Tuesday, February 17, 2009

perfect conditions

A series of storms have hit our area, generating heavy rain, gusty winds and SNOW! I know many people will probably stop reading right now, since snow is the last thing you want to be reminded of. Sorry.
It's really exciting though when you live at the beach, unless of course you moved here to get away from the stuff. Having lived at the beach all my life makes it a pretty big event (for me). Friday morning we woke to rain, REALLY cold rain. By midmorning the wind pushed the clouds apart enough to let the sun through. I was at work thinking to myself how lovely that was, the sun, not work, when my phone rang. It was a friend telling me to go outside. Now. And oh, they said, you might want your camera.

I raced down to the Carpinteria Salt Marsh Nature Park. It's only a couple blocks from my work (and about a mile from my home). It's the best place besides the beach to get an unobstructed view of the mountains...

... see ?!... Fantastic...sigh...

...as I was making my way down the footpath, I came across a few others that were enjoying the respite from the wet weather. Can you see the bunny and the mockingbird?

...yes, you are doing a good job of hiding little bunny.
We can't see you at all :)

...and away to your comfortable perch miss mockingbird,
see you later...I've got to get back to work...

...heading back, I see that the beach park is flooded......and these mallards waste no time turning it into a pond...

... another view with palm trees and mountains,
I really like that!

...main street with snow (ok, it's on the mountains, but still!)

....last view. Till tommorrow.
When we go to the top of the ridge.
which means more snow.
just in case you want to pass on that post too.
i'm just saying ;)
xxx Lori


  1. How awesome is that? SO cool!You live in a beautiful place Lori, main street view very pretty.xx

  2. Beautiful pictures! Snow is a beautiful thing - especially when viewing it from afar. :) It snowed here too, but we don't get pretty duck ponds, we just have a bunch of dirty slush in the parking lots now.

  3. It's mostly a snow free zone here in Australia, but having said that we've been experiencing some extreme weather conditions so who really knows what this winter may bring.
    Easy for someone to grow up here and never have the experience of snow.
    You do fab pictures! Nice words too ;-)
    Best wishes :-)

  4. I seriously love the picture with the rain drops hanging from the branches. Looks like sparkling jewels.
    Glad your enjoying your snow. I'm just glad ours has gone and that the crocus and snowdrops are flowering.
    Spring isn't far away is what i keep reminding myself.
    It's been a long winter for me.

  5. woooh! awesome. I love the palm trees with snow behind - gorgeously incongruous.

  6. Well, sigh, as I am alone today I must get out my snow shovel now and remove the FRESHLY fallen snow from our entrance walk...I would gladly share it with anybody who wants it! And the news just said, no spring till mid-March! Ohhh. But your photos and words were beautiful as always, Lori! I loved that clever little bunny!

  7. You are so fun Lori....my sister :)
    We would have a laugh, you are so like me, like a kid in a candy store when it comes to anything to do with nature and i love that...makes me feel normal LOL
    enjoy your snow :)
    you always have a place in my heart!
    say hello to beautiful husband from me (my brother in law LOL)

  8. How very beautiful!!!

    I love all of them especially the palm trees and the mountains in the one shot!!

    This afternoon, I went for a swim at my favourite beach down here in Victoria,

    The blue water was so cool and refreshing, I noticed a little crab swimming along beside me... and as i climbed the steps that lead away from the beach i saw a thousand little birds in whispered flight...

    I think its so important to do what you do my friend...and appreciate the world around us...

    Much love and warm gratitude to you across the waters dear friend,


  9. Yesterday was the first day in a week we had no snow...lol so I don't get to excited about it. Just makes it a bummer to work in. But yes it is pretty.

  10. Fantastic photos, Lori! The juxtaposition of the snowclad mountains with the palms in the foreground is a stunning capture. You truly have an artist's eye. xxxx

  11. Your posts are so refreshing.

    And the pictures are absolutely awesome.

    I stay in a tropical place so never seen real snow in my life so it must be wonderful!!
    enjoy the snow!!

  12. Hello again,living in Athens a sunny day isn't sth rare, but the way you pick the frame for your pictures make the result awesome.

  13. Lori
    You always bring a smile to my face. I love going on these little journeys with you and can not wait for "our" upcoming trip to Africa.
    Your crazy weather is lovely. How cool too see the snow through the palm trees! And the bunny was adorable, funny how they think they are hiding well.
    Have a beautiful day and thank you for the trip!

  14. stunning beautiful pics Lori xx

  15. Beautiful pictures. Here in the Sierras we have been getting snow, in some form, for about a week now. Currently about one foot at Lake level. It also is beautiful. Clean and quiet.

  16. Cute pictures. I bet that was nice break from work. I can't wait to see more. BTW, what a neat combo pic, palm trees and snow. How often is that seen together?

  17. Very cool! When the mountains surrounding Phoenix AZ were lightly sprinkled with snow I was TERRIBLY excited so I know how you feel. Enjoy it! And ps - great pics, especially the one of bunny's rear. :)

  18. You make dummies like me that live in Chicago feel horrible about their lives ;) Just after we finally had a warmup and that nasty white stuff disappeared ... its back!

  19. Lori, I love following you down the path. If your pictures only had sounds and scents as well.

  20. Wow Lori Ann, I love the mountains in the back and the palm trees in the front...the combination is fresh and unexpected-just like the snow? Lovely captures... Thank you for your generous outpouring of praise over at Oasis. xx <3

  21. Dear Natalie, oh thanks! i think your right, if you have to live in a town, we have a pretty one!

    Colleen, haha, i can't imagine what it would be like to actually live in it. I don't know how much i would like it then!?

    Hi Ribbon, thank you so much for the kind words, does Australia get snow? in parts?

    Byrd, i knew it! i was thinking of you. I promise to take pictures of the beach right after my next post, which by the way, you might want to miss(lots of snow!)

    Thanks Tam, i like your new pic, i just took one of those too!

    Sorry too Geli. I knew this post was going to go down like bad medicine ;) no more snow,almost :)

    yes Michelle, LOVE those outdoor pics of yours.Maybe we'll really play together someday!

    xxx love, lori

  22. Dear Maithri,
    i'm so glad you had a day to enjoy like that, there is no better way to clear the head and soul...
    I love the picture of the crab and all those glittering birds in flight...

    Ken, you sound like such a good sport, snow must make work twice as hard. I hope for you spring will come soon!

    Tessa,oh thanks so much, i'm working on it, it's easy to get inspired in nature AND blogland :)

    Chaitra, my daughter had never seen snow until she was 16 years old, she was enchanted! but like all these friends say its one thing to view it and another to live in it! I hope you can see it someday!

    Hi Maximus, you are so kind. Athens hmmmm? now that sounds awesome.

    Janis, thanks sweetie, its fun for me and I am really glad to hear you enjoy my photos and little trips. Counting down to Africa soon!

    Val, you are so nice to say that. means alot.

    Sammi, hey, i will be over to see how the move is coming. thanks for the kind words.

    thank you everyone for the great comments, its so nice to hear and i do appreciate all your kindness.
    love, lori

  23. Lover of Life, thank you so much for stopping by and for the kind words. I love the area you live in! gorgeous.

    Diana, wow, you are welcome, i'm so glad you liked them :)

    Eight, yes, well, i did not want to go back, at least not right away!hehe! i would imagine snow and palm trees, not so much!

    Bodaat,yes,isn't it great, i guess because its the exception and not something that happens all the time. bunnys are funny :)

    Life Student, haha! oh, if it makes you feel any better its gone now. hopefully it'll be gone from chicago soon too, fingers crossed.

    Aden Meyler, i sometimes think the same thing! thank you so much for stopping by and for such a lovely comment.

    Dear Cynthia, and thank you my friend. Its always a pleasure. Taking the photos, showing them and enjoying any happiness they bring...

    thank you very much dear friends,
    love, lori

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  25. Gorgeous photographs here. And yes, I don't want to be reminded of snow!!

    CJ xx

  26. Your updates are wonderful Lori, I really like your take on life I find it inspiring xxx
    Snow eh? At least you appreciate the snow and unlike most of the UK population, you dont panic and moan.
    We have a lot to learn from you Lori.
    Thanks for the great photos and posts, keep them coming xxx

  27. Artsparker, thank you.

    Crystal, Haha, ok ok, i can't blame you at all!

    Louise, wow. thanks so much, what incredibly kind words. of course that makes you very cool you know ;)

    xxx lori :)

  28. amazing pictures!!! thanks for sharing... :)

  29. Love the raindrops and the bunny is so perfect with spring and easter right around the corner.

    You live in such a beautiful place! Wow!

  30. LOL, you're just like me - when we get snow in Cape Town - or rather, on the surrounding mountains, it's an equally huge event for everyone!
    I love the shots of the palms with the snowy mountain backdrop!

  31. Hi Mikky, welcome! and thanks! such kind words are so appreciated, and i LOVE your blog, i've already come for a quick peek but i will be back, I have to make those coconut maccaroons!!

    Reya, ha! who doesnt love bunnys heh?

    Nicky, why did i know you were gonna say that? I know the seasoned "snow people" that watch the rest of us run around in a tizzy always get a giggle. I still can't get over it though!

    xxx lori

  32. wow, Lori - what stunning pics! beautiful snow.. and the drops on that branch!! you do live in a special place... i'm still catching up on lots of blogs here... loved the gorgeous covers for the bird books. you are very talented, and wonderful! can't wait to meet you in a few months... lol x

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