Friday, January 30, 2009

Imagination Vacation...

Recently our newspapers have been offering a long weekend get~a~way, Friday through Monday, to Tahiti. Every time I read the ad it makes me start staring off into space, imagining the sights, sounds and smells of a tropical island...

...oh wouldn't a holiday be nice? ... if your like me and can't be skipping off to islands in the sun , you can take a little Imagination Vacation... we go, look at that! two chaise lounges at the fresh water lava pool! what would you like to drink? should we order an Iced Tea or maybe a Mai Tai?

...if you like we can wander a bit and see the lovely surprises this island has to offer, can you see this tiny feathered friend, should we get a guide book to identify him? naaaa...he's pretty..that's good enough...

...maybe it would be fun to take a boat ride, get a different perspective..if you get too hot you can jump in the ocean...

...the waves are breaking, they sound like thunder. Let's get a little closer...

...there we go. Can you hear it now? did I say thunder?what I meant to say is, more like a locomotive...

...ah, i think it's time to leave the surfing for another time and head back for a bite to eat! there is the Fale where lunch is served...

...and here is another Fale, with a family of children having their own lunch, Talofa children! I wonder where are their Matua?

... the sun is setting on the South Pacific...the sounds of the night are not far behind...

....listen! it's a Fia Fia! for this you will need a lava lava, wrap it on just like this and dance your cares away... one more Mai Tai please?
...I've got to get back now. Here's the road, the only road that will take me back to the airport. Are you coming? OH, right, I hear you... it's your Imagination Vacation, you can stay as long as you like!

fa'afetai, tofa

alofa, Lori

p.s. We were in the village of Salamumu
on the Island of Upolu
in Western (Independant) Samoa

fale ~ house
talofa ~ hello
matua ~ elders
fa'afetai ~ thank you
tofa ~ goodbye
alofa ~ LOVE

xxx :)


  1. this was awesome!

    there's a sometime ritual i perform on the occasion of leaving a wandering from the nest.

    i take a moment to memorize all the details: sounds, smell, images of a particularly peaceful moment so that i can replay it when stuck in an overcrowded subway car during my rush-hour commute.

    this sequence that you've provided has the same calming effect.

    thank you so much. i'm glad that i stopped by. :-)


  2. wow. that was amazing! great job of taking me away. that felt really good for just a virtual vacation. awesomeness! i feel a little more at ease. great blog btw!

    keep up the great blogging!

    -Steve @ fluxlife

  3. We're going to need more than two sun loungers if we all turn up!!
    Lovely break, thanks for orgainising it, just sad it felt that we'd only just got there and it was time to come back to reality....

  4. Oh you are my kind of holiday girlfriend Lori...I like the part with the bird "do we need a guide book to identify him? he's pretty that's enough" ...that is exactly what I would be like. Where shall we go next??? Somewhere in Asia? Ahhh the world is at our fingertips...or..umm...keyboards! LOL
    Hope you aren't too tired from the imaginary flight home :)

  5. Feeling a bit sleepy. Maybe a little nap?

    What a great idea, Lori, love the little bird too. :D

  6. Oh Lori, sigh, how wonderful. Fa`afetai, and alofa from here! What makes you always think of such beautiful ideas?! Now I look out of my window and see snow... I`ll quickly return to your post! Western Samoa, eh? Looks like Taka-Tuka-Land to me, land of my childhood dreams. Don`t ever give up bloggong, Lori dear!

  7. oh fantastic! thank you... i'm there with the Mai Tai, loving the sounds and the sights and the total Imagination Vacation! fantastic! x

  8. that really worked! Thanks. A perfect way to take pause and escape from my mundane chores of the day. Aah, you make a great virtual tour guide!

  9. ah i loved it!
    that really did take me away from all of this into that.
    the water was so clear!

  10. *SIGH*

    Now I'm going to close my eyes and wish really really hard and maybe when I open them.....

  11. sigh - that was heavenly..but all over too quickly - I def need to stay a little longer! x

  12. Thanks for the quick get-a-way. I needed it!
    BEAUTIFUL pictures!

  13. Whoo-hoo!!! That was dreamy. The first pic took me a way. Thanks!

  14. Thank-you for the lovely Vacation. I went to Puerto Rico 22 years ago( Lord has it been that long) but I can still close my eyes and hear the guitarras playing down below the condo and see the horses running through surf on Vieques. Thank-you thank-you

  15. Those pictures are beautiful! Thank you for taking us on that little vacation! I've wanted to go to Samoa for as long as I've wanted to go anywhere (I think in the 5th grade one of my classmates went there and brought back pictures), I think I'll stay a little longer. :)

  16. Lori,
    This was fun and clever, and it worked!

    Thanks for your imaginative escapes. I will drop in and visit your blog more regularly from now on because I'm signing up as another follower. You now have enough followers to form your own political party!

  17. Lori - how did you know that was just what we all needed?! Perfection. Thank you for inviting us along. Now I feel really refreshed and quite ready for the next adventure!

  18. Beautiful.... I am going to stay and sleep on that lovely white sand for awhile... please don't wake me too soon....

  19. Lori Ann,
    Beautiful dream vacation. I do live in the tropics and I know I shouldn't rain on your parade...but sometimes it's a bit, I posted about just this topic...and dealing with anger. I don't care though, beauty is beauty even if it's complicated.

    As time goes by, I love this island more and more.

  20. I've been taking a lot of mental vacations. I liked yours -- the photos were the perfect touch. Your imagination vacation reminded me of my trip to Moorea (an island in French Polynesia, near Tahiti) that I took to celebrate the Millenium. Thanks for reminding me of my tropical island trip!

  21. Thank you for a vacation Lori! You are too fun!

  22. Lori Ann, fa'afetai for adding Oasis to your list of blog reads. I will do my best to return the honor. :-) <3

  23. I have just gone to the South Pacific and back in 1 minute. I'm a virtual traveller (though I would love to be a real one these days!) Love your blog, your header makes me feel I'm right there on the beach. I often listen to Hawaiian music to relieve stress. Thank You for visiting my blog, You are always welcome at the Pink Cowboy Ranch.

  24. Thanks for the vacation my friend...

    I needed that ;)

    I was born in the tropics... and i often take myself there to the place where the king coconuts grow and the elephant and the butterfly dance to the rhythm of the island drums..

    I send you my love wrapped in the arms of a tropic sky,

    May it find you at peace and centred in love,


  25. That was refreashing, It was easier than the run we went on a couple weeks ago, and my knees didn't hurt. Thanks.

  26. bARE,welcome! I'm so glad you liked this. Thanks so much for visiting here!

    Steve, thanks so much, it's fun so i'll keep it up.

    Dear Byrd, woulden't it be great if we could really organize a blogging meet?

    haha Michelle! yes, Asia would be lovely,I like travel any way, real,virtual or armchair!

    Natalie, oh good! that was the idea...slowwwing down...:)

    Geli? what is this Taka-Tuka land you speak of? you must write more!

    Karen, when i come to the fab Border Town I always do this, let my imagination go!

    Tam, good because i've got plenty!virtual tours that is!

    Dear Dreamer, yay! thanks for saying so!

    Thanks everyone!
    xx lori

  27. Alexandra, i'm wishing with you dear...

    Val, yes! me too!

    Amie, you are so welcome!

    Jen, wow, thank you!

    Just, isn't it great the way we can bring back these moments in our lives? your trip sounds wonderful!

    Colleen, oh, i think you really need to go then ~ you'll love it! a second honeymoon perhaps??

    Lakeviewer, thanks for the lovely comment and thank you for following, but i am def not a leader...we'll walk together, and our platform will be LOVE :)

    thanks everyone for the most lovely comments!
    xxx lori

  28. Tessa, hehe, silly, artists need their rest and inspiration!

    Coach Dad, of course! and please bring the girls!

    Ann, let me know when your ready for another Mai Tai :)

    Cynthia, of course, I know just what you are saying, I used to live in Hawaii, there's bliss and "trouble in paradise". I loved your post.

    Beth, oooh, Moorea? Lucky!

    Janis, oh good! you are so welcome.

    Cynthia, it is my pleasure.

    Dear Cowboy, wow. Thanks so much!

    Maithri, so glad you liked it! where is this magical place you speak of? I'm sure I would like to go there...

    Ken, much better then, don't want anybody to hurt!

    Thank you everyone one of you lovely people, I enjoy your comments so much,
    lots of love,

  29. Wow - great imagination vacation - I dont want to take the road back to the airport just yet.
    BTW, you have been tagged on my blog - hope you play :)

  30. Of course Bhavana! since you asked me to! have fun on your vacation!
    xx lori

  31. you've triggered my wondering to go wandering again


  32. beautiful ritual.
    Fred Smilek is the acting president of the Society to Save Endangered Species. It was founded two years ago by Fred Smilek along with his two best friends Charles and Jonathan.


xoxo lori