes I am in Carp! I stumbled onto your blog one night while clicking through "next blog." I thought, Wow, that looks like Carp, and sure enough! Some of our kids indeed went through school together--Son Ryan-29, son Joe-26, and my Vanessa is 22. Love how I feel after reading your sweet posts and seeing your pics, you know, like.... gosh life is good! I will say hi if I see you out and about. Thanks for sharing. Congrats on the 2/200!

  21. I see you photos and I just want to run and roll with the,fun,fun..Its really wild knowing about the header..I always imagined it somewhere far off,an adventure perhaps,funny how our imagination takes us for a ride.

    Please please count me in on your generous Giveaway...oh I would just love love love it!!Big Hugs,Cat

  22. Love Captain Jack and pirates in general (except for modern-day a-wipes), and the dunes are so incredible. Great photos.

    Happy 2-year blogaversary.

  23. Dear Red Hot Mama,

    Lucky me to come back on your blog anniversary and OOOH a giveaway!

    Your photos always send me to emotional heights. Not only these incredible landscapes (Really! A sand dune by the beach! I really should get out more often in this great state of ours.) But also the family shots and tourist shots. Fantastic photo safari through NYC! I did my graduate work at NYU, and I remember being in the city as so exciting, like I belonged to this elite club of Manhattanites.

    And can I tell you how my heart went into my throat when I saw that amazing and love-filled quilt for Hannah. Oh my gosh, what a treasure!

    So good to see you again and feel your warmth. Happy Anniversary!

  24. bhavana,
    i'd never thought of that, there is a first time for everything. thank you!

    how lovely, make a post when you do, i'd love to see! thank you!

    hey i'm going to think all positive thoughts on that! thank you.

    thank you so much for your sweet words, i feel the same about you.

    thank you!

    mim, thank you so much. i'm sorry i didn't answer you in the last post, i didn't paint the wall, we were in a restaurant! it's a very cute house turned eatery! so glad to know you too. :)

    thank you! it's amazing how quickly these posts add up. it's been such fun. i'm so glad to be a part too, blogging is a blessing!
    i do make them, all out of recycled materials.
    i love the prayer flags and just recieved a set from friends. i really love flags in all shapes, they are so cheerful. and yes, much better now, getting happy calls from her. :)

  25. tracy,
    you could do it in a day or stay the weekend in morrow bay which is not much further north. but be prepared for a hike, it's about an hour to the dunes from the car park. thank you so much!

    gee, thank you so much, i am really flattered by you and i know chuck will be too.

    annie, thank you! and i don't think it's uncool at all, i said the same thing at yours so you wouldn't feel alone, :)
    thank you so much for all the kind words, i appreciate them so much, you are a truly generous and sweet person.
    i don't know what it is about dunes, they just make you want to run, down though, not up!

    linda sue,
    welcome, it's so nice to meet you! thank you for the kind words, i'll be by to visit you soon! we are sure to have friends in common...

    thank you dear, i'm glad to have met you too. (wish i could come to ireland and meet in person! someday...)

    ann marie,
    thank you, i really appreciate that. i'll always treasure the little bird from you. he still hasn't been properly framed, it's on the list though!

    thank you my friend. you have the best heart. would it be wrong to rig my own contest? ;)

    you love jack sparrow too? haha, what a funny thing to find on the internet, his photo superimposed on my husbands photo, we had to laugh!
    thank you for your always kind words sweet friend.
    i love you this much too. thank you for the comment, and i do know those photos, so beautiful. the dunes are sensuous indeed with all their curves and softness. maybe thats why my husband likes them so much?
    you are sweet, thank you very much. i'll ask my kids, we must know each other, carp is a small town! hopefully i'll see you soon!

  26. cat,
    maybe i should have let the mystery remain? heehee. well, it's still a beautiful place, that we really love. thank you for your sweet words dear.
    fragrant liar,
    yes, you are right, we don't need any of those kind! thank you for coming by, and for the kind words.

    it is so nice to see you again! i am touched that you went through so many posts, nyc must have brought back lots of good memories. nyu must have been very exciting. i ♥ nyc!
    my girl is enjoying her quilt now as the nights are getting cooler. welcome back dear!

  27. Ah, congratulations on the 200 x 200. And I see you're almost at 50,000 visits too!

  28. wowweee congratulations - 200 posts and each one a sparkling gem! those dunes look amazing - what a beautiful piece of theplanet you guys live in xxx

  29. katherine,
    thank you very much! I saw the counter too, i think these things are fascinating! (the flags and counters...)

    val? your back?
    oh, thank you so much, it is probably reminicent of the namibian dunes heh?
    welcome back!

  30. I love walking on beaches and sand dunes. Letting the sand slipped through the toes, lovely feeling.
    Love your pictures!

  31. Those pictures of the dunes are so amazing. The one of your daughter running with her hair flying was spectacular.

  32. Hi Lori,
    Just catching up once again! I love the photos and congratulations on your blog anniversary! It always brings joy to visit your blog!

  33. I seem to be always playing catch up...when can I retire? and blog more? As the Beatles say...'the love you take is equal to the love you make' and you bring joy in to so many lives, too! Celebrate!


xoxo lori