Saturday, February 21, 2009

perfect conditions ~ part two

It was too irresistible to ignore.
The sparkly white stuff was shyly calling to us,
we felt drawn, so in search we went... is a view of The Carpinteria Valley, far down below. Beyond that is, the Pacific Ocean and in the misty distance,
the Channel Islands National Park....but no snow yet... we go! we are at only 2000ft. here and HELLO!
I am hiking a little quicker now, I wonder how much will be at the top?

...still not too much,but we're almost there now, I can just make out the Los Padres National Forest in the background, I think we'll find what we're looking for just over that ridge...

S N O W !!! see? i knew it! i am thrilled. See me in the snow? i was so happy to stand and take it all in. But i could hear my husband calling "Come see this!" so following his footsteps... the snow :)....
THIS is what I saw next. Two million acres of California's most rugged wilderness. The Los Padres Mountains are home to the California Condor, Big Horn Sheep, Bears, Mt. Lion, Rattlesnakes and elaborate,
Chumash Rock Art. If you would like to see photos of some of these you can go to , go to the Gallery, then North American Wildlife and California Condors. can see for miles...we stood and breathed in the cool fresh air...took photos, congratulated ourselves on our good fortune, feeling blessed and humbled......and then my husband said "Come on". So I did. Now do you see those footprints in the snow? They are his, leading into the bushes. Poky, scratchy, sharp bushes. We bushwhacked for awhile until I said "umm, sweetheart, what may i ask are we doing?" he replied, "following Deer tracks". Oh good. I remembered that deer are nimble and can cling to sides of mountains and don't have to worry about twigs getting stuck in their hair or their camera getting broken...
just then he was satisfied, maybe because i was turning back anyway ;)...
I had other ideas...

...i wanted to have a closer look now...

...and have a go at snow man you see mine here? it is most definitely a she, with her crown of dried blooms on her snowy head...

...after playing in the snow, my husband wondered if I'd brought any snacks? he was hungry, like a bear he said, so we started our decent, you don't want to be around a hungry bear! the hike took around 2 hours to get here, so we were that far away from any least. That's not counting any detours... stream crossings...

...and leaf gazing...

...another stream crossing on the way down. We sometimes bring a picnic and sit alone on the rocks, we've brought champagne here, it's easy in a backpack...

...but this morning Summerland Beach Cafe was our destination.(remember Lindy?) It is a lovely restaurant in an old wooden house, with a deck for outdoor seating and an ocean view. Everyone else was all dressed up since it was Valentines Day. There we were all grubby, fresh from the trail (and snow). But so happy. Cheers Darling.
...."objects in mirror are closer than they appear".
yes, they are. hi mountains.

...trails done. time to knit! here is a little project i am working on..
"when i stitch i stitch with bliss, and with every stitch there went a kiss"
~ granma rose ~

(phone pics) ...and finally in the evening we drove to Santa Ynez to the Mavericks for a Valentines wedding...yes it was a wedding in a saloon and it was fabulous...we listened to country music, danced with cowboys and toasted a new union... was a very good day.

xxx lori


  1. ah BEAUTIFUL. BEAUOOOOTEEEEFOOOOL! makes me want to come and live where you fresh! thanks again for sharing your gorgeous life and love. xxx j

  2. Oh. So. Gorgeous. Yes, Yes deed!
    Gob open. Thanks Lori.xx

  3. I`m coming with Janelle!! Not that we don`t have enough snow, but I`d like to do what Rob Inukshuk did (or at least photographed): making a whole meadow full of snowmen - though from my daughter I learned that snow pigs are much more fun). But I LIKED your snow queen with the blossom crown! And I`m sure we`d all have a ball doing a snowball fight! And then a picnic at the creek. With champagne. Sigh, how absolutely beautiful.

  4. Wow!!! Always so wonderful to walk with you through your most beautiful part of the world...

    Thank you for the tender grace with which you live,

    Much love to you, Maithri

  5. Hi Lori Ann, Thanks so much for visiting my humble first blogging attempt. You are so inspiring. I love how we can share in your beautiful trek up the mountains through the crunchy snow and then a Valentine's Wedding in a Saloon is a perfect topping off of a day. I did feel like I could join in a snowball fight!

    The part that I liked the most was your description of your wonderfully happy albeit grubby selves enjoying a Valentine's Day Brunch. My hubby and I do not succumb to the "red roses only" way of celebrating life and love. It is the journey, isn't it? Aden

  6. Thanks for checking my blog.You dont know how excited I was to read your comment.And how more excited I was to know that you are following my blog.Thanks you made my day :D.

    Your post is spectacular as always!!So beautiful!!And yes i would like to go for a walk with you too.On one of those beautiful trails :)!!

    love chaitra

  7. ok thats it we are all coming to live in your neighbourhood! what a fabulous day. love the snowgirl :-)

  8. What a picture perfect day, Lori Ann. I enjoyed the hike, breakfast, and the knitting project! How fresh and vital your day was...may you have unlimited joy always! Thank you for sharing. <3

  9. I don't know if you could have a more perfect Valentine's Day! That looks like so much fun. We wouldn't have to go nearly as far to find snow here, but I love that you had that quest and found such beautiful sights.

  10. Astonishing views, just love the cloud in the valley and the mountains beyond.
    Yep your snow is so much more fun then mine was, simply cause you go back down the mountain and it's not there!!!
    Glad you had a lovely Valentine's day... Sounds perfect.

  11. woa
    those are beautiful.
    i just wanted to jump right into the screen and onto the snow, making snow angels x)
    looks like you had an amazing boost in the morning
    and an romantic evening <3

  12. Now THAT is what I call a perfect day - Valentines or any other!

    As always, I loved the journey. Thank you, Lori, for sharing your day so beautifully.

    (Those 'Lori hats' are enchanting - everybody should have one of those!)

  13. Thanks for taking us along on such a beautiful adventure!

  14. haha janelli, if you do we'll launch your singing career at the Maverick, Tom Petty was there recently. You will be famous!!! ok?

    Linda, thank you! i really appreciate you saying that.

    Natalie, oh if it took your mind off poor sonflower's sickys for just a moment, i'm glad! hope he's better...

    ok Geli, we'll make snow piggys, it all sounds good to me!i should havephotographed the snowball chuck threw at me and missed! haha, so funny!

    thank you for coming along, I love your company,
    the pleasure is mine.

    Aden, i'm honored you come to mine! and i thank you for your so kind words. Yes, you are SO right, its is the journey...

    Chaitra, I love what you have to say and i love that we are so much the same even though we live on different continents, and a half a world apart. You are so sweet.

    ok Val, i will start a big pot of soup right away... :)

    thank you,
    xxx lori

  15. Cynthia, and i wish the same to you on your island paradise! thank you for the lovely words.

    Colleen, you are so sweet, i know you MUSt be getting a little tired of it, you are such an inspiration, you know?

    thank you shepard, you are cute...

    Byrd, you are so funny, i knew thats what you'd say! but you are so right! your spring is coming soon, yay!and i'm pretty sure my snow pics are done.

    Welcome and thank you Dreamer! i'm glad you like my snow day!

    oh thanks Tessa, your right, little hats of love,hmmm, you've given me an idea.. :)

    Dear Lover, you are so welcome, thanks for coming along!

    thank you friends xxx lori

  16. stunning, as ever. That mountain stream does it for me! I just want to grab a backpack and get there immediately!! oh, and the blossomy snow-woman. gorgeous!
    I think you need to start making bigger hats now, too! lol x

  17. What a PERFECT Valentines Day Lori!!!
    and the mountains...oh so beautiful and crisp!!
    It would be lovely to breath in that fresh, fresh air....i am a teeny bit jealous :)
    and for some reason I really wanted the glass of oj at the end....looked so inviting and fresh too!
    i must be in need of a FRESH fix.LOL
    xxxlove to you

  18. Oh WOW. Absolutely stunning scenery. Not sure about the snow but to be above the clouds must have been simply breath taking.

    Thanks for sharing such wonderful photos.

    CJ xx

  19. Okay Karen, come on! do you need a hat? hmmmm? lol,shall i bring you one too?

    Yes Michelle, outdoor fix, a good thing! Just revisit your post where you took us through that beautiful country of your birth...ahhh!

    Thanks CJ, yes, it felt like we were somewhere other than home, incredible!

    xxxx lori

  20. I'm so jealous of your hike - it truely looks gorgeous! Gor-geous!! I'm in Phx so I hardly get to see snow. Wah-wah-wah...

  21. Great Landscape shots!
    Fred Smilek is the acting president of the Society to Save Endangered Species. It was founded two years ago by Fred Smilek along with his two best friends Charles and Jonathan.


xoxo lori