Sunday, January 11, 2009

A Clearing Run

If you don't mind seeing more beach photos, then please come along with me on my morning run! the beach pictures I've posted before are about a mile north of here. This is officially "our" beach, the one my kids grew up on, the one my husband and myself have both worked on, and my husband still lifeguards on in the summer months...

Oh, and we met on this beach, right up there, where you see the trees. And our first date was here too, we went kayaking. And we were married at a house on this beach. husband grew up in a house on this beach. So, that is really actually alot of things that happened right here. Now that i think of it, many many moments in our lives, happened right here. Including running... so let's go! (or walk if you like, I am more than happy to do that too!)

Oh, ok, here is another thing. My kids all play volleyball here, on these courts. The very bold western seagulls are occupying the space right now. It's a quiet morning, not many people out, just you, me and the gulls...

We'll do a 6 mile out and back, it won't feel like it at all, because there is so much to see, it'll be fun. Really. Really...

We will be running through the Carpinteria Bluffs, an incredibly beautiful treasure in our town. Here is some information that you may be interested in:" In September of 1998, the City Council of Carpinteria adopted a resolution conceptually supporting public ownership and management of the Carpinteria Bluffs with the intent "to preserve the property's value as scenic, natural open space; to protect and enhance existing Bluff Habitats; to provide for the restoration and expansion of native plant communities; and to provide the community the opportunity for passive and active recreation." The Council agreed that acceptance of public stewardship of this property would include the establishment of an on-going endowment fund. We know Carpinteria citizens clearly value their open space and parkland". I like whoever wrote this! our children and their children and on and on forever can enjoy the beauty of the last of the wild open spaces here on the California coast. If you squint you can just make out Santa Cruz Island in the distance. Wouldn't it be nice to sit right here with a cuppa hot coffee,chai or tea, mmmmm...but! not yet! we're not done, we've got a way's to go... let's keep going.. :)

can you smell the ocean air? it's already warm out at 7 a.m. Here the trail comes right next to the cliff, don't get too close to the edge, it's a long way down.

...along the way, you might see some educational signs, full of information and photos. We have a LOT of tourists in our town, so it's important to have these. I am also partial to them because, if you squint again, you can see my husbands name on it. He is the photographer and writer of these brilliant signs. Thank you honey, good job!

...we are in luck! we get a little rest in our run/walk. Here is the Carpinteria harbor seal rookery. The rookery includes a haul-out area where the females bear their pups. During the pupping season, volunteers watch on site to protect the newborns from human disturbance and to educate onlookers about the federally protected seals. The rookery at the Bluffs is significant in that it is one of only four along the Southern California coast and is the only one accessible to the public. Let's stop and watch for a bit. they are, the California Harbor Seals, I don't think they've begun to pup yet. In the spring you will begin to see the little ones... so cute!

...along the way there are a few turnouts for the beach. But the tide is too high for us to go very far, so we'll stay up on the Bluffs this morning...

....isn't this worth getting up out of a warm cozy bed for? It's this very picture I keep in my head to sometimes motivate(bribe) my oh so lazy self...

...we're past the halfway mark now, heading back. I ran into friends and forgot to photograph the south end of the bluffs. Next time :) In the above photo you can see just a little of the campsites. There are facilities for tents and campervans. The campgrounds are usually full year around. It's hard doing this run in the mornings or evenings because the campers are always cooking delicious things and the smells waft on the breeze...

...well, we did it...back where we started. I thought about stripping off my running shorts and tee and jumping in the ocean like these brave camper kids. But I changed my mind when I dipped my toes in. It is shockingly cold. I have a better idea, how about a hot tub instead? ahhh...
xxx lori


  1. Oh I SO enjoyed that! And I'm not even tired! Thanks!

  2. oh how BEAUTIFUL! what a gorgeous place you live in. and i love it that it holds all your family makes it even more special. i would definitely have walked i could look!! and look! lots love xx j

  3. Yep, that's worth getting out of a warm cozy bed for. Yes indeed. Thanks for sharing, that was great. I'm out of breath, but head much clearer!

  4. that was fabulous - needed that sea air to clear the head - nothing like it. and what a beautiful place you live in! enjoyed the run and didnt even spill my coffee!! well done Chuck on the posters :-)
    where are we going tomorrow?

  5. What a treat! Thanks Lori ann! I needed to get away from my feathered responsibilities!

  6. oh Lori, thank you! so stunning. Wonderful to see Chuck's name on th beautiful seal poster, and those fabulous views! I would go running twice a day and be fabulously fit if I lived there! :-) xx

  7. And I thought were I lived was good. What an amazing place. No wonder you are motivated to get out of bed to run with those views.
    And to have all that family history attached to it.
    Wonderful post.

  8. Such a beautiful beach.

    What would I not give to be able to sit on the bench there and look out to sea.

    The beach must mean a lot to you what with so many memories it holds.

    Enjoyed reading this post.

  9. Oh My! How beautiful! This is truly a piece of heaven! And the Seals! I would want to watch daily! Please visit again in the Spring w/ camera so we can see the pups! I know I will revisit this post. Im sharing w/ Sergio as soon as he gets off this business call (sounds like he needs the coastal break too!)
    Thanks Lori!

  10. Miranda,you are so welcome, you take good care!

    Janelli, yes, the places where part of our soul remain, sooo special!

    Tam, isn't is amazing how it works that way? quieting the mind,working the body.

    Val, ha! good you didn't spill, although we can always make more! ummm, do you like birdwatching? i know a great place...

    Katherine, oops! then perhaps you may want to skip my next post which will probably be about BIRDs!! haha :)

    Karen, Thanks!! I'll tell Chuck, when he gets home..sigh..well, I try to stay fit but i haven't told you about all the fabulous restaurants here, and farmers,food,food!

    Byrd,It is gorgeous where you live, I've seen your photos, it is like Narnia! so green and pretty.(plus you have London :)

    Anil, It is quiet and mostly empty now, so different from summer when it looks like another place entirely.Not a bad thing, lots of fun summertime energy, but I prefer the solitude that winter brings.

    Janis, thanks, and yes I'll get photos of those babies!

    Thanks everyone for coming along and for all the sweet comments!
    xxx Lori

  11. I can still join, can I? Sorry for having been silent for a while - had to do some real life, but now I did it - got up early with you and went on that walk with you!! Sooo lovely, everything! Will write you a mail now. Happy greetings from one beach to the next!

  12. ah Geli! I was waiting for you,of course we all were, what a beautiful day for walking and friends,heh? did you bring Paco too? :)
    lots of love,lori

  13. That was a wonderful, invigorating and absolutely spectacular run - thank you, sweet Lori, for showing the way. I'm not tired, just breathless with the endless beauty of it all. I feel so happy and refreshed now, so I'm coming back tomorrow to do it all over again!

    (Oooh, you must be SO proud of Chuck!)

  14. What a fabulous tour! What do you mean "if you don't mind a few more beach pictures" ?? What??

    I miss the Pacific Ocean so much sometimes, the seals and the bluffs and the way the air feels and smells. Fantastic.

    Thank you!

  15. Tessa,ah thank you love, i hope you are suitably inspired and refreshed to go and create some more fabulous paintings and photographs, yes? and yes! come back!

    Reya, I will send you some sand, would that help? if only I could figure how to get the salty air in there too..thanks so much for your kind words!

  16. I am envious - no - I am jealous :(

    I signed up to run the cherry blossom 10 miler in DC in April. That means I have to start training now - but the temperature is always hovering around freezing and I hate running with too many things on. Sorry - I usually am not such a whiner, but it has been so cold lately that you go out for a 2-3 mile walk and come back and not be able to feel your cheeks for half an hour.

    Beautiful post, beautiful pictures :)

  17. i would be whining too Bhavana! that sounds wretched! be sure to wear a hat and gloves to keep in some heat, and before a really cold run i usually take a hot shower! it helps me alot!and thanks for the kind words :)

  18. Oh wow, thanks Lori, that was a wonderful walk/run with you! I can understand now why my father always said if he was moving to anywhere from Cape Town it would be California - reminds me a lot of home, as I'm sure CT reminded you of home too!

  19. Nicky, that's so funny, when we landed in cape town i felt at home, in a dreamy kind of way, so many similarities, yet an extraordinary exotic feeling far from each other we are! i cant wait to go back...

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  21. I just found you on "Blogs of Note". I am very glad I came here. What a beautiful place you live in, and I love the pictures. I read you profile blurb, glad to see someone else likes to knit, and wear Chanel.
    I plan to come back and visit.

  22. Holy crap that was a lot of pics. Thanks for all the effort.

  23. Saw your blog on blogs to note and loved the pics. They are so peaceful and mind clearing! Thanks for sharing!

  24. i'm from ventura, but relocated to the northwest. and now i question my decision!

    god i miss the beach.


  25. Hey Burukutuk, thanks for visiting, and for the nice words!

    ehh, many thanks, thats really good to hear (how we are the same) and yes do come back!

    Jim, ahh, your right, but...there were plenty that didnt make the cut :)

    Liz, that is so nice, I am glad to hear you liked it!

    Krichael, but the northwest is beautiful too i'm sure..and you can always come back!

    Thanks very much everybody for taking the time to check me out and leaving a comment, i'll be off to visit all of you now!

    xxx Lori

  26. You live in a beautiful area. That is so neat that you get to see seals.

  27. Wish I could be there!
    I am stuck in freezing cold Minnesota. -20 air temp today, coldest day of the year... blah.
    I am just a stranger passing through :) Thanks for your blog!
    you are the blog of note today!

  28. Hi from Australia, Lori!
    I really enjoyed the run and I love your blog too. I can really relate as I am also a mother of five children, love the beach and red wine!
    We have been away from the coast for a while now, but the call of the ocean is drawing us back. Hoping to move this year:D

    Nice to meet you and your beautiful neck of the woods.

  29. So beautiful! If I had a beach like that I would definitely take the time to run on it. Thanks for taking us along!

  30. What a beautiful place to live. If I had that kind of inspiration in the morning, I might actually want to get up and go for a run. Thanks for sharing! Can't wait to see the seal pups. Hope you'll be able to run by in the spring and get pictures.

  31. Good pictures on Your beach!

  32. Those are the most gorgeous photos I've seen in ages. Thanks.

  33. I love the header picture - a beautiful shot. I love the line in your profile that says you love to get dirty on a trail run and then knit, you love all things patagonia and chanel. A woman after my own heart. Being a woman means you can be strong, athletic and love physically working hard and yet love being surounded by beauty, softness, and creativity. Keep being you - it provides a wonderful model for your children of the kind of woman they want to be (or that they want to share their lives with)! There is no more wondrful thing than a woman who is comfortable in her skin and her contradictions!

    Cheers from a dress, pearls, and heels wearing former military officer!

  34. Those are beautiful pictures, and such a beautiful beach!

  35. Your pics are fabulous!!

    ...they make me want to be there... even with the seagulls:D

    P.S.: CONGRATS! on being the 'Blog of Note'

  36. Along w/ everyone else, your pictures are beautiful! I would love to come and relax there :)

  37. Connie, the seals are fasinating to watch!

    Becca, thanks so much! i hope your staying warm and dry.And enjoying the snow just a little? :)

    Natalie, hello to Australia! its so nice to meet you too,thank you so much for the kind words!

    JessaBelle, thanks!

    Melodieann, thanks to you too!

    Cosmos, its so nice of you to say so!

    Last, wow, thanks so much.

    Anna, thank you so much for the kind words, I have thought the same things(for my daughters).

    Rhea, thank you very much!

    My Stuff, i really appreciate you saying that!
    thank you.

    Vicki, so glad you enjoyed it!

    Thank you everyone for the lovely comments!

    xxx lori

  38. Hi Lori Ann - I found you through Blog of Note. Congrats! You have such a neat blog. Mine was Blog of Note in November, and we are twins, sort of, blog of note, SoCal, and same name except for a letter! Looking forward to exploring your blog further. Congrats again!
    Lori Lynn

  39. What an amazing place you have there. I love it.

  40. Great Great Pictures!

  41. wow those are beautiful pictures! Enjoy "your" beach!

  42. Hi, this is Sanjukta from India. The photographs you have posted in your blog are too good. And your writing is honestly refreshing.

  43. have u ever visited indonesia ???

  44. lucky you travelling

  45. the pics are amazing! makes me want to b der!

  46. beatiful photos..
    i enjoied reading .. it felt like if i was there .

  47. oh how you make me MISS the amazingly beautiful central coast!!! moved from ventura about 9 years ago, [military family] and have longed to return ever since. enjoyed seeing the pics! thanks for sharing! and congrats on being blog-worthy!! :D

  48. How beautiful! amazing!

  49. Those are some really beautiful photos thank you so much for sharing. I think I would spend all day with the kids watching those seals.

  50. Cool blog.

    You live in an absolutely gorgeous area, and I like the way you have remained close to and take pride in a place that, as you say, has been the backdrop for so many of your life's greatest moments!

  51. Wow! Just when I think I'm truly ready to commit to upstate NY, I see something like this, and my California girl's heart starts aching for home.

    Thank you for the lovely burst of warmth when it's 0 degrees here!

  52. Your blog is amazing, and I have to say so is the place you call home.

    The photos are absolutely phenomenal!

    I'm so glad you received a spot on 'Blogs of Note' I may never have found you otherwise! Much deserved!

    Consider yourself followed.

    - A cold and jealous Canadian.

  53. Congrats on your Blog of Note-age!
    It's nice to see a photography blog with stories to go along with the beautiful pictures (rarely the case, I'm afraid).

  54. thank you for posting those pictures, when i looked at them, it was like complete therapy. They are just so serene and peaceful

    BPO work from home

  55. LoriLynn- congrats to you! were you a little overwhelmed too? :)

    ChinkyGirlMel - Thanks!

    Anonymous-Thank you also!

    Sammen-will do!

    Sanjukta-wow,thanks for kind words.

    Anonymous-Yes, Padang,Sumatra and the Mentawai's,incredibly beautiful.

    Sex- ?

    Vin-yes,lucky indeed.

    The Villager: Thank you!

    Arcane- thanks!

    h.LIS-thank you for saying so.

    Tracie-I'm so glad you enjoyed the photos, we were neighbors then!

    Chinacosto- thank you.

    April- it would be easy to do, they are so entertaining.

    Sevil Altunel- thank you.

    Ciambellina- thank you for your kind words.

    Diana Griffin- I am so glad you enjoyed.

    Thank you everyone, i've enjoyed so much reading all your lovely comments, and am truly astounded at all the attention my little blog has recieved. I will be making the rounds to all of you too very soon!
    xxx Lori

  56. Meagan- wow,welcome! and thanks so much.

    Falkor- thank you!

    Ben Villarreal-Thank you for saying so, I am glad you liked them.

    Workhard- I hope they gave you a bit of a break... :)

    Thanks very much for the kind words!
    xxx Lori

  57. may i please come running with you??? please....

  58. Hey Lori,

    I do this same run. It is the greatest!!!

  59. What a majical, gorgeous place you live in. My daughter has to see these. She loves the beach and anything associated with it. I'll have to share this with her. Thanks for the exercise..
    hugs ~lynne~

  60. Beautiful, no... breathtaking pictures. I'm a California transplant, but I never grow tired of the beaches, especially in January!
    I like your blog!

  61. Imt1073- ok then!

    Anonymous - ?

    Kristin R - you probably know my daughter?

    Lynne - thanks so much for the kind words!

    Michelle - yes 2009 will be your year!

    thanks everyone for the lovely comments!
    xxx lori

  62. Huh...that first shot looked REALLY familiar! Then the volleyball court looked really familiar and I thought, Nah, I couldn't recognize a beach just like that! It could be ANY beach. Then the stairs came, and finally the sign shots. Nice to see someone share such pretty shots of one of our local beaches. :)

    Congrats on Blogger of Note, too! :)

  63. if you like beaches, you should come over to the Philippines and some of the best white-sand beaches in the world. :D Great for surfing and snorkeling and diving too!

  64. oh how BEAUTIFUL! what a gorgeous place you live in. and i love it that it holds all your family makes it even more special. i would definitely have walked i could look!! and look! lots love xx j

  65. JenPB, I'm glad you liked the pics! thanks so much for the kind words.

    reyjr, yeah i've heard, it's on our list!

    ? , thanks!

    xxx Lori

  66. forex, um, i think thats exactly what janelle said, but, thanks!

  67. Great photos!

    Congratulations on your award!

    I enjoyed travelling through your blog.

    Keep up the good work!

    I invite you to visit my site at

    Have a healthy and prosperous 2009.


  68. Hi Gary, i really appreciate your kind words, will come check you out too!

    xx lori

  69. You used "your" properly in the comment diddy; well done and uncommon, so worthy of note. I agree entirely in regards to the public-ownership of coastal property. Having lived in Pacific Beach, the hippie/collegiate sanctuary with a warm aura, the border to the private La Jolla coasts was conspicuous at best. Littoral freedom is key. Nice photography as well Miss. Peace.

  70. I love your pictures especially from the beach!!! Thanks for sharing!


  71. Michael, Thanks for the very nice comment. I like Pacific Beach,a beautiful place to live.

    Sille, thank you, you are so sweet.

    xx Lori

  72. Beautiful photography! Congrats on your "Blogs of Note" deserve it!

  73. Love the photos.
    Thank you for sharing.

  74. Just stumbled upon your blog (on Blogs of Note) and was pleasanty suprised to see "my beach" in your photos.

    We are fellow Carpinterians and it was a pleasure to take your photo tour of the beachtown we call home!

  75. What a beautiful tour you gave me. It was like taking a little vacation. Thanks for sharing your story.

  76. I'm trying to get back into running after having a baby a few months ago. I dont know how anyone gets anything done with 5 kids ... but I have to admit that if I had scenery like yours I might be a bit more motivated to get back out there ;)

  77. LeeAnne, thank you for saying that!

    Verna, thank you!

    Momo? i wonder do we know each other?what a small world heh? would you like to meet, have coffee? email me!

    AnotherLinda, I'm so glad you liked it, thank you.

    lifestudent, Congratulations Mama! only a few months old and your already back? be gentle with yourself, you'll be back in time.

    Thanks everyone for the lovely comments.
    xxx lori

  78. I noticed that you live in Carpinteria, I think that is so awesome that you post such great pictures of that area, (I live in Ventura and I have lots of friends who live in Carp.) Keep the great pic's coming!

  79. They gave me more than a break, real therapy dude, loved them, thanks

    BPO work from home

  80. I'm so glad you could take a break Work Hard, that's good! thank you for the kind comment.

    xx lori

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xoxo lori