Sunday, February 1, 2009


It was going to be a stellar day here on the central coast, with temperatures hovering near the high 70's. Saturday morning we woke to another day of warm air and soft breezes. My husband said to me

"Let's go for a paddle".

What he meant was Stand Up Paddle. SUP. Do you know this term? I only learned about it recently myself, apparently it's been around since the 50's or 60's. But it's gaining in popularity by leaps and bounds.

Here's the boat house where he keeps his board, the rest of what you see is owned by the Parks and Recreation, for all the summer activities.

...these are all the rental wetsuits, i think there's size to fit everybody and every body... we go, the boat house is right on the beach so my Husband only has to carry this humongous board a short way. It may be hard to tell by my photos but there was a very large fog bank right in front of us. We looked at each other and laughed, it wasn't quite so warm anymore. Well, I had brought a thick rash guard, good thing. Even if the air was warm (in the sun) the temp. of the ocean was in the low 50's.

This is a stand up paddleboard. It's different from a surfboard in a few ways. They are loooong. This one is 10'6". And it's wide. For the stability of course. It has a thick pad on top, for traction. Made out of epoxy it is heavy, but mostly it's just awkward to move, out of the water anyway. Oh, and you need a paddle, which is how you move the thing around. The whole thing costs as much as a small car. Which is why we only have one.

There goes my Husband! he was giving me a quick demonstration. Even though I've seen it done before. I don't mind watching his cute, ahem, stay focused now...there he goes....

"Standup paddling is best described as "Yoga on Water" It's a no-impact sport...improves balance and coordination...strength and endurance...stress reducing...relaxing and invigorating for people of all ages ,ability, & size...The biggest plus, is that it's the funnest core fitness exercise on the planet...leave the world behind at the water's edge and let the dance take over... "

Look, it's me! see me paddling away?... in the fog?! i managed to stay dry when I jumped on at the shore, I was so determined not to fall, i wanted to avoid that water. Plus, my husband warned me that if I fell to fall away from the board, or it'll hurt. I love that kind of advice, if you have to mess up, mess up this way... :) I come, I can hear my husband calling to me, what? what are you saying? I can't hear him, I don't want to break my concentration, so I ignore him. It is easy and hard all at the same time to paddleboard. It's a great workout. Every muscle is engaged. I was a bit wobbly, but never really close to falling off. Maybe that's because I didn't move around too too much. Did not want to go in the water.

I could see the bottom. The visibility was fantastic. I was looking for stingrays.

It looks like I'm standing still. But I'm not. It's a little like kayaking, you dip your carbonsomethingorother, paddle in the water and pull yourself forward. It really is fun. My exit out was not quite as graceful as I'd have liked. A small wave came and jiggled me off. I lost my balance then and landed in knee high water, on my knees.

And got wet. Oh well, it was worth it.

Now it was Chuck's turn to get his workout in. He took off down the coast and after I changed out of the wet stuff I wandered around and found a few beautiful things, would you like to see?...

... a lovely sandpiper...

...some kind of scallop, i think a pacific pink...

...and another species of scallop, i think. And do you see this seaweed here? I learned that we have over 100 types of seaweed on this beach. I went back to college last year and took a class in Natural History, one of our assignments was to collect specimens of 20 different seaweeds. I decided to enroll because I was feeling left out with all the kids in highschool and college. I got an A in my class. My kids said "Of course you did Mom". And then they rolled their eyes.

....and then this!! a baby abalone! these are really rare, we never see these around here anymore. I am really excited to find this! I love these shells and I love to eat it,the abalone. If you've ever had abalone you'd know what I mean. They are second only to the Lobster, according to me. Yum.

...speaking of... here he comes now! He was only gone a little over 30 minutes. When he jumped off the board, still only wet on his feet, I was smiling from the recent abalone score. He took one look at me and said, "Ok, what did you find?"

And then he asked "what would you like to do? go to breakfast or go to the jacuzzi?"

I chose both :)

xxx lori


  1. What a fun day! You and Chuck..(or as I now like to think you and my brother in law) are so cute!!!
    I love that :)
    Thanks for taking us along on your day. It looks fun and yes, very awesome core workout.

  2. oh how GORGEOUS! i felt like i was right there on that beautiful beach with beautiful take amazing pics, huh? wow. and LOVE it that you got A's at college and your kids rolling their eyes...heh heh heh! sweeet. thanks for j

  3. Ditto Janelle's comment! Absolutely.

    Also, absolutely yes to breakfast and jacuzzi!

    AND! he certainly does have a cute, ahem ...

    Paddle thingo! xx

  4. gorgeous gorgeous - really felt i was there with you on the beach... those photos...sigh....SUP looks like fun. we go canoeing in magroves in moz and its one of my fave things in the world to do..
    did you do the stingray shuffle? still curious about that.
    ... and yes, very cute :-)

  5. Glad you had some fun one on one time with your hub!

  6. How Fun! Thank you for another adventure!
    Love Jan

  7. It looks like you and hubby had a great day....I am completley jealous, I want to try "SUP", and those shells you found very pretty. Just think at least to water was 50 degrees, We have had Ice damns on our rivers up here! Very cold, below zero for 3 weeks almost now! Thanks again for sharing. :)

  8. Oh, I LOVE your blog (and won't tolerate another comment like those mutterings you've been on about - on mine and Janelle's. Oh no. you must keep blogging!) I love the detail, the way you take us right there. Gorgeous pics, ahem and shells!

  9. What great photos. You look like you had a fun day! I wish I could have been there! SUP looks like fun too.

  10. wow - never heard of SUP - I guess you can also rent these boards? Might try it this summer. As always, great post :)

  11. He's a hotty.
    Can't wait for my Hot Vinyasa tonight...the closest I can get to SUP in Michigan.

    Tell us the story of how you first met hotty, er um, I mean hubby. I'm new here, so maybe you already did.

  12. Lovely photos. I would love to try something like that but I'm scared of the sea (eventhough I live 3 miles from the coast!)

    CJ xx

  13. Looks like you had a great day. And that little trip out in the water looked like it would be fun.

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  15. Looks a great way to exercise.
    Fantastic pics as well.
    Fancy getting breakfast and a jacuzzi, lucky you.

  16. You are a woman who unquestionably appreciates everything wonderful in life! Sounds like a great day!

    I love the abalone shell - we used to find lots of them on the beac when I was a kid - my gran used to use them as ashtrays! Now, because of all the poaching, you hardly ever see any and as for eating them, they have become rarer than hens' teeth - though yes, I totally agree, very, very yum!

  17. amazing photos and adventures as always Lori.

    I always enjoy reading it - very uplifting.

  18. ah Michelle, you make me smile, yes, agreed, my thoughts too.SUP must be big in Australia?

    Thanks Janelli, i'm getting fancy with my new digital heh? i'm glad you liked it!

    Natalie, so we're both lucky!

    Val, i'll take you SUPing if you'll take me canoeing. No stingrays around now, water too cold. The ONLY time I like cold water!

    Momcat, thanks! cute kitty!

    Jan, thought you might like a break from the snow!

    NLSM, now that is cold water, i'll stop complaining now :)

    Ok Tam, don't want to be a mutterer, will do as you say!

    Hi Eight, i like your name, kinda like mine, all our kids...thanks for the nice comment!

    Thanks Bhavana, yes, you can rent them, I have to to get a board and paddle to fit me. Yes! try it!

    Thanks all! I love your comments! they always make me smile.
    xxx lori

  19. Jen, ahhh sweat, yes I love it. You could do SUP on your many lakes or rivers heh? well, once they thaw out!
    hmmm...maybe an idea for a post..the meeting story..:)

    CJ, WHAT?? you live only 3 miles from the ocean? can you show us pics? please??

    Hi Ken, Yes, fun, and a great workout!

    Thanks Byrd! yes i know, but i did thank him truly!

    Nicky,thank you for saying such a lovely thing. I think the same of you you know.
    My parents did the same thing, abalones for ashtrays!!good grief! you can find it in the chichi restaurants here, but it's farmed(small and kinda tasteless)and only 50 usd per teeny serving!!

    Meagan, ah thanks sweetie, i really appreciate your kind words!

    thank you lovely people.
    lots of love,

  20. That looks like so much fun! I saw a bunch of people doing that on Coeur d'Alene lake, Idaho. They also did it while life-guarding the Coeur d'Alene Ironman. I would love to try it some time. Do you surf?

    Beautiful pictures too!

  21. Colleen, thanks, I think you would like it alot. A nice break from the running, biking, swimming. No surfing these days. But I have many fond memories!
    xx lori

  22. awesome, in every way! beautiful pics, beautiful words.. making me smile! :-) xx

  23. I am in North Yorkshire in my pyjamas looking at the snow outside, drinking a cup of tea, sitting on the bed blogging on my restored-to-life lap top. How different things are around the world at the same time! I loved the SUP, would be great to try and the pictures were superb, Chuck's 6 pack is a lot firmer than Lurch's party pack! Blogthatmamax

  24. Beautiful blog, as always, and beautiful comments, I love coming here!! Regina is getting more determined every day to find a college near you! And yes, post that romantic encounter you and Chuck had. I love the story! You two were just made for each other. (Should say: You seven, no, including parents, you ten!)

  25. That looks like so much fun! Even in the fog.

    Your hubby does have a cute ...

    Also love the pic of the wetsuits all in a row. Very cool.

  26. thanks Karen, smiling is good :)

    mama, glad your back up to speed! my abs are sore from sat, it works! send lurch here, we'll whip him into shape,haha!

    Geli, everywhere our friends are writing such strong, moving, thoughtful posts, and here i am floating around on the sea... :) must go write Regina now that she's better...

    reya, thanks for noticing!

    thank you for the always wonderful comments.
    xxxx lori

  27. I enjoyed your day at the beach. What a fun idea...also, great philosophy, when you can choose both why suffer by selecting only one. What a clever Lori A++.

  28. Cynthia, you are lovely! and thank you for the very nice thing to say.

    xx lori

  29. Hey Lori - I'm in awe! Balance and core strength are non-existent in my life. I had a surfboard as a child, but too much time in the water and not enough on the board had me heading back to the beach.
    I love this post

  30. Hi again, dear Lori. I tagged you over at Oasis...I hope you can participate.

  31. Good evening from Greece,

    I really envy your living by the ocean. Great pictures!

  32. Cynthia, I'm working on it!

    Welcome MAXIMUS, Greece? hmmm, i'll be right over!

    xx lori

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  34. Thank you for your advice on the translator idea. I have to check them first though, because some of them are producing really lousy translations. It will be a shame if you and other people don't get the right message, especially if I use sarcasm about current domestic affairs. But I'll try my best!

  35. Oooh what fun. I'm not sure I'd be able to balance for long. If at all! Lucky you!
    Great pics. xx

  36. oh and ps, yours ain't so bad either!

  37. There's something for you over at my place :-) xxx

  38. "Leave the world behind at the waters edge and let the dance take over..."


    I'm a beach boy...theres nothing quite as peaceful as walking along a sandy beach strewn with shells...with the painted gifts that the tides brought in...

    Thanks for taking me on a new adventure,

    I send you light and a world of peace across the waters,


  39. Well Janet, it sounds as if you need to come over here and do this with me! I know about falling off surfboards too!

    Thanks MAXIMUS, I'm looking forward to it. Until then, I'll just look at the pictures :)

    Miranda, you funny! lucky us huh?

    Thanks Nicky sweetie, i'll be right over!

    Maithri, life is full isn't it? and one big adventure I are taking me on a new one too.

    Thank you Friends,
    With much Love,

  40. Wow Lori! I was right there with you - those photos are spectacular and what fun SUP looks. Well done for not falling in before you got back to 'knee-deep'!

    In South Africa they have terrible problems with perlemoen (abalone) poachers who are very rapidly wiping out the abalone population around the Cape coast. I wonder if it's the same in California?

  41. Yes Tessa! its the same here too, poachers. The good news is they are coming back, in the meantime you can get it farmed but it's just not the same!
    xxx lori

  42. Looks like a truly fun day!
    Fred Smilek is the acting president of the Society to Save Endangered Species. It was founded two years ago by Fred Smilek along with his two best friends Charles and Jonathan.


xoxo lori